I will speak on this article, with it being an issue of UTMOST importance.


American leadership has been asleep at the wheel. In the article, it mentions important items, such as this statement from "The Chinese Minister of Propaganda Liu Yunshan", it mentions that they want to "Coordinate the efforts of overseas and domestic propaganda, [and] further create a favorable international environment for us".

They have established outlets of Chinese information centers that teach classes, all over the US in Universities. The most unfortunate of these turn of events, is they push money in their direction AND THEY INSTALL A CHINESE OWNED OUTLET IN THE UNIVERSITY.

Such rotten individuals! University teachers shoveling this tripe to our children. OUR CHILDREN! This greed driven system of schools selling out is utterly gross, and pitiful. All of these outlets are headed up by the ministry of propaganda in China. They look to teach Chinese as it is written in the mainland of the continent, not in other areas like Taiwan, ostrisizing territories not within their immediate grasp.

This shows their hand a bit, and their long term intentions. THEY ARE CURRENTLY IN 100 UNIVERSITIES, with that number only getting larger in the future. THIS MUST BE PUT TO AN END. I am so disappointed in our education system. STALINIST communists are teaching our young adults IN AMERICA. What country are we living in?

We must save the minds of our youth, and stop this madness. The sad thing is, this article mentions that it's happening in Canada, and other countries. We can only afford to concentrate on ourselves. We must drive out the Communist! We must give them no quarter!

Long live the Republic.

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I agree with driving out Chinese and other foreign actors, Palestinian propaganda, the MB  CAIR front etc. from our universities, colleges and k-12. 

Common core principles aiding and abetting all. Russia gets in on it. The left in America best allies to all these bad actors.

Sad state of affairs.

Gee, without the Chinese who would attend the engineering classes in our universities? Those silly Communists don’t seem to spend a lot of time on the really important classes like Diversity and anti Western Cultural history. It’s almost as if they mistakenly believe school should teach academic subjects or something. Crazy, I know. OK, sarcasm off. I will offer my personal observation that we Americans are the ones who have been propagandized by and within our government school system. The US government schools have belonged to the Globalist Bankers for generations already and have fundamentally changed America to be more Communist than even China, which is more capitalist than the US nowadays.

It looks as though China has been selected by Oligarchs to be the dominant world power. They were the one country that has benefitted from terrible world trade, all of it falling to their favor. Their GDP has been 10% for decades, and they will become stronger than us if massive action isn't taken. I see them as the enemy. America is weak, but it can become powerful again.

I don't just see America as the milked cow that it has been for 20 years, I believe, it can become a Lion that charges its way through the plains, with all other countries making concessions for it. We need to be economically independent, an Autarky, with a vision reaching out into the stars, and the empowering of our people. We can do anything.

I agree America can be a Lion again but interrupting the new order of the Oligarchs well take down the disruptor MAGA Don part of the project plan.

If our central gov't really spoke up telling the hard truth that America must prepare for war and that means we must domestically be prepared in all ways to sustain ourselves at home and abroad.

Don't let the top universities off the hook for expansion of their universities in to other nations. Jokes on America while tuition rises in America to help pay for them to expand.

My son just graduated from ASU Executive MBA Program.  Of the thousand graduates in that particular program over 1/3 were Chinese. So yes, they are in the universities but here as students.  Students first, propaganda next. 

New world order this is Bush along with Mc Cain at work what the hell did they think would happen every rep and senator that went along with UN Agenda 21 are guilty of treason that is why Mc Cain called the tea party terrorist. 



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