There are three Republican candidates in the contentious race for the CD1 Republican nomination to run against Tom O'Halleran (D) in November.  It's been some time since a Republican held that seat and it's an important seat to grab for the Rs.

This is likely one of two extremely combative races we are seeing this election.  It appears there is not enough mud to sling for some of them.  

The candidates:  Wendy Rogers, Tiffany Shedd, Senator Steve Smith

Wendy Rogers has run for LD17 Senate in 2010, CD9 in 2012, CD9 in 2014, CD1 in 2016 and CD1 in 2018.  So far, she has struck out 100% of the time.  This makes her an official gadfly candidate.  She is not a resident in CD1 but lives in CD9.  Rumor has it she may have rented an apartment in CD1 for political purposes, which you may have heard.  However, we cannot confirm that.

Wendy claims that she is a staunch Trump supporter. However, she was a bundler for Jeb Bush and an advisor until Bush was pushed from the race.  It's hard to imagine anyone who supported Bush so enthusiasticly could be sold out for Trump who is as far as it gets from Bush ideologically.  She claims she has been the continuous leader in the CD1 race.  That is false.  She ran a poll designed to get that result but it was not a legitimate poll.  This is not unusual, but it is deceitful.  She has, in fact, run in second place from the beginning but she has started to close the gap recently.  That could be due to the specious ads she is running on radio in all local markets in CD1, mailers sent out and emails sent with the same message.  The ads depict CD1 leader, Senator Steve Smith, as a sexual pervert.  The radio ads suggest he and his employer, an agency that supplies models, including kids, for tv ads, fashion shows and local events, as sex traffickers of children and engaging in child porn.  She tags him as SlimySteve! Since Smith is elected from a democrat stronghold, wouldn't that info have come out previsouly if true? There is not a shred of evidence to back up such accusations just four weeks before the August 28 Primary day.  She knows, as we all do, that it is a safe bet, since it gives the accused no time to recover.  More on Smith later. This is not the first time she has stooped to such tactics.  She did something similar to Sheriff Paul Babue in 2016.  In that race, she tagged Babeu as Sleazy.   We often look at a candidate's record and her record is to run continuously for a decade and using dirty tactics in hopes of winning.  One of our members asked if she wins, would she be accepted by others in Congress after such, to use her words, sleazy slimy tactics?

Candidate two is Tiffany Shedd.  Shedd has been AWOL in Republican politics until now.  She did not participate in the election of President Trump, no trace of her involvement.  The leadership of AZRA was tapped to handle Trump's campaign headquarters in the Presidential Primary.  She was nowhere there or at the Trump Tucson office.  Her tv ads reveal her platform as I'm not slinging at my opponents.  She's not!  At a recent forum of all three candidates, they were asked if they would join the Freedom Caucus if elected and invited.  She said NO.  We thought that was odd so we asked around.  She doesn't seem wed to the party in which she runs... Republicans.  A candidate volunteer planted a sign for a conservative Republican candidate on a rural road in CD1.  Shedd owns many acres of farmland along that road in Pinal County.  The sign was all or partially on her property along the roadside.  She removed it.  Sure, she had a right to do that but the candidate was not running against her, so why would she not want to allow a simple sign on a tiny bit of property in support of a fellow Repubican?  It could not be because she didn't want people to think she supported the candidate since few knew that the sign was on her property.  But, that could be because Shedd is the McCain candidate.  Her fundraiser is a McCain fundraiser seeking funding from McCain donors.  Her "consultant" is none other that Jonathan Seaton, Meridian Consultants.  Seaton is a long time employee of McCain and helped him purge conservatives from the party.  McCain donors are paying for her TV ads. Seaton is also the shadow manager of AZGOP, owned and operated by McCain operatives.  Her only record is her FEC report and the info above was pulled from that report.  We can't imagine the she could be a conservative with her connection to McCain and McCain's guys would not be working for a conservative, either.  To the contrary, McCain & Co. actively work against all conservatives.

