[Editor:  A little background on this SB1200 - Gov Brewer sanctioned the destruction of the Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum.  For the uninitiated, that was in the building a few blocks east of the Capitol on W. Washington Ave that had the huge machinery in front.  The artifacts were removed and, we've been told, inappropriately stored by the Arizona Historical Society.  Only a very small display can be seen and enjoyed now by Arizona children and tourists in a small space at AHS.  The AHS is run by Arizona's most establishment cronies who are invested in receiving the money, not maintaining these artifacts.  Understand, some of these artifacts are irreplaceable.  We've also been told that some of these artifacts have been seen for sale on e-bay!  Those deeply involved in this effort believe Ducey vetoed this bill that had enormous support from both parties, was not at all controversial which is rare in Arizona legislation to satisfy the establishment who got him elected.  This is a great loss for students across Arizona.  Apparently, corruption reigns in the museum business just as it does everywhere!  The message below came from one of the leaders in the fight to save the museum.]

In 2010, the Arizona Historical Society gained control of the formerly top rated mineral museum in Phoenix. At the time the museum was serving over 40,000 children a year with earth science education programs. School buses came from as far away as Yuma. In 2011, the AHS locked the doors for no apparent reason, even though they continued to receive and spend the annual state budget.

Senate bill SB1200 would have corrected the problem by assigning mineral museum assets to the Arizona Geological Survey, an agency capable of and willing to restore services. The obvious merits of the bill generated overwhelming support in the legislature. It received 58 votes out of 60 in the House and 25 out of 30 in the Senate. Unfortunately, the AHS used lobbyists and other political connections to secure the Governor’s veto.

Unfortunately, the children had no lobbyist.

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A bit misleading and hyperbolic on the posting's title.

 Not at all, Mike.  Science in our schools has been dumbed down and perverted on many issues.  The Mineral and Mining Museum had an intensive program for school children to learn the facts about earth science, space science and many other science related subjects.  By using his veto pen - and by the way, only 5 lawmakers voted against this bill, FIVE total from both parties (2 non votes) - meant it was essentially considered veto proof.  Was it an accident that the Senate approved this with only 2 dissenting votes immediately, sent it to the House and it passed first read immediately and then was held by the Speaker until the last minute, too late to override a veto?  40,000 students who participated annually in the educational programs at this museum can no longer receive that education.  The museum also provided teaching kits to teachers so they could continue that education off the common core curriculum.  Indeed, Ducey vetoed science education for kids!

I'm sorry about the mine museum.  Maybe some volunteer groups can take it over and save it.  But this is not the same as saying that all science education in AZ has been halted.  I think the high school and university science teachers might take offense.

Yes, you are right.  But no where in the article or the title does it say ALL.  The title is provocative enough to get it read and still accurate because this science education was clearly vetoed.  The teachers I know are very upset about this museum being destroyed.  Although, you are possibly right about other teachers.  Although the article does not appear to be directed at university age because it says children and university age and even high school would be referred to as students since they are past the children stage.  But perhaps we are both splitting hairs.  No matter.  The point of this article is well taken.

Can't disagree with any of that!

Self governance.  Excluding people from the process.  The lobby is a 'loser'.  Those who've taken CSG will understand.  More info on where Ducey stands on we the people.

Are not those vote counts VETO PROOF???


Override his veto.


they have adjourned....so don't know options.  research in statue and see what you find.

As posted above, the bill was held till the session was nearly over and sent to Ducey too late to send it back to the Legislature to override his veto.  Accident?  Consider that the Arizona Historical Society is closely tied to Ducey and McCain and share many of the same donors and they had the lobbyists in Ducey's office, we'd have to say, Nope!

AFA and AzRA will be working to get this bill through next year and in the meantime, each of you can contact your own lawmakers and tell them why this is an important bill, revenue neutral or close to it, for kids and teachers



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