The Arizona Republican Party will be forced into holding it's every four year State Convention virtually.  The convention is to elect delegates who will attend the RNC Nominating Convention in Charlotte, NC in August.  That convention will also elect two critical positions for Arizona Republican politics: a National Committeewoman and a National Committeeman.  This is how Ballotpedia describes that position:

The national committee's purpose involves oversight of the presidential nominating process as well as supporting party candidates with research, polling and funding in races across the country. Each party also has two Hill committees, one each for the House and Senate, which are dedicated to helping elect candidates from their party to Congress and helping incumbents win re-election.

During the 2018 election cycle, these six committees were each among the top 10 spenders in congressional elections with a combined $1.3 billion in spending.[3] As of the April 2020 campaign finance reports, the same six party committees—three Democratic committees and three Republican committees—have raised a combined $947.5 million during the 2020 election cycle ($541.0 million across the three Republican committees and $406.5 million across the three Democratic committees).

This is a critical decision to be made by delegates who will elect these two people on May 9.  We are distressed that a well-read email blog has blundered into a very bad position on who to support for the National Committeeman.  They have put out a call to vote for the very seriously flawed former chairman of the AZGOP, Robert Graham.  There are plenty of candidates for this position from which to choose.  Any one of them would be better than Robert Graham.

If you were a reader here in 2015-2016, you might remember the exposes` we put out on Graham.  While our opinion of this person was peppered though the reports, those reports were based on provable facts.  

Here is just a sampling but you can search Robert Graham in the search box at the upper right corner to find many others along with comments from our readers who were aware of his checkered background.
This is our response to the American Post-Gazette over the name of James Madison (who would never ever support this man):
"This is a shocking report. While we don't disagree on Tyler, you have failed to characterize Robert Graham. Let us enlighten you in case you missed this important information about Graham:
"He was charged in California with money laundry. He and co-conspirators raised money for a 501(C)(3) tax deductible charity for kids and then moved the money into a non-tax deductible PAC. He paid $1,000,000 to the state of California to keep from being prosecuted. ;
"As chairman of AZGOP, he went after LD23's 119 State Committeemen votes for chairman in 2016 by charging that district with holding an 'illegal' meeting to elect those SCs. Despite that district followed the same procedures as in years past and the same as 27 out of 30 other districts, it cost that district over $20,000 to ensure their SCs were seated at the Statutory meeting. It was an attempt to keep 119 votes from going to Jim O'Connor. The voting was electronic and O'Connor "lost" by 30+ votes and Graham refused to allow the O'Connor camp to review the voting tabulation records, saying to come to the office to see that. Of course, a team sent to the office never got anthing but ridiculous excuses for not allowing them to inspect anything. What was he hiding besides himself behind McCain's attorney? AND
"Next Graham moved on to Massachusetts where he bilked a 90 year old woman of her life savings while pretending to be a wealth advisor - or whatever title he used there. He was again charged for breaking the law. He wiggled out by ponying up cash to pay off his crime.
"On to Groveton, NH, situated in a once beautiful river front setting, where he talked city fathers into partnering up with him on a real estate deal. That city had a long-abandoned paper mill that was an eyesore for years. They entered into an agreement with Graham and his partner, Erik Wenuck. They were supposed to clean off the property, sell off the metals and build a shopping mall or other buildings desparately needed in the town. True to character, Graham scammed the city out of $$ and disappeared. The property was tied up and sat empty until just recently when a true savior took over the property and developed it for the benefit of the town.
"But that is not all. Ask Graham what he did in 2016 with the RNC money? Ask him about the SEC violations as Chairman, moving money from account to account unlawfully. A claim was filed against him with the SEC. McCain got that claim frozen but now McCain is gone and that was finally adjudicated against Graham and he was found guilty of abuse of campaign finance laws. Look it up!
"Here is some documentation for you:

This link reveals Graham's own outrageos and false claims:

"These two enshrine the cheating Graham engaged in while chairman:

"This is just a sampling of Graham's checkered past... and a zebra does not change its stripes. We are aware that Graham is or has been a part of your group but surely, you don't believe a man with this background should be anywhere near a political job that includes any responsibility. And we have to wonder at his creativity in misappropriating money he might get his hands wrapped around. We wonder who he will bilk for the money he needs to do this job because he has none of his own except what he bilked out of others... or so it seems based on his past."