Senator Steve Smith has consistently been ranked very highly as a conservative in our state legislature by American Conservative Union and also ranked Champion of the Taxpayer by Americans for Prosperity.  He has a 100% ranking by Center for Arizona Policy, a champion of parents and families, while he has a 0%-20% ranking in that category by Planned Parenthood, 0% for the Sierra Club!  The NRA also ranks him 93%-100% on gun rights.  Smith has been endorsed by the AZ Border Patrol that rarely ever endorses, Senator Ted Cruz, Rep. Jim Jordon, Rep. Andy Biggs, Rep. Mark Meadows (Chairman of Freedom Caucus), former state Treasurer and COO for the Trump campaign, Jeff DeWit and David Bossie, Trump Deputy Campaign Manager.  Some complain that Smith supported Ted Cruz during the Presidential Primary but he did switch to Trump shortly after Trump announced and supports his America First agenda.  Plus, Cruz is a conservative himself.

Smith does have a legitimate political record on which to run.  He has served in both the AZ House and AZ Senate.  While not perfect, as no candidate is, he has a sterling record of voting for we the people.  Interestingly, when Smith first ran for the legislature, he competed against a democrat from a family that had contolled legislative seats in that area for decades.  The seat has been in Republican hands ever since.  Could he use the same methods to defeat O'Halleran in CD1 in 2018?  Since pictures are worth a 1000 words, here is more about Smith's Contract with AZ CD1:

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Several of my buddies in Pinal county have heard the Rogers ads.  They say they are nasty.  This should be beneath republicans because we get so much of that from the dems.  No one should vote for her but they are probably working. Crappy.

This campaign season appears to have brought out the worst behavior many candidates, sleazy PACs, the McCainite machine could muster. The AZGOP plus county GOPs try and cloke their behaviors in the mess unsuccessfully I might add for truly informed peoples see their trail of garbage. We are among the minority and 'they' know this.

Who loses in all of this? Casualties our state, county and in the local. Voters, we the peoples and our Republic.

The politician sells their soul for the swamp.

Wendy Rogers hasn’t denied having supported Jeb Bush when he was a candidate for president.  But she quickly changed her position after being asked to introduce candidate Donald Trump. That was the end of her support for Jeb. I have no respect for the Bush family, but how many of us can truthfully say we DIDN’T vote for the last two Bush presidents? Does that make you a non-supporter of President Trump? Smith was a supporter of Cruz as many of us were too. Does that disqualify him from supporting President Trump’s agenda? Only he knows. What I’m more concerned about is that Smith is responsible for SB1519 and nothing he can say or do will make it not so. Please read the following article - s/2018/08/15/arizona-Doug-duce y-wont-budge-on-crown-jewel- of-gun-legislation/

 It describes SB1519 and many of it's' failures. Speaker of the House Mesnard, GOP House leadership and the Chair of the Judiciary Committee Eddie Farnsworth would NOT even hear the bill due to many Civil Rights violations in it. SB 1519 was run for Governor Ducey by Senator Steve Smith. He owns it. Please consider long and hard before you vote for anyone who supported bills like SB1519 or ENDORSED those that did because it is the greatest attack on your rights in years.  AZCDL describes SB1519, "egregious threat to our liberties.” Read SB1519 with your Bill of Rights handy., but read it from its inception. Smith makes False Reporting a felony on one page then makes an anonymous tip line on another. Then tries to go around our legal system and make a way to detain you with no charges or chance for bail for what should be chargeable offenses and call your arrest a "Civil Commitment.” In my opinion, that’s closer to kidnapping.  Why would they want to avoid Due Process? Why would anyone endorse anyone that doesn’t give a damn about our Constitution?   Truth is often painful in any manner. As for me and my house, we would vote for Wendy Rogers in a heartbeat. If not Rogers then Shedd.

