Arizona Senate votes to seize assets of those who plan, participate in protests that turn violent

Claiming people are being paid to riot, Republican state senators voted Wednesday to give police new power to arrest anyone who is involved in a peaceful demonstration that may turn bad — even before anything actually happened.

SB1142 expands the state’s racketeering laws, now aimed at organized crime, to also include rioting. And it redefines what constitutes rioting to include actions that result in damage to the property of others.

But the real heart of the legislation is what Democrats say is the guilt by association — and giving the government the right to criminally prosecute and seize the assets of everyone who planned a protest and everyone who participated. And what’s worse, said Sen. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, is that the person who may have broken a window, triggering the claim there was a riot, might actually not be a member of the group but someone from the other side.

Sen. Martin Quezada, D-Phoenix, acknowledged that sometimes what’s planned as a peaceful demonstration can go south.

“When people want to express themselves as a group during a time of turmoil, during a time of controversy, during a time of high emotions, that’s exactly when people gather as a community,’’ he said. “Sometimes they yell, sometimes they scream, sometimes they do go too far.’’

Quezada said, though, that everything that constitutes rioting already is a crime, ranging from assault to criminal damage, and those responsible can be individually prosecuted. He said the purpose of this bill appears to be designed to chill the First Amendment rights of people to decide to demonstrate in the first place for fear something could wrong.

But Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said that chilling effect is aimed at a very specific group of protesters.

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[Editor's note:  Every democrat in the state senate is against this bill.  It must be right over the target!  Sen. Kavanagh is right on the money when he says these are professional agent-provocateurs.  If you go to Craig's List or social media, you will have no problem finding ads for protesters. $50 an hour is common.  After the Inauguration, we got a report from a couple who were trying to find the right Metro train to get to the Inauguration site.  While waiting to ask a policeman, they listened to the conversation he was having with a young couple with a child. They were saying what a great deal they got. They found an ad on Craig's list and they got their entire trip to DC paid for + $50 an hour to protest.  They were asking the policeman where to find the Children's Pen - where people who came with kids could stash them while they were protesting. How quaint.

It is not enough to have RICO laws if they don't apply or the police don't enforce them against the type of behavior we saw at Berkeley and DC and other cities.  These are not organic protests.  Well orchestrated, well run, almost always result in violence against people or property.

Call your representatives if you agree with this bill and tell them to support this bill with their votes Bill #1142

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Isn't paying the protesters considered "participating"?  Then George Soros qualifies as "participating", does he not?   How many have been injured or killed in protests that George Soros funded?   And not just in America? 

Why is George Soros not the "Most Wanted Man" in the whole world?   Is there a New World Order "AGENDA" funded by the SUPER RICH OF THE EARTH that's backing George Soros to the end of toppling governments, ESPECIALLY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!




I have no argument with what you said. However, I think that by asking all sheriffs in our country to arrest George Soros, even though it might sound good; however, is it even feasible? I think the day that Sheriff Joe Arpaiao was voted out of office, was one of the saddest days in the state of AZ. And I really do feel sorry for the people who now have Sheriff Paul Penzone as their sheriff b/c they  are going to experience some rather big problems.

Having read about how many illegal aliens he is releasing each day disturbs me greatly, & I do not even live in Maricopa County.

Hi Jennifer: 

Oh, I know  many sheriffs wouldn't do it, but as to feasible.  Yes, I definitely think it's feasible.  It only took one sheriff to open up the can of worms that was Barak Barry Hussein Obama's birth issue.  Just one arrest of George Soros could crumble his world terrorist supporting empire.

Larry you are correct, sometimes we have to take a gamble to get thing done. The more the merrier, we need numbers.

This action by just one sheriff that has the chutzpah, would be a blessing to the world.

Where is that line  ... between a protesting ... and a SEDITION ??? The history lessons of a "protest" suggest that MLK was oh so right to say it was all about "the character" of the person. We live in a society that has raised up children of an indoctrination, in the very same way that the Bolshevik Revolution was commandeered by Vladimir Lenin in the Russian Empire where he twisted the people to support his government takeover. These kids and protestors don't know much about "why" ... only that they are doing them for an ego trip ... for cash. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is alive and well in the universities and schools thanks to Bill Ayers & Obama community organizing thugs.

