These Statues Don't Talk Back, They Reveal a Heart of Loyalty

     Today were are witness to a Third Revolution in America this one against our nation's past history and the lessons learned from it. The result is those stupefied "useful idiots" projecting their vile hate against fellow citizens, and "the profiles in courage" given by the deaths in ultimate honor to our nations unity, and that honor which was given so that we have a history to reflect upon at all. How much of that past has been properly put into context by our "education" system? Not much I fear, and we see the result, a nation divided by hate which limits our speech. 

     Lincoln's Gettysburg address says it so well ..."that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." He wasn't talking hate, he was talking about our nation, something that these monument haters and revolutionaries don't even know what he meant for are they only concerned about THEIR hate filled hearts and the destruction of our history and lessons learned?

     I see so many similarities today with what brought about the Spanish Civil War in 1936 to 1939. A military coup was attempted and failed to remove a Republican government as the lines of demarcation were drawn out by the Nationalists (rebels) supported by fascists in Italy and Nazi Germany, and the Republicans supported by the Soviet Union and the west.  Both sides had so much to lose, but in the end after more than One Million were dead, it was just a training ground for the future of a much larger war ... World War Two. 

It was then just as we have today, battle lines drawn between tyranny and democracy, fascism and freedom, and with communism and a revised history of our national struggles by the progressive leftists and "social justice" democrats who love the slogan of "never let a crisis go to waste".

     For many our Second Revolution was a Civil War which began with the state rights issue leading to the call for an abolishment of slavery by Lincoln as a cause, uniting the North against the economy of the South and its slavery perpetuated and supported by the Democratic party. This has been their stance through out our national history. Their leaders were segregationists, not unifiers. George Wallace was a candidate for the Presidency, Robert Byrd a Grand Dragon of the KKK, yet today they say the stand for the common man ... yet enslave us by debt !! 

     This is THEIR history, a history they never want mentioned, but is a Truth know to all by simple reading of the Democratic party, their supporters, and its political objectives & policies. They refused to take a stance against black hangings in the South in their party platform in the 1924 elections. They took God out of their party platform in 2012 , our schools and courthouse steps. It is the Democrats who gave us the Jim Crow laws, the Poll taxes, the filibusters in Congress as they opposed black history and liberties. It is they who opposed black Civil Rights so many times in Congress in 1866, 1870, a reconstruction of the South, and they started the KKK, yet they love Margaret Sanger's eugenics against minorities. Democrats set up "interment camps" under FDR. Democrat Andrew Jackson removed native tribes from North Carolina and FORCED a march to Oklahoma. They love America so much that they spew to the nation the words of a purist with "I'm here from the government and here to help" ???

That is a history that Democrats revise daily and yet never look into their soul or that mirror on the wall for Truths that all men are "created equal" but yet they divide by race, religion, and political party. We are no longer American to them, we are terrorists, Nazi's, racists, jihadists, arsonists, we are their "deplorables", and we are called as obstructionists to their agenda, for we are cannon fodder to them to be used, abused, and spit out whenever it suits them ... and the  U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

     Radio talk show host Mark Levin spells it out so purposefully in his books. The most recent is "Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism" ... and as the saying goes from the movie to these useful idiots ... "You Can't Handle The Truth" so they protest history's reality by removing statues that can't talk back. The result is revisionist history leading us into an authoritative centralized dictatorship. If we don't correct this SE D I T I O N against law and order ... we will stand for nothing!

The moral compass of the nation is being stripped of it's directional forward path. Oregon now has an abortion law that lets mother abort a baby UP TO THE DAY of birth.  And it's not just here in America, the world's moral compass is derelict also. Iceland now has euthanasia laws to eliminate all babies with Downs Syndrome. Is it any wonder why their medical system is called "the most advance in the world" by the elite on the left?

     So where does it end? It is a modern day genocide to devalue life, a holocaust by an organized chaos, decreed by oligarchs and those despots against a Liberty and Freedom to chose. 

This is why we are where we are today. It's time we put on God's battle armor and fight for our way of life, our morals, our values, our sovereign borders, and our painful history lessons learned ... by the pen and gun.  

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