We are covering the convention gavel to gavel for those who have to work all day or just have other things to do.  We also have delegates at the convention sending us info from the floor and from among the alternates..  We have a bird's eye seat as even some of the things happening at the convention are unknown to those there due to the noise and activity of those moving around, talking, etc.  Hopefully, you find new info here that you might not already have.  We will update twice a day, if possible.

Sunday, 7/17

Delegates were treated to a screening of Dinesh D'Souza's film, Hillary's America.  We won't tell you because you can see in on the 21st but words like powerful, revealing, amazing, scary were used to describe it.  D'Souza chatted with the crowd after the film.  Then they moved off to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for more merriment that lasted well into the night.

Monday, 7/18/16 afternoon session:

Rumors were running rampant among convention goers about what was happening with the protesters, security, etc.  11,000+ paid and armed protesters are expected to be there at some point in the week.  The Cleveland Police Chief asked Gov. Kasich to suspend the open carry law for the four days of the convention but Kasich denied that request.  A pro-blacklivesmatter man representing Black Lawyers Association had said emphatically in an interview that we should expect violence sometime during the convention.  He said it like he had inside information.  Chris Cox, speaking for the Bikers for Trump said they would be there to protect delegates and guests of the convention.  Cox will be a speaker at the convention.  There were a few minor dustups between protesters and law enforcement but nothing serious.

Notable:  Gov. Kasich of Ohio has chosen not to support the convention in his own state that he not only pitched to get, but he pledged to support the PPE winner, he won't go there and we say, fine, children don't belong at this convention.  However, he is going from hotel to hotel to visit privately with "the delegates."  We take that to mean the "never trump delegates."  Our Arizona delegation has gotten no word on that but maybe the Cruz delegates will meet with him.

AZGOP Chairman is promoting alternates to delegates and non-alternates to alternates in no particular order in defiance of the Bylaws.  Delegates that got over 400 votes have been bypassed for those who got 0 votes or were not even on the ballot, leaving legitimate alternates sitting it out in the bleachers, as guests or at home.  However, several Trump supporters have been promoted to delegates!  

The one good thing he did was to pull the credentials of Lori Hack for withdrawing her pledge that all delegates and alternates had to sign to become either of those officers.  Hack claimed she filed a lawsuit to have her credentials restored.  Turns out, that was a straight out lie!  More childish behavior.  But it didn't stop there.  She showed up at the credentials desk to check in.  Viola` no credentials.  She threw herself on the floor and had a fit.  Then she went to the media area seeking publicity and we are told that someone did interview her but no one we can find saw that interview.

When delegates (when we say delegates, we include alternates) left their hotels for the convention, they were first put through security consisting of four Homeland Security agents at every bus, about 62 busses.  When the bus was loaded, it was surrounded by black vehicles who escorted them to the convention hall.  Everyone was issued a clear plastic bag that could be taken into the convention hall.  Ladies who had spent hundreds on patriotic purses had to leave them behind! ;-(

The perimeter around the convention hall is about a mile out and is barricaded. (Shown above) Nonetheless, there were reports that the protesters did breach that barricade.  No violence was reported and they broke up in the afternoon.  It's hot in that Ohio sun!  And muggy, too.  We expect more action after dark!

Inside the hall, things went fine until it became time to ask the body to accept the Rules Committee recommendations.  Included in the rules was language that kept the delegates bound.  It was clear the moderator was prepared.  He had first passed out a copy of the rules to delegates but the copy was not redlined showing what was struck from previous rules and what was added.  The moderator called for a voice vote, not unusual.  First, the ayes to accept shouted out.  Then the No's shouted louder.  The moderator called the vote for the ayes setting off howls of protest from the Cruz delegates.  Then a delegate from Romney's Utah along with Sen. Mike Lee moved for a head count of the 2400+ delegates, which would have taken hours.  The moderator stepped away from the podium, conferred with others, then came back to the podium and announced nine states has asked for a head count (the minimum needed to pass the motion) but that three had withdrawn their support.  The motion failed without further comment.  The Trump camp and the RNC had outmaneuvered the Cruz camp.  Cruz was present backstage.  Party loyalists did the right thing for 14,000,000 voters!  The Iowa and Colorado delegations walked out of the hall in protest.  More children out of the way!  People in the bleachers (they aren't really bleachers, they are the permanent seats above the floor of this sports arena) started chanting "we want Trump."  It's been clear that the Cruz attempt to steal the delegates for Trump has been a fools game from the beginning.  Many staunch Cruz supporters moved over to Trump when it was clear he was the people's choice.  There are a few adults in that room!

The evenings event should be exciting with some really interesting speakers.  We will report on that, too, and update this page throughout the convention.

                                      Did we mention snipers on the roofs?

Evening Session:

The Cruz camp is still crying in their beer that Sen. Mike Lee wasn't strong enough to succeed in unbinding delegates or getting a head count vote, which is not ever done traditionally. Wouldn't it be nice if these two went after Obama like they've gone after Trump? Most pundits, former Cruz advocates, are equally vexed that Sen Mike Lee and Sen. Ted Cruz were willing to help Hillary by hanging out the dirty laundry just to set Cruz up for a run in 2020.

