There are three Republican candidates in the contentious race for the CD1 Republican nomination to run against Tom O'Halleran (D) in November.  It's been some time since a Republican held that seat and it's an important seat to grab for the Rs.

This is likely one of two extremely combative races we are seeing this election.  It appears there is not enough mud to sling for some of them.  

The candidates:  Wendy Rogers, Tiffany Shedd, Senator Steve Smith

Wendy Rogers has run for LD17 Senate in 2010, CD9 in 2012, CD9 in 2014, CD1 in 2016 and CD1 in 2018.  So far, she has struck out 100% of the time.  This makes her an official gadfly candidate.  She is not a resident in CD1 but lives in CD9.  Rumor has it she may have rented an apartment in CD1 for political purposes, which you may have heard.  However, we cannot confirm that.

Wendy claims that she is a staunch Trump supporter. However, she was a bundler for Jeb Bush and an advisor until Bush was pushed from the race.  It's hard to imagine anyone who supported Bush so enthusiasticly could be sold out for Trump who is as far as it gets from Bush ideologically.  She claims she has been the continuous leader in the CD1 race.  That is false.  She ran a poll designed to get that result but it was not a legitimate poll.  This is not unusual, but it is deceitful.  She has, in fact, run in second place from the beginning but she has started to close the gap recently.  That could be due to the specious ads she is running on radio in all local markets in CD1, mailers sent out and emails sent with the same message.  The ads depict CD1 leader, Senator Steve Smith, as a sexual pervert.  The radio ads suggest he and his employer, an agency that supplies models, including kids, for tv ads, fashion shows and local events, as sex traffickers of children and engaging in child porn.  She tags him as SlimySteve! Since Smith is elected from a democrat stronghold, wouldn't that info have come out previsouly if true? There is not a shred of evidence to back up such accusations just four weeks before the August 28 Primary day.  She knows, as we all do, that it is a safe bet, since it gives the accused no time to recover.  More on Smith later. This is not the first time she has stooped to such tactics.  She did something similar to Sheriff Paul Babue in 2016.  In that race, she tagged Babeu as Sleazy.   We often look at a candidate's record and her record is to run continuously for a decade and using dirty tactics in hopes of winning.  One of our members asked if she wins, would she be accepted by others in Congress after such, to use her words, sleazy slimy tactics?

Candidate two is Tiffany Shedd.  Shedd has been AWOL in Republican politics until now.  She did not participate in the election of President Trump, no trace of her involvement.  The leadership of AZRA was tapped to handle Trump's campaign headquarters in the Presidential Primary.  She was nowhere there or at the Trump Tucson office.  Her tv ads reveal her platform as I'm not slinging at my opponents.  She's not!  At a recent forum of all three candidates, they were asked if they would join the Freedom Caucus if elected and invited.  She said NO.  We thought that was odd so we asked around.  She doesn't seem wed to the party in which she runs... Republicans.  A candidate volunteer planted a sign for a conservative Republican candidate on a rural road in CD1.  Shedd owns many acres of farmland along that road in Pinal County.  The sign was all or partially on her property along the roadside.  She removed it.  Sure, she had a right to do that but the candidate was not running against her, so why would she not want to allow a simple sign on a tiny bit of property in support of a fellow Repubican?  It could not be because she didn't want people to think she supported the candidate since few knew that the sign was on her property.  But, that could be because Shedd is the McCain candidate.  Her fundraiser is a McCain fundraiser seeking funding from McCain donors.  Her "consultant" is none other that Jonathan Seaton, Meridian Consultants.  Seaton is a long time employee of McCain and helped him purge conservatives from the party.  McCain donors are paying for her TV ads. Seaton is also the shadow manager of AZGOP, owned and operated by McCain operatives.  Her only record is her FEC report and the info above was pulled from that report.  We can't imagine the she could be a conservative with her connection to McCain and McCain's guys would not be working for a conservative, either.  To the contrary, McCain & Co. actively work against all conservatives.

Senator Steve Smith has consistently been ranked very highly as a conservative in our state legislature by American Conservative Union and also ranked Champion of the Taxpayer by Americans for Prosperity.  He has a 100% ranking by Center for Arizona Policy, a champion of parents and families, while he has a 0%-20% ranking in that category by Planned Parenthood, 0% for the Sierra Club!  The NRA also ranks him 93%-100% on gun rights.  Smith has been endorsed by the AZ Border Patrol that rarely ever endorses, Senator Ted Cruz, Rep. Jim Jordon, Rep. Andy Biggs, Rep. Mark Meadows (Chairman of Freedom Caucus), former state Treasurer and COO for the Trump campaign, Jeff DeWit and David Bossie, Trump Deputy Campaign Manager.  Some complain that Smith supported Ted Cruz during the Presidential Primary but he did switch to Trump shortly after Trump announced and supports his America First agenda.  Plus, Cruz is a conservative himself.

Smith does have a legitimate political record on which to run.  He has served in both the AZ House and AZ Senate.  While not perfect, as no candidate is, he has a sterling record of voting for we the people.  Interestingly, when Smith first ran for the legislature, he competed against a democrat from a family that had contolled legislative seats in that area for decades.  The seat has been in Republican hands ever since.  Could he use the same methods to defeat O'Halleran in CD1 in 2018?  Since pictures are worth a 1000 words, here is more about Smith's Contract with AZ CD1:

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Just for the record, SB1519 passed in the AZ senate 17-13. Every Republican voted YES, every Democrat voted NO.

