Arizona is a special state, unlike any other.  We have four ???? - cool to cold in the beautiful White Mountains all year around, moderate in the middle of the state with occasional surprise weather patterns and warm to blazing in the low desert with water sports year round whether back yard pools to lake activities and a snow storm once in a few years.  There is a surprise around every bend in the road and that is part of its love of state.  Where else can you drive two hours or less and find a completely different climate and way of life.  And we like it like that.

Unfortunately, our governor fails to understand the lure of new residents to this state.  He works as hard as possible to turn us into California, Oregon or Washington state politically and socially.  It's no wonder that some Republican districts are growing tired of his pseudo power - the power that comes from the McCain cabal that he knows will protect him.  He's a total disgrace and will never be anything else.  And at least one gutsy legislative district decided to come forward and let him and all of Arizona just what they think about the man who sits in the 9th floor office.

The following is taken from Republican Briefs:

WHEREAS, the duly elected officers that form the Executive Committee of Legislative District 11 took a solemn oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona to the best of their abilities and

WHEREAS, on Friday, May 28, 2021, Governor Douglas A. Ducey vetoed twenty two bills recently passed by the Arizona Legislature and

WHEREAS, these bills were the product of hard work over long hours by the sincere and dedicated men and women of our Legislature and

WHEREAS, the bills included legislation banning the teaching of “Critical Race Theory” to employees of our governments and needed actions certain to improve election integrity as well as other important policy and

WHEREAS, the Governor cites the need for passing a budget as his reasoning for the vetos, that is intellectually dishonest as the work on these bills was already complete and only needed his signature which would have in no way impacted nor delayed completing a budget and

WHEREAS, this slap in the face of our Legislators, this juvenile behavior unbefitting the Chief Executive Officer of our State follows on his unconstitutional Executive Order 2020-18, “Stay-at-Home” order and

WHEREAS, the budget he is so concerned with could have more easily been passed already were it not so full of massive amounts of “pork” for friends and others to whom he is indebted and

WHEREAS, in his pathetic and insulting letter putting forth his veto rationale he states in closing, “June will be a very important month. I look forward to partnering with legislative leadership to focus on what matters and pass a budget.” and

WHEREAS, the legislative leadership HAS been focused on what matters and

WHEREAS, his actions demonstrate no effort to partner with Legislative Leadership and in point of fact quite the opposite, since there is NO shortage of time to have the new budget in place by July 1, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that Douglas A. Ducey, Governor of the State of Arizona, is hereby censured for his conduct by the officers of the Executive Committee of Legislative District 11 of the Republican Party of Arizona.

Briefs Editor’s Note: Contact – LD11 Chairman John W “Bill” Maynard at or 859 967-4960

AFA Editor: Let's give a hand to LD11!

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The GOP Establishment at work.  Dump 'em.  We won't win until we learn that we must do that.





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