2019 Maricopa County Republican Committee Statutory Meeting Election Results

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Election Results:

Chairman: Rae Chornenky

1st-Vice Chairman: Sheila Muehling

2nd-Vice Chairman: Nancy Cottle

Secretary: Colleen Lombard

Treasurer: Michael Deiana

All of the above elected were also the only candidates on the ballot, with Itasca Small running for Chairman via floor nomination as a write-in candidate, and Janell Soyster Buchholdt running for 1st-Vice Chairman also via floor nomination as a write-in candidate.

In the Chairman's race (via Simply Voting):

Rae Chornenky: 1,036 (80%)

Itasca Small: 249 (20%)

In the 1st-Vice Chairman's race:

Sheila Muehling: 915 (71%)

Janell Soyster Buchholdt: 374 (29%)

The remaining candidates, being the only candidates running, were all elected by acclamation.

Also on the ballot were five bylaws amendments, all of which passed.

Precinct Committeeman (PC) attendance figures:

PCs present:

In-Person: 773

By Proxy: 602

Total: 1,375

By Legislative District (LD):

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Replies to This Discussion

Kudos to the Chairmen in LDs 4, 16, 20, 24 and 29 for getting their PCs to show up to vote in person.  For the rest of the Chairmen, you need to do a better job of getting your PCs involved in the process.  A no-show PC being voted by someone else via Proxy cannot change their mind on how to vote after hearing arguments pro and con on the issues and the candidates.  STOP Proxy abuse.  Limit Proxies.  Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita is carrying a bill in the Legislature to do just that.  If Repubicans can't control themselves, the Legislature must have to do it.  Contact your Senator and both Representatives and tell them to Vote YES on that bill.

HB 2048 limits proxies a person can bring to a meeting as 2.  If you want to stop this practice then there needs to be a concerted effort to see that this bill is passed and signed by the Gov... yes, it can be done.   Rep Jay Lawrence is the sponsor of this bill.  Call your Reps to sign on a co-sponsor

Is this the correct bill#?

Thanks JoAnnne I am now tracking.

Just as a reminder about an article we posted two years ago after the Democrat Mandatory meeting in Maricopa County.  They had a total of 13 proxies.  Think that over for a while and then ask yourself, why are democrats so much better at involving their PCs in the game than Rs are?  We have heard the argument over and over that paper proxies are needed to win for XX.  When was the last time a paper PC made a phone call for candidates or knocked on a door or got signatures?  How is that better than a live person making a considered judgement on how to vote at important party meetings?  If one wants to win, be the better of all the others!  Engage.  

thanks for stepping in with your reply, I just spent some time reading Roberts Rules as it applies to proxy voting. 0 then is the right number of proxies to be allowed.

If county or state bylaws say that Roberts Rules rule, then no proxies.  If those bylaws do not address this issue and then says all issues not addressed in the bylaws are subject to RRs then 0 proxies.  But if those bylaws do address the proxies, the bylaws rule.  Check your state and county bylaws for what IS, not what should be.  And then INSIST these bylaws be amended to address this issue.  The establishment knows they must keep control indefinitely.  PCs need to disabuse them of this idea.  Recruit conservatives into the PC system.

I seem to recall that in AZGOP there was much interest in abandoning Roberts Rules. Could be wrong but do not think so. If true then maintaining proxies could have been the main reason.

At my county stat mtg on Sat a number of by proxy for SC was introduced from the floor. Clearly it was a ploy -- most of if not all of these the person being nominated were not present.

By proxy is an ugly thing and full of status quo shenanigans. They for the most part ensure business ass usual.





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