It failed because it was held in the house.

Yes, as has been said,it went nowhere. This is the way gov should work.  Cooler heads to stave off a bad law.

Might I insert a comment here, please?  My dear friend up north, who just loves politics and pays tremendous attention to things, told me way back in the first week or so of June that Ms. Rogers' was already putting her signs up.  Oh, I do know that one may not put up signs until 60 days before the election day.  I suppose it is too minor for authorities to pay attention to and I do appreciate that.  I believe that also goes to character, does it not?  Oh, no, I believe Ms. Rogers has a bit of a problem with proper behavior.

We were waiting for Wendy's signs to come in and they were recieve by her after the date to start putting them up. So actually we started late

No reason for anyone to say they saw her signs unless they did.  Esp several weeks ago when this was not even an issue. With the low moral fibre of this person, she probably was putting out the ones left over from her first run in CD9 or even in CD1 x 2   That would be my guess.

Two questions that could be answered with a simply yes or no:  i) has Steve Smith advertised on the  Model Mayhem website and ii)  is he affiliated with the Young Agency?  The posting asserts--regarding Rogers' accusations--that "There is not a shred of evidence to back up such accusations."

Smith's bio on the legislature's webpage, states that "he is currently the Director of a Phoenix-based Talent Agency. " .  Note that the "Talent Agency" is not named.

Ballotpedia,, states that his "professional experience includes running a talent agency" but again the agency is unnamed. 

How is this to be explained?  Is this or is this not a Steve Smith advertisement on Model Mayhem which presents him as an agent for the "Young Agency?"

I'll not detail some of the titillating and suggestive pictures of models on the Young Agency website.  They may be explored here: by clicking on the models tab.  Similarly, I won't detail the Model Mayhem website but it may be explored here,

I am not pleased with the way in which Rogers handled this; however, there is more than a "shred" of evidence to support her allegations.  Why does Smith not name the agency with which he is associated?  

This is reminiscent of Donna Carlson-West and her stint in the legislature back in the 1980s.  She had an impeccable voting record and was the darling of the conservatives; however, in a subsequent divorce, many unsavory details of her character emerged.

Like Donna Carlson, Smith has a good voting record; however his links to Model Mayhem and the Young Agency do call for a question of his character, especially when juxtaposed against the banner on his campaign website, "God, Family, Country."

Again, Rogers' handling of this leaves much to be desired.  Far better that this be exposed and dealt with now rather than in the general election.  Smith could put this to bed by simply stating that he has never advertised with Model Mayhem and that he has no connection with the Young Agency.  That he has not done so speaks volumes.

I know quite a few people scattered around that district.  they all swear by him and they are familiar with the talent agency where he works. They supply models for various events around Pinal county from kids to adults.  My buddies border on stuffy and I feel certain if there was a whiff of scandal they would know and would not be supporting him.

I live in CD-1.  I have examined the websites I referenced.  Did you look at them or simply rely on acquaintances who "swear by him and...are familiar with the talent agency where he works?"  

The websites and their content speak for themselves and should be examined before making any conclusions.  They do indeed contain photographs that are most provocative.  

Yes, Vaquero, I did just rely on the opinions of those who have known him and his company for many years.  He lives in a small community.  It's hard to keep this type of stuff quiet.  As stated in the article, he has run for public office against democrats and don't you think they would have brought this out if true? They lost and they would surely do their oppo research on this.  But only Rogers can find it?  Sorry, have to apply common sense to this.  Rogers stooped way too low on this and this is par for the course for her. She's got a reputation of falling over the line of decency to win an election. I hope it doesn't work.

Running for the state legislature is a far cry from a congressional bid.  Opposition research is something he likely has never faced.

Why don't you go to the web links I provided, take a look and then give me your opinion?   Why has Smith not identified the agency with which he is associated, neither on his legislative bio nor on ballotpedia?

As originally stated, I do not like the way in which Rogers handled this; however, it certainly appears there are problems and they need faced now, not in the general.  Ignoring the websites is a bit pollyannaish.  

Thinking.  "Running for the legislature is a far cry." yep, but that district had belonged to the democrats forever. So I think the dems would surely do oppo research to win that seat and keep the dynasty alive.  I've seen the name of the agency somewhere, maybe here on this site.  I don't think it is a secret. But I do wonder why you, Vaquero, who desperately wants Smith to id his agency but you don't id yourself, are so determined to indict Smith?  Yes, i know, you aren't running for anything but you are very hyped up about this.  Shedd (McCain) supporter?

Let me provide some perspective.  In Smith's last bid for the District 11 Senate, he spent $42,000--you can check it out on the Secretary of State's website.

For the primary in CD 1, he has raised $430,000 and spent $155,000 according to the FEC website.  This data is not current and does not include what he will raise and spend should he win the primary.  Nationally, the average winning house seat for the 2016 election cycle cost over $1.3 million!  A legislative seat in AZ is a far cry from a house seat.

I do not "desperately" want Smith to "id his agency."  I know the name as I did some research; however, it is curious that he--a congressional candidate--has not been more transparent.  This will come back to bite him in the general should he win.  It is equally curious that his apologists in this discussion seem to dismiss his agency connections and whether indeed there are soft-core pornographic images on the agency website.

Your suggestions that I should ID myself and am a McCain supporter is beyond ludicrous.  This is an anonymous discussion board and few participants--yourself included--use a real name, nor should they in an era of government spying.  



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