Editor: You might remember we claimed the reason AZGOP was losing in court was because they were chasing the wrong tail.  First they wanted a recount by precinct.  Well, we don't vote by precinct anymore so imagine sorting nearly 1500 precincts into the ballots from one that precinct.  It would take a battery of people working around the clock to do that.  Bad move but is the very reason we need to get back to precinct voting.  The second lawsuit sought to review 2500 votes.  Too little to prove anything.  But they finally found a valid reason to sue:

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward said she’s filing an appeal with the state’s Supreme Court to challenge the certification of the Nov. 3 election results.

Ward told local station KTAR-TV that she filed an appeal with the Arizona Supreme Court on Dec. 4 to reverse the state’s certification. The court confirmed that it received her appeal on Monday, saying it would decide the matter without an oral argument, the news outlet reported.

It came after a Maricopa County judge ruled that Ward’s petition failed to prove any fraud occurred when she tried to challenge the results in the county, which includes Phoenix.

On Nov. 30, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich signed off on Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’ certification of the election results. All three officials said they have seen no evidence of fraud that would overturn the election results in the state.

The GOP’s lawsuit pertains to Maricopa County, which Democrat Joe Biden won by 45,000 votes, according to state election data. Biden, according to the data, is leading Trump by about 10,457 votes in Arizona.

Ward, in a Twitter post on Monday, wrote that the ballot rejection rate for mail-in ballots in Maricopa County is unusual.

“Almost 2 MILLION absentee/early ballots returned in Maricopa Co & only 600 were rejected for signature mismatch. SIX HUNDRED. Why pretend to check?” she said.

In a video posted on Twitter, Ward said the Maricopa County judge, Randall Warner, was acting under a “self-imposed deadline,” prompting the GOP’s appeal to the state’s highest court.

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Folks when will all registered republicans get the message that many representatives we have voted into ofc "ain't serving their constituency". Past time to vote smart.

Appreciate that Ward is challenging. I am not I must say very hopeful. 5 of the Justices were appointed by Ducey the other 2 by Brewer. Will they judge by loyalty to the melting ice cream man?

The very fact that the Gov and the AG could stand at a microphone and declare that there was no evidence of voter fraud is beyond disgusting, but, would support the very strong suggestion that RINO's have invaded the State - and have declared Dominion over the land.  When they say that they saw no evidence of fraud that would overturn the election results - they are simply saying that the bribe was big enough to ignore it.  the only other possibility is that both have a really disgusting closet where the skeletons are kept.  Why di we ever elect these two and the rest of the RINO's, like Bowers, who can't resist the smell of money, power and control.  Sellouts - all of them, especially the failed Ice Cream salesman - douchey.





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