If you are reading this, you likely spent most of your summer collecting signatures to put OBrewercare medicaid expansion on the ballot.  To refresh your memory, or if you are new to the process, Brewer passed an Obamacare expansion of medicaid that will add 300,000-500,000 people to the ACCCHS medical welfare system here in Arizona.  She imposed a new bed tax on sick people to pay for it, illegally, and passed this at 3am at the end of the Legislative session.  Check elsewhere in this section for more information.

In response, you braved the heat of summer to go door to door to get signatures on the petition.  You stood on street corners, attended every gun show, festival, event, baseball game; you went up and down streets going in and out of small businesses.  Some of you were verbally assaulted by the goons hired by the Governor to stop you.

If you are a Precinct Committeeman, the heart of a political party, you in your district voted nearly unanimously for a resolution asking the Governor NOT to pass this mess of a bill.  But the Governor thumbed her nose at you.  Her advisors, who reportedly are lobbyists for the hospital system and stand to make lots of money on this expansion, were way more important to her than the Arizona Constitution, taxpayers or the Republican Party platform, the guiding document for Republicans that Gov. Brewer claims to be.

AZGOP Chair Robert Graham would not take a position on the petition drive.  He, too, is required to follow the party platform over partisan politics.  He SHOULD have sided with the platform the same as you were doing in fighting this expansion. That is why there is a platform.  He didn't do that, either! Perhaps he preferred to upset thousands of Precinct Committeemen than one Governor!

On Friday, many of us were shocked to see this from Chairman Graham:

"Happy Birthday to Governor Jan Brewer!

"There's a lot of good news to report about Arizona lately, and while many people share the credit, we especially have to thank Governor Jan Brewer. But first, we wish her a very Happy Birthday! Visit her Facebook page to like, comment, or share."

In deference to the hundreds of hard working patriots pounding the pavement, he should have stopped right after "Happy Birthday to Governor Brewer."  That was entirely appropriate.  But, this effusive tribute to the Governor, who has done tremendous harm to the taxpayers of Arizona with her nocturnal pressure on the Legislature, was over the top and puts a thumb in the eyes of the citizens who worked so hard, sacrificed their summer, gave up family events and all the rest to gather signatures to stop OBrewercare.  

And let's not forget - Brewer just paid off the Republican Legislators to the tune of at least $100,000 each for voting with her to pass the expansion.  In Chicago, they call that bribery!  It's bribery in Arizona, too.

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OMG.  The PCs voted overwhelmingly to elect Graham to be the Chair of the Arizona Republican party and he turned his back on them?  The voters elected the governor and she certainly turned her back on us.  Out with the both of them.  To quote Shakespeare: "Out, out, damn spot."

Not me, I'd gotten the 'word'  he is the money man...no principles...we were told....again follow the $$$

(a) follow the money (b) watch he will 'run' for something and brewer will add her name as support.  The 'good ole boys' network...

Where did Brewer get $1,500,000 for this generous contribution?

AFA reported earlier that one of the big hospital people, Vanguard Health Systems' Reg Ballantyne, held a fundraiser at his swank Paradise Valley home.  All the other well-heeled hospital administrators, board members, etc, showed up at this pricey event.  Word is that many of them threw in extra cash to bring the fundraising up to where it needed to be to make good on the Governor's promise.  The Governor, of course, was the 'host' and keynote speaker at this event.  Bribery is more expensive these days!

Will we ever get the stench of McCain and his money out of this party?  It seems that many of the people we think are vetted as real conservatives turn and crap on the Tea Party the first chance they get to suck up to the elites.  It's time for us to be a lot more careful about who we expend our time, effort and money for!

In case anyone was wondering, I have always been a Constitutional Conservative first and a Republican second.



I don't want to be one of those "I told you so guys, but I told you so." And Timothy Schwartz castigated me as did Bob Thomas and several others. 


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I listened - didn't vote for O'Graham (or McGraham).

Welcome to our world!!  The slightest vetting would have revealed the facts but for whatever reason, folks were sold out already and didn't want to know!  Some still don't get it.





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