It's not always easy to find the real message behind the pretty face or nice sounding statements.  There are usually key words to look out for.  If you see a message from a Republican that is often used by the democrats, be suspicious.  We are suspicious of this phrase: "white nationalists."  What is the real definition of this phrase?  Let's break that down: nationalist =  "a member of a political group advocating or fighting for national independence, a strong national government, etc."  What is a "national government?  According to "devoted to one's own nation, its interests, etc.; patriotic"  Sounds good, yes?  Not so fast!  The democrats are famous for re-defining everyday words.  We can start with "gay" that no longer means a happy, carefree person.  Use that word to describe your happy friend and then duck and cover... there may or may not be a shoe incoming!

It is with that in mind that we take YUGE exception to this action by Sen. McSally and one more reason rational Republicans will not show up to vote for her.  While on the surface, it seems like a rational thing to do.  But remember what we started with.... the real definition of nationalism.  We should be embracing that concept instead of letting democrats get away with redefining the word.

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Sen. McSally Working on Legislation to Make Domestic Terrorism a Federal Crime

Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona is drafting legislation that if passed, would make domestic terrorism a federal crime. The republican’s hope is that this bill will help to prevent future mass shootings in America.

“If you were supporting ISIS, we would take you up on that charge. But we don’t have that unique domestic terrorism charge,” she said on Thursday. “It’ll give (prosecutors) more tools, for sure, for them to not have to be creative about bringing them up on other crimes.”

According to the discussion draft, it would become a federal crime to commit a vicious crime, “with the intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or influence, affect, or retaliate against the policy or conduct of a government.”

“We should not tolerate white nationalism. We shouldn’t tolerate racial violent ideology. We should all stand together on that,” McSally said. “We should look for ways on how we can ensure that people who are violent, people who are mentally unstable or have terrorist ideology, do not get access to deadly weapons.”

The senator believes that even though the two political parties are constantly clashing due to different points of view, that they will both back this bill to come together against gun violence.

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We will never see any of the people involved in this mess brought to justice.  Everyone involved belong to the same society.  We need to stop calling it a swamp and start calling it the cesspool.  Two set of justice brings us back to France and the guillotine.

Mike, I fear that you are right, some low hanging fruit may find themselves being sacrificed for the elite culprits. There is no doubt to me that when the DOJ conclusions are made public that the decision will be made not only driven in the political but done so in the written to protect the agencies. All in all red meat will be thrown out to both sides. We the people in the final will not be satisfied and that is both the right and left. That is a message to me that you of the we the people are powerless.

Not only the FBI but what about Mr Barr, our new Attorney General.  He was supposed to  have has a report ready for us in June, Then July, the August and finally Sept.  Hanity said if he had not heard for Barr in Sept he would start to ask questions.  I have not heard any questions concerning Barr from Hanity or any of the other conservative 's .





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