Now that we have two primary candidates for the U.S. Senate seat is the policy on neutrality from the republican party during the primary going to be kept in effect?  Has McSalley now or ever has been a client of Kelli Wards consultant firm?  Does this cloud the process?

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Mike, Thank you! I although from time to time certainly guilty of stirring the old crap pot without checking the facts. Each and every time a bit of looking at my own personal motivations would have saved me from embarrassment.

I am loyal to Kelli Ward -- 

Patricia, yeah, I'm a bit surprised AFA didn't do their typical diligence in screening third-party input on this one.  While the goal of a true Conservative candidate excites most of us (incl. me), and perhaps fits us with prisms for only seeing and believing a narrowed bandwidth of the information spectrum, we must be careful not to grab onto unsubstantiated speculations, as badly as we would all like to.  Once the facts are brought to light, it only ends up tarnishing the candidate his promoters are trying to help.

Well said Mike. 

Mike, I first read the article about Ward on the Rep. Briefs.  It was the same one AFA published.  It's one person's opinion, but may not be AFA's.  Good journalism leaves some things to the public to decide.  I don't remember AFA saying anything but it's disturbing.  I believe it is for this reason: the APPEARANCE of impropriety is very important.  There is certainly that appearance testified to by the questions many who have had who weighed in on this post.  Personally, I think she should step away from the business until after the primary for that very reason.  Perception is reality, even if it's wrong.

Jaspergoat, I humbly and  with respect given disagree that our Chair "step away"  during the primary season. That suggestion would only result with more ammo lobbed at her down the road.

Truth as I understand it this is a nothing-burger cooked up by those who seem to love going for blood. 

I stand with Kelli!

I haven't signed a petition for Senator, yet. On the SOS petition webpage there are perhaps a dozen 'candidates' for the US Senate seat currently occupied by McSally. Daniel McCarthy is just a name on a list right now. (Note: I'd love to be able to support McCarthy. I'm not a McSally fan, at all, although if she wins the primary I'll vote for her because I won't hand President Trump a Dem controlled Senate. I voted for McCain in 2016 for the same reason.) 

I went over to the Green Papers website and was immediately given pause when I looked at Kelly vs. McSally vs. McCarthy dollars. Mark Kelly has a war chest of $8+ million; McSally $5+ million; McCarthy $0. In fact, he doesn't even have a $0 listed next to his name. 

I expect that to change in the next two weeks with his official candidacy announcements, but..., yeah I'm given pause here. He's got a hell of a money deficit to make up, not to mention name recognition. Is his plan to self-finance his primary? If he wins the primary, would the RNC loosen up the purse strings for the general race? I certainly hope so.

Another item of interest from the Green Papers is that this 2020 election is listed as a special election, meaning the winner runs again in 2022 since 2022 is the year that this seat's regular election is held. I had not realized this before.

Just some thoughts as I wait to see how this Senate primary plays out.

As I understand Daniel M. is self financing his campaign. I signed his petition through SOS.

I heard Daniel speak on Friday night. I believe him to be a true conservative. He has a mountain to climb the RNC will surely try to eat him for lunch. I consider Martha at best a moderate. Daniel does not walk the moderate line.

With that said Daniel needs a "polishing up". What I mean is with prepared speeches and good speeches delivery. Daniel is not a politician and I take that as refreshing.

I came away from Sue Goodchild's Pachyderm Dinner with the thought that Daniel was like a diamond in the rough in need of polishing up to a shine. 

I will give him some time to do what it takes to come to a state like that of a shining star.

The RNC leadership I do not allow them to drive who I vote for.

I am not frighten to try primarying an R. Oh the RNC surely will try fright tactics.

Thanks for your reply. You reminded me of a promise I once made to myself and repeated to my gov students a couple of years ago. That I would vote for any politician who promises to reduce his/her power.  Daniel McCarthy speaks to that in his youtube video.  Therefore, I will sign his petition. 

I am sure most of us are now well aware of the "Red Flag" gun control program.  Right now no matter who your vote for it will be someone who is willing to seriously discuss these regulation.  Senator McSally had made it know when they were first being brought forward that she would be willing to discuss them  Same with Gov. Ducey.  The democRATS are all in favor of these laws. Only one candidate is against them from the word GO.  McCarthy is a constitutionalist and does not believe that personal property should be removed from an individual without due process. 

All the others keep using the old argument "It's for the Children".  We need to protect out GOD given rights for the children so they will be able to live under their protections as they get older and wiser.

Sign the McCarthy petition.  If you use the excuse  that you need to wait for a while you will never do it and when election time comes around you won't have any one to vote for but a red flag candidate.

Thank you for the advice. Like everybody else on this board, I eat, sleep, live and breathe this stuff. I'm also as cautious and deliberate as I can be about the candidates I support. I see too many people jump on a bandwagon for a politician's soundbite. 

It annoys me to no end to have to vote for crud politicians like Ducey and McSally but much of the blame can be laid at the feet of voters who continue to hand power to unworthy people. We have the government we deserve.  

Have no fear. I wouldn't dream of skipping the chance to sign a petition for my choice of candidate. I'm a precinct committeeman so I'd have to turn in my Republican card if I didn't do my duty.  

good for you  We all need to vote our conciseness and don't be led to the polls by an establishment toddie.





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