I can truthfully say I did not vote for Bush #1. It was apparent even then he was a globalist.  I don't remember voting for Bush #2 the first time he ran but did the second time because who could vote for Kerry or Gore?  When there are idiots running, there is little choice.  That is the difference. There were 17 candidates to choose from in the primary and she chooses the worst one? And bundles donations for him? And serves in his campaign in some higher capacity than just volunteer? Which means she did not "quickly" jump on the trump train.  In fact, many who supported Cruz and Rubio and others saw quickly Trump was a winner.  I was a Walker fan myself but even I could see he didn't hold a candle to Trump.  Most all of us reading this can say truthfully, we did not support Jeb.  Cruz was a damn site better than Bush. Everyone supported a candidate other than Trump in the beginning and Cruz was doing pretty well.  I know Smith supported that bill and everyone makes some mistakes but he did take out some really bad stuff I heard.  Republicans are one-issue voters.  If someone has voted right 100 times and wrong 2-3, they are bums.  That is our problem. No perspective.  Smith does have a great conservative record over all, I went to Vote Smart and looked it up.  Rogers is a terrible person to accuse him of being a sex pervert. That crosses a big line about her character. No one i know even believes that but sees her as the creep she is.  What she is doing is dishonest, end of story.  Smith's one bill out of dozens is a problem. Do you think he learned a lesson from that?  Rogers didn't and hasn't and dozens have called her unfit, law enforcement, Rep Andy Biggs, Rep Jordon, all very conservative. She doubled down and refuses to retract false pernicious accusations she knows is WRONG. Imagine if she is so dishonest now, how will she be when faced with the swamp twirling money under her nose?  Let me count the ways. And now you are saying a Mccain candidate is better than a strong conservative that made a mistake? OMG!

Wendy jumped on the Trump train much, much sooner than Smith. Whether Cruz, Rubio, or any of the others were a damn site better, I must agree. However, not everyone agrees with you and me. And that is a good thing. Back then we were all raising money or bundling if you want to put it that way for our candidate of choice. Was Wendy not entitled to those same rights you and I were enjoying if that’s what she was doing? I have no problem with that. As to one issue voters, I am not one of those. But when someone who should know better than to write a stupid bill as 1519 that will strip me of some of my freedoms afforded me through the Bill of Rights, I don’t care what else he or she has done. In my opinion, there is nothing so egregious as taking away my liberty. That is where I draw the line and I will defend that line come hell or high water. To vote for someone who would do that, in my opinion, is very dangerous. Given more power, one never knows what he or she will do.  I personally don’t care what CAREER  politicians have to say one way or the other or what others have called her or anyone else. Am I suppose to give them my power? No way!  I ask God each night to guide me because I don't know my way around without Him. I must trust in Him and no other. Right now He says "don't waver" and that's the way I must go.  Have a very blessed good night.

Sorry, lying to win an election by trying to ruin another candidate is just what is so wrong with our society today.  Do anything necessary to get what you want. This woman clearly has no boundaries and no low for which she is not willing to stoop. She will never represent me because her behavior is unforgivable. I doubt God is telling anyone how to vote but if He was, I don't think it would be for a person who lies with impunity.  Lying is a sin.  Writing a bad bill isn't Just sayin'

Sorry, Pat. The apostle James would not agree with you about lying.

James 4:17 New King James Version (NKJV)

17 Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.

That is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Had is on my email for a long time. Nowhere in the Bible does it refer to lying as OK.  In fact, Pat J is right. Lying is not doing good.  Lying is a sin.  Doing good means what it says, do a good thing every chance you get.  Attempting to ruin a families life to win an election or any other feat is far from doing good and very far from James 4:17.  In this instant, doing good would be to use ethical and honest ads and messages to persuade voters to your side.  Gutter sniping doesn't fall into that category.  Round 2 goes to Pat J.

I see this as a crisis of character on the part of Wendy Rogers. We yell, we scream for more moral candidates and then one does this and suddenly, oh, it's not so bad.  This is the very kind of rumor that can linger for a lifetime, destroying lives along the way.  It is totally unaccepted and every conservative should be able to see that.

Shedd is also not a consideration with her connections with mccain. Information on an FEC report is to be believed.

I'm sorry Smith ran that bill and I wonder what was behind that but yes, it was definitely a mistake but hardly a crisis of character and would not ruin anyone elses life.  Fortunately it didn't go anywhere.

I do not think most have an attitude "not so bad". I am thankful that I do not have to choose any one of the 3 candidates.

I do not lay judgements on folks for the lines in the sand they must draw.

I drew a line in the sand in 2016. I did not cast a vote for McCain in the primary and nor could I vote for him in the general it was a "bridge too far". I wrote in the name of the candidate I wanted for senator.

There is Jaspersgoat a crisis of character and moral and ethical compass broken for many politicians. I draw my lines in the sand, use some pragmatic thinking that would keep a democrat from winning and most timse its the best I and others can  do.

If all that Wendy has exposed is factual, then Smith also is lacking in character. 

IF?  IF?  No one should put out such trash IF....  That alone shows a lack of morals and character. Where's the proof?  IF???  You attempt to ruin someone IF?  Not sufficient.



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