And there you have a sample of documented action taken by this man. Do not vote for him. Repeat: do not vote for this man.  A search will reveal even more, should you need more reasons to never let this man get elected.  We support Brett Mecum for this position.  He has the experience in dealing with double-dealing operatives, of which there are many.  There are some excellent and well-liked men in this race.  A bit more seasoning is needed for them to serve this position well.  By the way, this is a voluntary position and all costs, estimated to be $12,000-$15,000 per year for four years, is out of their own pockets.  Although, do not overlook some of the generous perks that come with the job.

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"We don't make the rules, but we play by them." So now it's a game we are playing. Then why are you not suggesting that we play by the rules (bylaws) that the AZGOP committee has agreed to follow? Is that not what simple is? Herein lies the problem: To break these rules so you can elect a money beggar for what now appears to be a corrupt committee, and a Republican Party is what's not flying with the real constitutional conservatives. Just because you don't like a certain candidate, be it, Graham, Tyler, or whoever is no reason to overlook what's at stake here. That would be INTEGRITY and a MORAL OBLIGATION to do what is right.  Because Joe Neglia exemplifies both of those characteristics he will get my vote.   

Thumbs up Rose!

Everyone reads into what they will based on their own positions. It's the problem with the printed word, Rose.  You may have missed the point that the rules we mentioned were set in place for THIS ONE EVENT.  We don't agree with them, either, but they are there, it's not going to change and it's important for Arizona that we get for Arizona what is supposed to be for Arizona but it's not a life or death situation.  To put this into perspective for AFA, there are so many more critical issues we face than to spend time worrying about arcane rules.  J.B.

If you consider yourself a Conservative, a tea party patriot , then Joe Neglia is the man for the job of National Committeeman. His words match his actions.  

 He is a parliamentarian, teaches Roberts Rules of order and is a committed Conservative.   He held his own during the January 26 2019 Arizona Mandatory meeting where we voted for the Chair of the AZ GOP which resulted in victory over swamp monster Jonathan Lines and victory for Dr. Kelli Ward.  He stood up to the regime .

 Read the article in the Arizona Freedom Alliance

 “The electronic voting system was revved up and ready to go.  But wait.  State Committeeman, Joe Neglia, [had earlier] approached the floor mic and called a point of order.  Reading from the bylaws and brandishing a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, he stated he was calling for a roll call vote.  He was in no mood to wait until after the vote was taken electronically.  Two years ago, the electronic voting was highly suspected to have been invalid and the losing candidate, Jim O'Connor, refused to call for a roll call vote with only a 34 vote margin for Lines. That was still hanging heavy in the hearts and minds of the faithful conservatives.

The fun begins!  There was no way for Lines to wiggle out of a roll call vote.  Neglia had the upper hand and everyone knew it.  This is when the wrangling began.  Like Republicans do, everyone had a different opinion.  Some inaccurately said a roll call vote would destroy the concept of the secret ballot.  It wouldn't.  It was as simple as each voter writing the name of their candidate on a piece of paper and dropping it into an envelop or box to be tabulated with all Chairman candidates observing the count.  As simple as that might seem, the wrangling went on for nearly an hour.  Finally, the vote began as a roll call within each district/county with plenty of people for all sides watching like the earth depended on it.  The Republican Party did depend on it!  Voting took up another nearly an hour.”

Below is his video of teaching Roberts Rules of Order.

Oh I remember that day and Joe Neglia standing strong it was a wonder to behold.

