The AZ Senate stood firm against the Board of Supervisors on auditing the 2020 election ballots, machines, tabulators and other materials.  They prevailed BUT, now there seems to be a massive back-peddling and what they want to do with this great success.  This is important because the whole country is watching.

Watch this video by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer start to finish and pay very close attention.  If this is their plan, we wonder why they stayed the course to get this equipment and paper ballots.  If this is their plan, Arizonans better rally the troops to protest until they dispense with the excuses and do what Arizona expects: a full and complete forensic audit.

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Every vote on every "paper" ballot must be counted and the names of those voting counted against the totals. There is no way to match the voter with the individual ballots so we will never know who cast the ballot unless they are still physically attached to the envelope mailed in, which I doubt. We need to know that the totals, from the machines, for each office are correct and match the numbers on the actual paper ballots filled in by the voters. Then we will have a "baseline" fact to check the tabulations and computer images against for accuracy. If this isn't done we have no more confidence in their new numbers than the old. We should also count the voters and precinct votes to account for any large deviations in vote fraud or election fraud committed in any specific precinct or vote center so we can know if any had a large or unusual number of error or fraudulent ballots or votes by unregistered persons or "ghost" voters. 

We need to restrict mail-in and absentee ballots, as well as eliminate ballot harvesting.  The Democrats were pushing all this stuff before covid, and then used covid to ram it down our throats.  Unless you have a genuine excuse (military, out of town on employer business), people need to be required to vote in person on election day.  

If H.R. 1 ever passes, Republicans may never win another election.  

Bills are before our legislature as we speak on these issues.  Michelle Ugenti-Rita has been a leader on this issue.  VOTE YES ON HB2569, SB1713 AND SB1485     another to support...HB2770 (Joseph Chaplik is one up regarding businesses being allowed to determine mask policy)  

Thank you for the update.  Chaplik is a good guy!  

If Arizona, and OTHER STATES, put forth legislation to stop their items in HR 1 ... it will be forced to go the the SCOTUS and then dismantled according to the Constitution. The 2nd amendment is being "infringed upon", the electoral election process by the States is being trampled, the INVASION of illegals violates their Oath of Office ... of ALL who sign on in support of this bill. If the SCOTUS fails in that responsibility ... I fear that their will be a Revolution.

Sorry to say, I agree with you.  With the infringement on our liberties only getting worse, cancel culture more ridiculous, there has to be a showdown coming.  

Alexander Hamilton said in the Federalist Papers  ... Congress is designed to protect individual liberties, but unless the courts are independent and have the power to declare laws in violation of the Constitution null and void, those protections amount to nothing. The power of today's Supreme Court says that the Constitution IS NOT superior to the state legislative laws ... suggesting that the representatives of the people are superior to "We the People" and the Constitution itself. The Constitution should be placed higher that any law passed by Congress. Clearly the SCOTUS violated the Constitution by NOT hearing the details of the PA election fraud case. So WHY THEN do they want to hear the Arizona ballot harvesting case?? ... To allow "all votes to count" .. from wherever ... and whenever !

My memory of history would put the reasons for the Revolutionary War up there with current events. I wonder what G. Washington & others would say and/or DO? Does the corruption of our systems (voting, immigration, 2nd Amend., etc.) carry the same weight as the oppression by King George? What is the modern trip wire? The politicos have learned they can get away with literal murder; & still they keep their foot on the repression pedal to see how much they get away with. I don't advocate for armed aggression, but neither does the left have a stop line. I sometimes wonder if they are surprised by our submission. 

I think what Jovan Hutton Pulitzer is proposing is actually quite clever.  Many, including myself have never felt it was a machine problem, that's too easy to eliminate. 

The move to ONLY examine the root (ballot itself) eliminates any kind of software/hardware vendors or suppliers from suspect, assuming the numbers agree.

I've heard about the sequence issue, but as of yet, don't know where the data came from to make that determination.  Makes for a good graphic anyway.

How has it been proposed that all 2.1 m ballots be counted, by hand?  It also should make for a binary answer.





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