The theme for the night is Keep America Safe, with speakers like Marcus Lutrell (The Lone Surviver), Tig and Oz, warriors in Benghazi, the mother of Sean Smith who was a victim of Benghazi, David Clark, Darryl Glenn, Republican candidate for Senate from Colorado that the RNC refuses to help get elected, one of everyones favorite sheriffs, Sen Jeff Sessions (Code Pink fool caused havoc and had
to be forcibly removed screaming during his speech), Mayor Guiliani and several people who told the tragic stories of losing their children to illegal immigrants. Melania Trump was the highlight of the evening. What a classy first lady she will make.

Lt. General Michale Flynn was one of the more passionate speakers of the evening. He is a republican with a democrat label and made an impassioned speech about the failing security and economy under Obama. Like democrat Zell Miller before him so many years ago who said, “I did not leave my party, my party left me,” Flynn is a republican in his thinking and his passion for America and is more true to Trump than any of the Cruz delegates or Paul Ryan.  The crowd took to him like he is a republican, which he is in his heart!

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Thanks for the run down. I actually got my husband to sit & watch most of this. I knew there were discontented states b/c of the fact that they did not agree with the decision of the Rules Committee. However, seeing that this had already decided prior to the start of the convention, I guess I felt it was somewhat of a 'done deal,' I saw the gentleman from I guess CO get angry & walk out. I guess I must have missed the people from IA. I wonder if that was why they put Jonie Earnst last in the evening of speeches? I cannot help but wonder if these people realize how their actions are having a such an effect on the upcoming election? These people instead of being unified, they were showing their childish behavior & of course the Dems will pick up on this very quickly. This is such an important election & if Hilary wins, then we can look forward to at least 4 more years of Obama & what is even worse, we might have to have her for a total of 8 yrs. There is no telling what Trump will do in order to straighten out the mess that Barry has created for this country. However, if it's a choice between Hillary & Trump. Trump is the only reasonable person to vote for.

By the time Ernst spoke, the hall was half empty. It was after 11:00pm there. The first thing I saw on the LSM is that Melania plagiarized her speech from one given by M. Obama.  Hardly, My guess is she has never heard or read that speech and the LSM is going to beat the anti-trump drum until he leaves office in 2024.  Rudy gave a hell of a speech and makes the perfect surrogate for Trump. Glad to see it posted on these comments.  I hope everyone calls S. Mike Lee's office in Utah at 801-524-5933 and tell him he's no conservative but an obstructionist.

Didn't you just love the way Trump made his entrance?  Someone on TV called it a cross of Darth Vader and some rock group.  you gotta see this

Agree, Pat J. That entrance was epic. So much fun to watch. 

The plagiarism charge was meant to try and detract from a conservative, Republican future First Lady, the likes of whom we haven't seen - EVER! And I mean over Jackie who I always thought was a bit of a dimwit and Melania is NO dimwit. 

She was brilliant, beautiful, simply breathtaking. Someone the Democrats have no answer for. I couldn't stop watching her and I can't wait until she occupies the White House. 

Our über Alpha male nominee has for a wife the ultra Alpha female - it's only fitting. They are the perfect pair to lead our nation back from disaster. And the exact sort of change we need from the current grifters. 

Thanks for this. It's very informative. I listened to some of the convention broadcast in the car on POTUS XM during the talk given by our fighting men who were at Benghazi. It was riveting and I heard many things I'd never known before about the attack. After they left the stage, the POTUS anchors bleated that the Benghazi guys deviated from their prepared remarks (gasp) AND turned an outstanding speaker lineup and a charged arena into a flat and dull presentation. Despicable.

And on and on by the corrupt media. A sore loser from yesterday's brief convention bedlam whined into the Cspan cameras how the Trump people were strong arming the delegates and stacking the deck in their favor! Why, the very idea!!!

I wonder if she would care to revisit the disgraceful tactics employed at the state level when convention goers and Trump delegate hopefuls found the GOPe door slammed in their faces!!!!

I am loving the upbeat atmosphere of this convention. I love winning. I love it that Trump will be our nominee. At last, a candidate I can get behind, and one who brings a message and a record of smarts, toughness and prosperity.

I look forward to your upcoming posts.  

If the Trump camp wasn't strong arming these idiots, they should have been. It's not like the election was even close.  It's illegal to shoot them so strong arming was the correct action.  WE the people will not be stopped.

I, Vicki, love your post.  Go Trump, ignore the idiots!

Mayor Guiiani's speech went "to the mattresses" (an old Mafia term - well, Guiliani IS a New Yorker! - meaning "give it all you got") when he called out every illegal activity of Hillary and Obama and outlined everything that is un-America action Obama has taken that Hillary would continue.  You can see it here if you missed it:

Oooohhh, thank you.  It was a little chaotic at my house when he was on so I now get to hear the whole speech start to finish.  Thx AFA

Tonight, convention starts at 5:00 EDT and the theme is Economy and Jobs.



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