[Editor: This is a very controversial topic.  Some very good people have fought hard to make this  happen. Some very good people think it is a disaster and opens the door for democrats to pass all kinds of new un-Constitutional Amendments.  There is an excellent book on this matter if you would like to know more: Rule of Law, Dustin Romney and we are sure there are others.  We are taking no official position on this.]

Yesterday afternoon, Arizona made history by becoming the ninth state to pass the Convention of States resolution to propose amendments that limit federal power.

House Representative Don Shooter proudly stated,"Arizona once again leads the way for the restoration of the American dream. If the people's rights are to be restored it will once again be through the states, not the federal government..."

This hard-fought victory was only possible because of the combined efforts of engaged citizens and steadfast legislators who believe that now is the time for the states to unite and tame the federal monster.

With Arizona leading the way in the 2017 legislative season, we expect many more states to follow suit in the coming weeks.

Right now, we urgently need your help so that we can fully take advantage of this momentum and usher more states across the finish line.

This is a time sensitive matter.

Twenty-eight states are currently considering the Convention of States resolution with votes pending.

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Repeal the 17th amendment.  'Changes' like a 'balanced budget amendment' Congress can circumvent; Term limits which would only apply to the 'new guys'...Giving the individual states representation in the Senate, as intended by the Constitution would alleviate 90% of the problems.

Correct. What ever office in the land can one enter as a "rookie" then leave as a millionaire on only $174,000 per year? Add to that the full lifetime benefits after servicing as a "representative" or "senator" for only 5 years? Where does that happen ... only in our Congress ... paid for with our tax dollars!

IMHO term limits would be a good solution. Perhaps, merit pay? I think if there were term limits then it should apply to everyone. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you had to say. As far as I'm concerned when our Constitution was originally written, the framers intended for those who worked in our government after their job was finished, they would return home & go back to the jobs that they had before they came to Washington. Right now we are inundated with career politicians & one that comes to mind immediately would be John McCain.I realize that AZ wants to be a red state; however,is it worth having this man & his actions in our congress is Washington, D.C.? I think the last I saw of him was when he having a hissy fit with Rand Paul. I have lost track of people that have written to me asking why we still had this old fool in our congress. I am not so critical about John McCain's age, but how he is handling himself. Isn't there some way that we could make a mandatory age that someone could be in our congress(even with term limts)?Seems to me that everyone has gotten carried away with themselves. They are elected to an office, they go to congress, & then they get greedy b/c they are able to make more money than they had ever thought they would. It's a sickness...they stay in congress as long as possible & then they return home or elsewhere . Where they get a wonderful pension & live a comfortable life until they pass away. And all while the tax payers are paying for their comfortable lives.

Jennifer: IMO there are two ways to ever get term limits: 1. We have to have an honest Congress (Bwaahaaa) or the CoS.  Congress is NEVER going to vote themselves term limits even though that was the original in tent of the Founding Fathers and rightly expressed by Pres. George Washington.  We don't have any George Washington's in the Congress and haven't for decades. Public pressure is the only way but what are the chances of getting the bulk of the public to press for that?  Remember Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond. In their 90's in the Senate.  UGH! And right now: They are propping Thad Cochran (MS I think) and guiding his finger to the right voting button. He's become a characterization of a Senator. McCain paid democrats to vote for him over the very conservative young man who out-polled Cochran.


I do agree with you. However, I was under the impression that term limits could go into affect if our president would write am executive order. I can remember Robert Byrd how he was dragged up the steps of congress in the winter in his wheelchair. It was disgusting b/c the Dems would not stop at anything to get one more vote.And Bryd was always so angry b/c his sleep had been interrupted or for some other reason.Here he could have retired to a warmer climate & still get his same pay & be comfortable.Strom Thurmond was another pathetic older person that it was as though he was bound & determined to stay in congress until his last day. Didn't Byrd die while he was still in office? As far as John McCain, I personally do not like the man b/c I think his whole background has been blown out of proportion. In addition,he has done things that were against his own state & party. He now has his own clone, Jeff Flake, that tends to be McCain's shadow. I have been getting e-mails from him as well as many snail mails. i just tear up what he sends or if it's an e-mail, I send it back to him.If the congress has to vote for their own term limits, then I can see why it would be a cold day 'in you know where' when they would do that. And,unfortunately we do not have any George Washington's in our congress & as time passes, I doubt if we ever will. :(

I'm,afraid I must disagree with Rep. Shooter and the rest of our Republican House and Senate Members that voted for the Convention of States.  One of the viewpoints that opponents of the COS put forward is that it basically calls for an open convention.  In other words, If proponents of the COS are able to get enough other states to pass their legislation the Convention will be a runaway convention and no one knows what mischief will be achieved.  The three purposes for the COS convention are so broad that just about any type of amendment can be proposed.  If proponents think that everything proposed will be in accord with the founding Fathers' thinking they need to study the matter further.  Too bad they fell for this deceptive, feel-good idea.  Fortunately, several other states have declined to go along with this bad idea.

TP is spot on with his assessment.   This action is not necessary and has every possibility of destroying our republic.  

Ron Thompson you said: “This action is not necessary and has every possibility of destroying our republic.” The COS is the best and only solution to keep our REPUBLIC. Just ask Mrs. Powell.

The key to information is KNOWLEDGE of what we have in the Constitution. It is those "principle leaders" of such a convention that want to use this as a control mechanism of us. What makes any rational mind think that they who have the power and control over us will willingly give up that control by all this? This is a sham in the name of control OVER THEM ...  who put us into this mess in the first place !! The vote, and judicial impeachment, is the only way to reign in this corruption of OUR government. Throw out bad judges, and learn from history.

Is not the source of all power from GOD?  Is not the source of wisdom also from GOD?  Over the last 104 years the exercise of the vote has led America to the brink of socialism.  Cleaning out the swamp in Washington D.C. by only reliance upon the vote will never accomplish the goal of removing the oligarchy control of the federal government.  We the people cannot vote replacements fast enough.

However, I am all in favor of some judges being impeached and term limits.  I do not have the details but do believe lower court judges have been removed in the past for failure to meet the requirements of the position.

to: Thomas Paine you say;

The three purposes for the COS convention are so broad that just about any type of amendment can be proposed.” That is totally incorrect and not true. You are either ill informed or you [are mistaken]. The COS resolution is a single subject state convention call for the purpose to propose amendments requiring state to ratification. Only amendments to limit federal government can be proposed. You say: “basically calls for an open convention; again not true. It is a convention to propose amendments and only the 50 states can attend and cast ONE vote per state on proposals.

It all becomes academic once you read this.

We Already have the Power   Be aware that the current COS (Convention of the States) movement is a fraud. The following videos point this out in great detail. We don't need to change the US Constitution, We need to follow it.

The Left is behind COS. know doubt about it.



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