Wouldn't those RICO laws be used against Obama and the Mexican government that allows an invasion of not just "refugees" from the middle east, but Central America as well?  Y E S .. to the one who has the gonads to do it ... for our America.

I support this bill....I hope it passes! 

This is just great on what they just did. It is about time we put the clamps on these people who do so much havoc on us and the city. Thank God for this law.

NO NO NO--bad, bad bad bill!!!  The Dems are right on this -- although I don't agree totally with their logic, but Quezada is exactly right!!!. This is knee-jerk reaction to something that hasn't happened in AZ. The Senate is trying to legislate a possibility not a problem.  This also applies across the board to anyone and everyone who organizes a public event.  It is not specific to the people funded by Geo Soros.

This is asset forfeiture. Under racketeering the LEO's can take whatever you have of value on the spot without even giving you a ticket.The Constitution guarantees the right to "peaceably assemble"-- operative word "peaceable". Anything that isn't is the purview of the police.  Failure on their part to control rioters is their failure, not that of the organizers.  Under this bill the "Indivisible" and their 194 cousins can claim they were encouraged by the organizers. How can that be proved different?  This just gives them more ammo against the FIRST Amendment and conservative groups. 

WHO exactly are the ones who are rioting, are disruptive, are trashers and disrespectful of private or public property?? WHO is this law supposed to stop??

WHO does it stop?  It stops all conservative, right-side groups. PERIOD!!!!

Actions we have seen across the country have been allowed to happen.  There has been NO show of force by the police. Until the riot gear shows up at one of these events, it will continue.  Want to stop it in AZ?  Call the police.

Putting this under racketeering means anything you have of value can be taken from you. Your car, your jewelry, your cash-- anything, and no, you don't have to have a trial. Your trial will cost you tens of thousands of dollars to defend your right to assembly and prove you had no "intent" to cause a riot.  Does that work???    Who do you think they will go after?  The Indivisibles who get a paycheck from Soros?--what are LEO's going to do --garnish their wages??  OR will they go after YOU because you have a house, property, investments, 401K, Social Security.....

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

This is your time to speak out -- STOP THIS BILL!!!


Believe me its a good Bill. We heard about it before it was in the AFA a few nights ago. The people behind it, knows what they are doing. Great Job ! Thank you one and all.

Really?? It is unconstitutional.  Have you ever organized a public event???  Would you if you thought that just maybe you would lose everything you own because you spoke your mind??  How will this stop anything EXCEPT those who obey the law??

what other of your "inalienable rights" are you willing to give up??

We already have laws for disturbing the peace, assault, damaging property.  There is no need to punish law abiding people.

This is exactly right:

"Quezada said, though, that everything that constitutes rioting already is a crime, ranging from assault to criminal damage, and those responsible can be individually prosecuted. He said the purpose of this bill appears to be designed to chill the First Amendment rights of people to decide to demonstrate in the first place for fear something could go wrong."

If ... "We the people" ... desire to wait until the police arrive to confront this evil by way of a "peaceful protesting" gone violent ... then we are at the political whim of the superiors within that police department. The leaders of the police are political appointees ... NOT those who are elected, therefore they control the responses. Police standing around doing nothing as businesses are destroyed is lawlessness. The purpose of any Law is to make UN-lawful an act that gives such unrest a judicial consequence. Laws are not for the law abiding, but for those who would violate them. The glass half-full ... is still a glass ... that can break.  I'm not in favor of any "limiting" our Constitutional rights at all, but just where does that right appear when it is our democratic (mob rule) government that has placed the sovereign individual in their grasp by debt, by decree, by confiscation of our Unalienable rights under our Constitution?  Our problem lies with our nations moral fiber of appeasement and not wanting to "offend".  

Just because we have speeding laws, doesn't mean you will speed down the road .. does it?  





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