I believe there’s something suspicious about the great number of Congressional Republicans not seeking re-election in 2018. Roll Call reports that on average 22 House Republicans retire each cycle. But according to NPR we’re looking at a record number of Republicans leaving Capitol Hill. I’m not prepared to believe they have all decided they’ve served long enough and now it’s time to say goodbye to the lobbyists, glitz and glamor, and head back to the farm.

Being elected to Congress is the greatest welfare job available. There are only a total of 535 of those Access welfare cards available and even at that they are not all available at once.

Paul Ryan’s announcement that he would not seek re-election brings the number of House Republicans not seeking re-election to 39 for the moment.

Granted several are not seeking re-election to the House in order to run for a Senate seat, while a couple others have decided to run for governor of their respective states. And one Congressman isn’t seeking re-election because he is awaiting confirmation as NASA Administrator. Notwithstanding, my suspicions are that the great number of Republicans choosing to leave office at this point is not an accident, especially since many of their seats can be flipped by Democrats.

My suspicions are that many leaving office have been coerced, with the promise of lucrative positions for them and/or their families. Some are being forced to not seek re-election because they’ve been caught in compromising behavior. There are those who have been outed for their amoral behavior and use of taxpayer monies to buy their way out of the consequences for their immoral behavior. I remind you that the public still doesn’t know the names of all of the Representatives who spent over $17 million to cover up their sexual improprieties. Nor have the names of all of the Representatives who used taxpayer money to pay for the abortions of staff members and in one alleged case, the abortion of their daughter’s friend they were involved with.

I do not believe it is singularly Democrat operatives who are behind forcing Republicans out of the door. The past behavior of Karl Rove and the overall behavior of George Soros force me to ask the question: “Are the two men somehow working together to derail the President We the People constitutionally elected?”

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I usually ask, what effort will they make to repeal the 17th amendment (for I can make a pretty good argument for doing just that) and then, when they respond that there is no point because it will never pass, I know exactly, at that point, they won't support what needs to be done.

I don't care if some bill, any bill, would not get a passing vote or not - nor should they.  One of the things that need to happen is that these people need to put an issue up for a vote if for no other reason that to JUST force the UniParty snakes to expose their true positions.  Responding with ...it won't pass... is nothing more than a cop out by one of the snakes, IM(not so)HO.

They are NOT there to pass bills.  Or to be popular with their comrades.  Or to compromise.  They are there to represent the people of their districts.  There is a huge difference in telling people, ...when I get there, this is what I want to do... vs ...I will go to try and do what YOU want me to do....

Russell- I question the need to repeal the 17th amendment as I believe it was a fraud from the day it was introduced by house joint resolution 39. This issue is addressed on the www.thecnc.org web site. Go to the site, to recent articles, and scroll down to the 17th amendment.

Walter, you are kidding, right?  The 17th Amendment has been in place for let's see, 105 years according to my count.  Now, finally, you want to discuss the manner in which it was accepted?  Really?

Give me a break!

Fact:  it IS in place.  It IS part of our present system.  Whether it was improperly instituted 105 years ago, it IS there -- and now, the validity of its acceptance is totally and completely beside the point.  If you want to waste the time and effort to argue that it was not done properly, go for it.  You likely will do it alone.

Now, if you want to work to repeal it, that I will help you with.  Just don't try and sidetrack the repeal process with some argument that maybe should have been made over 100 years ago.

We need to have a "red wave" to go out there and vote for what we believe are those candidates that support our President and our state. I agree with President Trump, we must have the same intensity as we did when we elected him. Yes, the Republicans are leaving at a faster rate due to scandal, term limits, running for other offices or think re-election is less likely. The Tuesday Group Republicans are leaving and that is fine with me ( Corker, Ryan) because it is these Republicans that wanted to retain Obama Care and responsible for the Iran deal. Despite high approval rating our President, and control of the House and Senate, I think many of these Republicans simply don't have the will to fight . Here in AZ, we have 3 Republican candidates to replace Senator Flake. Unfortunately people will throw votes to the most polarizing candidate who would never have a chance of winning, Joe the Sheriff. Many of these were supporters of Alex Meluskey who ran for Senator McCain's seat along with Dr. Ward in 2016 and have a personal vendetta
The best thing for Arizona is not to vote for Mrs. Flake aka Ms. McLiar aka Martha McSally.
AZ should vote for Dr. Kelli Ward for Senate and re elect Rep. Dr. Paul Gosar. They are conservative and will protect our state.

Myrna, I agree with most of what you say.  We all love the Sheriff but we all know he will repeat what happened in the sheriff's race - he will give us Sinema in a big win and she will be there forever ala McCain.  I do think McSally, whom I dislike for her votes, and Kelli Ward, whom I dislike for the same reason, might have the same odds of defeating Sinema if everyone creates a "red wave" for Ward, the lesser of two bad candidates. 

I take exception to your comments about Alex Meluskey. He was never a spoiler as so many ignorant people repeat.  He was the first to get in the race, in January, I think, while Ward got in in the late spring or later. By your way of thinking, anyone who you don't like should get out the minute your favorite candidate gets in. That is not the way this works and not the way the founders designed it to work in a free and fair election.  And hopefully no one wants it to work that way.  Besides that, in that race, Mr. Meluskey was the winner when it comes to character.  I know both Ward and Meluskey and I know of what I speak.  Meluskey doesn't play dirty enough to get elected to an office like that.  That was his biggest problem.  He would have been an "Andy Biggs" kind of senator.

I can understand Myrna's comments cause let's face it folks do get protective of a candidate and sometimes although your candidate "gave up" one's disappoints are and can be played out in  vindictive ways. 

If a smell of vindictiveness well not productive.

Now now Patricia. Don't project your feelings or motivations onto others.  People have a right to make their  own decisions whether others agree or not.  Meluskey is wisely not running this time.  I will make a decision based on pragmatic criteria.  I don't fall in love with candidates because they change as soon as they get the job.  It leaves a trail of broken hearts. Even Trump has disappointed on ocassion but I'm not deterred.  I still actually support him 100%.

Point well taken. Myrna is my good and loyal friend she is my go to for history within the GOP that produces the notion "eating our own". I too take to heart my own "decision based on pragmatic criteria". It is up to oneself to hold our reps accountable and let them know when they have or are straying and as well when we feel they have done the right thing.

I do stand by my statement where one becomes engaged in vindictiveness that engagement is not productive.

I faced that reality recently as I came to understand that a republican women's club disappointed me greatly and took steps that I could not abide by. Choice had to be made by me and it was painful for me for I realized that it was like shooting at a barrel full of fish how easy it was for me to pick the issues off and shoot at them. I had to ask myself, thanks to Myrna, why are you doing this, can't change them, and that was so true. So who was it changing? Answer me and I didnt like what I saw when I looked at myself. Vindictiveness changes the person(s) who carries it out and I would contend if it goes on makes for bitterness that serves no higher good.

Well put, Patricia. Sorry about your experience with what I presume to be the uber-establishment women's club. I went to a forum they had once. Once was enough.  Vindictiveness is like grudges- a heavy burden to haul around.

Thank you my loyal friend, Patricia Gillenwater

We should all pray the Serenity prayer from time to time. We can't win every battle we find ourselves in and we can't throw in the towel so we must learn to gracefully accept our losses and continue to do the best we can and be sure our decisions are based on facts.

No ..Our country is in danger and cannot graciously accept losing. We have to win every seat or the Democrats will be back in power. Once they are in America is over. The problem is the Republicans are weak and lack leadership. We need a new party





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