A Republican form of government means that citizens elect representatives to pass and enforce laws that they wish to live with every day to have a "normal life.  The USA was formed in 1789 with by representatives for the 13 original stand alone sovereign States US that negotiated the Constitution for "We the People".

These states already had the three branches of government in place for their citizens, each had their own State's Constitutions by which it's citizens would be governed.

In nearly all states these were elected positions,:

1.  Body Politic --We the People   we set the rules by who they elect and keep in office.

2.  Executive---Governor

3.  Legislative--Legislators

4.  Judicial --Judges at various levels

 If this were a cake it would now have four layers  we citizens set the rules but then we have to live by them--hence an orderly usually peaceful existence.

The Articles of Confederation were not working, so" In Order to Form a More Perfect Union" the

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was formed as a Federal Republic by the formation of level and ratification of the another government that had some limited FEDERAL rights and responsibilities over the states and to the people (with the guarantee that the  10 amendments  (Bill of Rights) would be the first order of business.

This new layer of government also had the same 3 branches

5.  Executive--President

6.  Legislative  US House of Representatives (for We the People) and the US Senate (Senators representing their states 

7. Judicial--Judges at various federal levels

Once again We the People are to be in control by who we elect to represent us to pass the laws that govern us; we then have to abide by the rules and regulations. When things get out of whack we are then expected to push back by changing our representatives to change the rules to what the majority want while not abusing minority.   We live with what is called 7 Layer Cake Federalism.  The more layers of separatism the better protected our individual rights.

The left over the last 150-160 years is moving more and more toward Marble cake Federalism by working to do away with the separationat of layers and moving toward a Federal only system with Regional Govts that are not in any of the 51 Constitutions.

It is up to the citizens to individually work and volunteer their time and treasure to preserve their rights.WE ARE MUTUALLY PLEDGED to each other to PRESERVE THE REPUBLIC!  Please do your part to help in any election that increases CITIZEN POWER!

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