Okay, I have cherry picked our bylaws.  Following are those that I feel may apply to our problem.  It appears that we could attempt to call a special meeting, to determine a few things.


What happened to the $220,000 that Lines was surprised about in the March meeting.  (I ask 11 questions about this money in a post here about a week ago).  Do I need to repost them?

When has the exec committee (and why have they not) been presented with a budget.

A demand in regard to how come Gabby and Bob have not been proper access.

It is my view that we need a legal beagle to write up the demand for a special meeting, and proceed to follow the bylaws in regard to getting a call issued.  Doing so would do a couple of things.  One would be to force them to give Gabby the proper contact information so she can make the call.  AND, if they still refuse, then it becomes a legal offense I think.

Anyway, look at the excerpts below, and lets see if we can actually pull off getting a special meeting underway.

I wrote a letter 8 days ago to Lines, giving him 7 days to respond to me with an or else attached.  I will post it here shortly for your review.

Your thoughts?

Russell Sias




C. Special Meeting

Special meetings may be held at any time.

1 A written call issued by the state chairman, or signed by 20% or more of the members of the state committee representing at least nine counties, or signed by 40% of the voting members of the executive committee; and

2 Written notice of the call containing the information herein required being mailed to every member of the state committee by the secretary at least ten days before the meeting. The call and notice must contain the time and place of the special meeting and the object or objects thereof. Any call must be delivered to the secretary at least thirty days before the date of the proposed meeting. In the event of a call issued by members of the state committee or of the executive committee, the secretary shall immediately notify each person or group who may be threatened by the object of the meeting and give them ten days to inspect the call and challenge any questionable signatures. If at the expiration of such time, the required number of qualified signer’s remains, the secretary shall mail the notice of the notice of the call.No business other than that stated in the notice of call shall be transacted at a pecial meeting.


4 Special Meetings

The order of business for special meetings shall be:

(a) Call to order;

(b) Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance;

(c) Proof of proper call of the meeting;

(d) Credentials Committee report and declaration of quorum;

(e) Rules Committee report;

(f) Business as stated in the call;

(g) Adjourn.


D. Removal of Officers

An elective officer of the state committee may be removed at any time by a vote to that effect by the membership of the state committee, but an elective officer may not be removed at a special meeting unless his/her proposed removal is set forth in the notice of the call of the meeting as one of the items of business of such meeting. Appointive officers shall serve subject to the pleasure of the state chairman.

F. Duties of Elective Officers

2. Secretary

The secretary shall keep minutes of all state committee and executive committee meetings, transmit all calls for the meetings, and perform such other functions as may be incidental to the office or assigned by the state chairman. He/she shall be responsible to preserve all permanent records of the state committee and relinquish them to his/her successor.

3. Treasurer

The treasurer shall receive all monies provided for the state committee, be custodian of the funds received, and disburse same upon order of the state chairman. All checks shall be signed by the treasurer or his/her appointed representative and countersigned by the state chairman or his/her appointed representative, who shall not be the treasurer's representative. The treasurer shall present an annual report to the state committee and periodic reports to the chairman and the executive committee at such times as they may designate. All persons authorized to sign checks on any state committee shall be bonded for at least $100,000

The treasurer's records shall be audited or reviewed by a disinterested certified public accountant whenever the chairman or treasurer leaves office, before each statutory meeting, and at such times as the chairman or the executive committee require.

G. Duties of Appointive Officers

3. General Counsel

The general counsel shall advise the chairman and the committees on all legal matters and act as parliamentarian at all meetings of the state committee and executive committee. The general counsel need not be a member of the state committee.


A. Executive Committee

The executive committee of the state committee's shall consist of the elected officers of the state committee, the national committeeman and committeewoman, the chairman and first and second vice chairman from each county, three members at large from each congressional district, and the president/chairman of each nationally recognized Republican auxiliary organization with at least 2,000 dues-paying members in the state. The state chairman shall chair the executive committee. The executive committee shall approve the annual budget and review and counsel the state chairman on all programs relating to the state party. The executive committee shall meet at least three times each year. The state chairman may appoint non-voting members of the executive committee. A quorum for the executive committee shall be one-third of its voting members present in person and representing at least eight counties. If a quorum shall fail to attend in person at the time and place fixed for the executive committee meeting, a majority present in person may adjourn the meeting from time to time without notice other than an announcemet at the meeting until a quorum shall be present, at which time any business may be transacted which might have been transacted at the original meeting.

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