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"The GOP had better grow some BALLS ... and stress the good things the Party has done…"

John5319 replied Jul 1, 2020 to There's dancing in the streets

6 Jul 2, 2020
Reply by Charlene Hanson

"Just last week I got a "survey call" regarding Barto and Carter, it was only 4 quest…"

John5319 replied Jun 11, 2020 to Rep Nancy Barto takes an aggressive posture to defeat Heather Carter

2 Jun 11, 2020
Reply by John5319

"The depths to which the Demoncrats would go to are pure E V I L ...  in their scope,…"

John5319 replied Jun 8, 2020 to Warning: Contract Tracers To Quarantine Republican Districts On Election Day

4 Jun 8, 2020
Reply by Patricia Gillenwater

"This is SOOOOO important for us here in Arizona. Just as the Demoncrats want a New G…"

John5319 replied May 29, 2020 to Three Republicans

3 May 29, 2020
Reply by John5319

"Ballot harvesting is not just a national issue, it's happened in our own GOP state a…"

John5319 replied May 27, 2020 to We've told you once, we've told you twice, now....

12 May 27, 2020
Reply by John5319

"Fear is the tool of Satan. America was founded, not a fear, but by the "risk takers"…"

John5319 replied May 26, 2020 to We've told you once, we've told you twice, now....

12 May 27, 2020
Reply by John5319

"WHY is it that it seems ... only Democrats ... conduct voter fraud??? They FEAR "We…"

John5319 replied May 18, 2020 to Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America

5 May 18, 2020
Reply by John5319

""We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to over…"

John5319 replied May 11, 2020 to Democrats cashing in on lockdown - begging for all mail-in elections

4 May 12, 2020
Reply by Patricia Gillenwater

"Maybe I've missed it but as the "ballot harvesting" issue been address yet?"

John5319 replied May 4, 2020 to No small victory for voters

2 May 4, 2020
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance

"Wow ..."honesty" in voting???? That ended with the removal of ethics and government…"

John5319 replied Mar 24, 2020 to Mail Ballots Are “The Wild West of Voter Fraud”

3 Mar 24, 2020
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance





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