If you were on the call today, your expectations were high for a positive "YES, I'm running for Senate in Arizona as a Republican"  from Daniel McCarthy.  He said many times what "they" are doing to discourage him, but he will not be intimidated.

So is he IN?  Is he OUT?

We don't know.  He demurred and said he was not ready to make a decision!!! OY!

Tonight, we will publish a transcript of the conversation.  Look for that if you are curious.

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So Shirley this would imply that any candidate running under AZ Clean Elections and one donated $5.00 to that candidate means you signed their petition as well. A donation under Equal does not  allow for another donation to another candidate.

Confusing if a candidate does not seek AZ Clean Election funds.

My apologies.  I copied and pasted the info from our Mail Chimp, and I do not know what happened..I will hand type the info again so it does not seem like a link: 

Paper request forms available in previous elections are no longer available since they were abused.  This is how to get your signature removed so you can sign another candidates petition.  My friend Don already did it. 

If you signed a petition for a candidate and decide you should have signed another candidate's petition, YOU MUST call the Secretary of State's Elections office at 602-542-8683 to request a signature withdrawal form.  They will ask for your ID.  They will mail you the form and you must fill it out, get it notarized, and mail it back before you can sign another candidate's petition.   Hope this helps! 

Thanks now that makes more sense.

He was on a radio interview and said the same thing.. The host was getting impatient with as he failed to discuss his platform. His leads to make a decision now. Democrat Senator Cinema campaigned way ahead of McSally..

Sue Goodchild we have Cinema because you campaigned for the most polarizing candidate Joe Arpaio. 

He needs to get off the stick and decide. Time is not on his side  and the GOP will not support him. His listening tour will be just that because he is not stating any solutions to our current state of affairs. I won't be listening. Btw I contacted him early on via his FB page encouraging him to run. .  If he is truly in campaign mode I need not tell him to follow AZ Alliance for folowup

He needs to P or get off the pot. Platform is crucial as he would travel around the state for you can count of conservatives to demand a clue.

I understand the sacrifice D and his family would make as well the disruption to his business/associates.

Then there is the elite R's who will give little to no support.

There might be a + for McSally if he would run she might be forced to actually campaign. If she wins the primary then the campaigning in the primary just may help her to do what is necessary to win the general

My feeling is that the people who would vote for DM most would cast their vote for McSally should she prevail in the primary. Then it would mean heads up and boots on the ground in keeping close watch on the Maricopa Election office.





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