One of the traits that former AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham has is that he is a first class flim-flam man.  Instead of perfecting his natural talent for good, he's chosen to take a less honest road.  What we wrote in Do NOT vote for this man is based on our digging to get the documentation on just some of his very long list of misdeeds, some bordering on criminal  (money laundering is a crime in all 50 states!).  As the AZGOP Chair for 4 years, he rarely ever filed an accurate campaign finance report with the SEC.  We are not sure why that is but it could be that he was doing so much trickery with the money that it was hard to follow the money trail.  We don't know, but can only guess based on his behavior, what might be possible.

Herewith is a letter written by a "Mrs. Powell" to "Ben Franklin" at the American Post-Gazette:

American Post-Gazette

Mr Franklin a Republic you won't be able to keep if Robert Graham is elected as AZ National Committeeman.

Here are some facts as presented and researched by Arizona Freedom Alliance.

  1. Charged in California with money laundry. He and co-conspirators raised money for a 501(C)(3) tax deductible charity for kids and then moved the money into a non-tax deductible PAC. He paid $1,000,000 to the state of California to keep from being prosecuted.

  2. He bilked a 90 year old woman out of her life savings resulting in charges in Massachusetts

  3. He played fast and loose with the checking accounts while he was chairman, moving money from the Federal account to the State account and then back to the Federal account, often all in the same day; a violation of RNC rules and he did it often, not just once.

  4. A claim was filed against him by a local political organization on the money issues which was not adjudicated until after McCain died. He was assessed a fine.

  5. He rarely filed an accurate campaign finance report

  6. He bilked the town of Groveton, NH where he made a deal with the city to clean off an old paper mill, sell the scrap metal for the city and then put a new building on it. He only cleared the lot and took the scrap and disappeared.

  7. And much more.

Then there is what he did to LD23 State Committeemen in hopes of insuring the election of his friend Jonathan Lines as Chairman of AZGOP in January 2017. On December 1, 2016 new officers and 119 State Committeemen were elected in LD23. He got his minions to profess an illegal election took place. Not for the officers but for the election of the 119 State Delegates. What was the purpose, could it be to remove the 119 votes at the January State Meeting for candidate Jim O'Connor from LD23? Oh, he had a new Chairman, did he believe she didn't know what she was doing, or that wouldn't fight?

After just 10 days in office that Chairman hired a lawyer, met with the SCs and received their support to fight. Well that battle continued until the day before the state meeting and eventually cost LD23 $27,000.00; it took the district more than a year to pay off the legal fees. Just for your information Mr O'Connor lost by only 34 votes, so Mr Graham did have reason to be concerned, if Lines lost then all of his miss handling of the AZGOP office would come under scrutiny.

So you see Mr Franklin after 244 years our Republic can be lost.

If you vote for Robert Graham on May 9, 2020.


Mrs Powell


We have no problem with the content in-toto because we investigated it at the time.  One could write a long book on Graham's various escapades and never hit on a good thing he has done.

Herewith is the response from American Post-Gazette (hiding behind "not me. I didn't write it."

Dear Mrs. Powell:
I would suggest you take another shot at the article.  Your information regarding the $27,000 for the lawyer is false.  That was an unnecessary expense made by people that do not understand the process.  We were all there and know how foolish LD23 acted.  First , state committeemen are not elected at the district meetings.  They are elected at the County meeting and Graham could not intervene.†  He could fill vacancies but that's about all.  Something I am sure the district still does not understand.  I would suggest you focus more on how he did as chairman.  That would include trips he had the party pay for and the ensuing cover up.  Why did people need to sign non-disclosure statements to look at Party finance records?  There are many sins that make a better case.
Alternatively, you could write something promoting your candidate.  Mr. Madison's comments are his own. Many of our writers disagree as do our readers.  We have not been able to get through all of the responses yet but it is running about 50/50 on support for Graham.  
To start, the response lies when he/she/it claims the $27,000 spent by LD23 to ward off the attempt by Graham to refuse to seat LD23 state committeemen.  This figure is fully documented within the district and  HERE.
Second, LD23 acted how just about any district board would act when faced with a flim-flam man to protect their elected State Committeemen.  While technically correct about "electing" state committeemen, this is a matter of verbiage.  Every single district holds meetings within a time set by the AZGOP and statute ARS 16-825 HERE.  They hold an election and elect their State Committeemen.  Statute uses the word "chooses."  Samantics! The State Committeemen elected at the district meetings are accepted at the county meeting.†  Either way, it's pure samantics and is tradition that whoever is presented as a State Committeeman at the state meetings have been elected by their districts.
The bottom line here is transparent: AP-G is sold out for a criminal as the next National Committeeman.  We doubt that votes are running at 50-50.  More likely, delegates are just telling them what they want to hear.  We like to think that Republican delegates are smart enough to avoid voting for Graham.  
There is one caveat: how many holdovers are McCain cabal delegates?  Graham is their guy!  Thieves of a feather....

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Replies to This Discussion

Until I was no longer able to serve as a PC, I was in Graham's district.  I still have buddies there.  I saw what Graham did and am still appalled.  From what I saw everything in this and the previous article is true and there is other stuff not included.  For instance, he served McCain to purge hard working precinct committeemen out of our district because they were conservative. He then installed his paper PCs as officers. That district is now still a mess and doesn't run properly. They deny the ones who did the work from being a state committeemen.  Personally, I think that AFA and Mrs. Powell went too easy on this creep.  His only talent is self-promotion but he's not what he seems. No sir, he is not.

NOTE:  Some members and others ask why some of our commenters do not use their own names or full names.  There are many reasons a person might want to use an alias and we allow that.  We know of at least one person who lost their job because of an opinion they posted.  There are other valid reasons.  We require everyone to use their real name when they sign up and we do a check to see if they do. It's a personal decision and is not an act of cowardice as some have suggested over the years.

A comment from a member.  The main question is about who is or is not eligible to serve as the National Committeeman or woman.  Here is an opinion for you to chew on and I posted to the "Do Not vote for this man" article for comments.  I am no expert on bylaws, let that be understood.

As written, the bylaws do not specifically address the matter of qualifications of the National Comm as to whether they must be a state committeeman or even a PC.  That seems to settle the questions about qualifications.  But wait.  Some say the Bylaws require the candidate to be a member of the AZGOP board,  and one has to be a State Committeeman.  This reader says the Natl Com. is not a member of the state party Board and the Bylaws do not list that person as a board member.  The claim is the Natl Com is only a member of the RNC board.  If true, that eliminates the requirement that a candidate for this position is unqualified unless a State Committeeman.  I suggest you read the AZGOP Bylaws to clear up this question and then post a quote from the Bylaws on this subject.



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