"WAKING UP AMERICA" calls for Sheriff Joe to "Stand Down" MCRC Shadow Army


February 17, 2013

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Wells Fargo Plaza
100 West Washington, Suite 1900
Phoenix, AZ 85003-1812

Dear Sheriff Arpaio:

Waking Up America is a Christian organization concerned about spiritual and political issues affecting our state and our nation.  Our organization has many close associations with Tea Party groups, as well as, churches across the valley.  We are very closely associated with the Church on the Green in Sun City West.  Several of our Waking Up America members are Precinct Committeemen with the Maricopa County Republican Party.  Several members are Pastors.  We are aware there are many Christians across America who respect you and support your efforts to uphold the Rule of Law in a time of increased lawlessness.  That being said, we wish to bring two issues of concern to your attention.

1.)  We have a great deal of concern regarding what is being called a “Shadow Army” created by the Republican Party in Maricopa County along with the assistance of some of the Tea Party groups.    Their sole purpose being the “Shadowing” of individuals who are legally gathering petition signatures to initiate a recall election directed at you and your office.  While some have said this interference is legal the awkward appearance that you apparently support this effort to dissuade voters from signing legal petitions concerns us.  We believe that this attempt to minimize the effort of leftists within our state is inappropriate and the leftist media will capitalize on this scheme to show you in an extremely bad light.  In fact, a member of the Surprise Tea Party confronted a channel 12 TV cameraman yesterday at the Republican office and the Tea Party member was portrayed as heavy handed and overly aggressive.  These potentially explosive episodes are sure to continue.  We believe the “Shadow Army” effort is ill advised.  We would encourage you to take the high ground and disassociate yourself from this so called “Shadow Army” and, if possible, put an end to this scheme.  We would encourage you to “abstain from the appearance of evil.”

2.) While we were the very first group approached to openly embrace and promote your efforts to investigate the identity papers of President Barack Obama, we believe that the time has come to face reality. You established probable cause that the Obama birth certificate and his Selective Service System registration form are forgeries and that President Obama’s Social Security Number is dubious at best.  You have said repeatedly, that there is no place to take the investigation.  There also appears to have been significant errors made which were reported by your office to the public degrading the credibility and veracity of the effort.  We believe that it is disingenuous to continue to give the public false hope regarding an investigation that you admitted has no place to go.  We can almost guarantee that the opposition attempting your recall will most assuredly use the negative aspects of the investigation against you with the help of the leftist media.  Your investigation was to be done with the “utmost diligence” and we are grateful for your efforts.  However, in our opinion, reality says that it is over.

There is no question that Arizona needs your expertise as the Maricopa County Sheriff.  You are the only one who continually stands up for the Rule of Law.  You are the only one who stands in the gap defending Arizona against open borders and the uncontrolled flow of illegal immigrants.  For those efforts we are extremely grateful.  However, the concerns mentioned above may ultimately cause our organization to take a neutral position in regard to the recall effort currently underway. We hope that you will address our concerns in a way that is satisfactory to our organization so that we may continue to offer you our support.

February 17, 2013
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
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Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.



Dr. John “Mitch” King
Waking Up America


Members of the board:

Al Hill, Vice President
Steve Porak, Treasurer
Jan Baldon, Secretary
Gene Boldt, Advisory Committee
Jim Michaels, Advisory Committee
Roy Peace, Advisory Committee
Brian Reilly, Advisory Committee
Cliff Sullivan, Advisory Committee

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