Thank you very much, Patricia and Myrna.  I also remember that day.  We won that day because we knew the rules.  The GOP Establishment has amply demonstrated that they will CRUSH you with parliamentary maneuvering if they can.  Remember how they shut down the "Anyone But McCain" and the "Censure Robert Graham" resolutions at the 2016 AZGOP Mandatory Meeting?  The presider on that day when we forced the roll-call vote was the same one who shut down those resolutions.  BUT THIS TIME HE ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THE RULES!  When I moved for the roll call vote, I was loaded for bear.  But to my astonishment, he didn't attempt to rule it out of order.  He knew that I knew the rules, so he followed them.  When he made a minor mistake during the process, I called a Point of Order, and he actually apologized and corrected the problem.

The big picture here is that you need representation from a parliamentarian in meetings with the GOP Establishment.  Just like you need a lawyer when you go to court.

And the stakes are much higher at the RNC level.  Send someone to the RNC without parliamentary skill, and you are sending a lamb to the slaughter.

The GOP Establishment folks who did everything they could to oppose Trump in 2016 will be quiet this year, because they are helpless against the Trump Train.  But make no mistake: they will be out in force again in 2024 to oppose any non-Establishment candidates.  Please send someone there who can stop them!

Thanks for posting the link -- clearly the RNC needs to stand clear of this guy. All we need in this very toxic political environment is this "creepy" fellow.

OMG, we are in big trouble if you are using New Times as a fair source of info, esp on Republicans.  You do know about THEIR background and the fact the owners were put under house arrest for salatious ads, or solicitations.  I forgot which.

Now, I have great respect for Joe Neglia.  He's great on RRs I guess from what has been posted on this site before.  This site has showcased his amazing knowledge.  I don't think the decision of AFA is against Joe.  My buddy in LD15 sent me the list of names and I will say, there are some talented men on that list.  I don't know that being an expert on RR is enough.  You also have to navigate muddy waters and a lot of cronyism.  I'm an old timer in the gop and am not active anymore but I do know what is needed in this job.  I think Joe would benefit by getting inside the swamp to fully understand the pressure that is brought to bear.  How nice if we could have two of them. If only, if only!  But in 2024, we will vote again.  Time for Joe the, more seasoned so to speak.

This forum is about Robert Graham, not Joe or anyone else.  You are taking your eye off the ball and is does  seem tacky for you to be meanspirited toward our hosts on this site. Can't you just post your position without the negativity?  This is where we Republicans fail miserably.  And the double-timing between you and Patricia seems planned and contrived. Stick to the topic, please.

My eye is always on the prize . Graham is only part of the problem . There isnt anything mean spirited about what I wrote. The mean spirit was a personal attack on me.   

OK, I thought I must have missed an attack on you, specifically.  I have now read every single post from top to bottom twice.  There is not one post attacking you.  It starts with you calling AFA on the carpet for their opinion.  Some see that as an attack and unnecessary.  Then AFA tells you why they support the person they do.  Then they make a GENERAL statement about they make practical decisions, not emotional ones.  Then they stated a truth... we Republicans get all pissy (my word) with each other in districts, another true fact.  Your name was not in that post at all so methinks you are a bit overly sensitive and went on the attack against AFA.  It was a mild attack and it seems they don't take offense.  Can't say the same about you.  As I see it, you are the only person in attack mode but even then, it's more of a mild mean spirit (and it was/is mean spirited) it is more of a snit in my opinion.  None of this was worth your ongoing snit.  And now, you will come after me for sure.  Like AFA, I'm not tender so no prob!  Like you, I get to post my opinion, too.

Pat J wrote:

"Now, I have great respect for Joe Neglia. He's great on RRs I guess from what has been posted on this site before. This site has showcased his amazing knowledge. I don't think the decision of AFA is against Joe. My buddy in LD15 sent me the list of names and I will say, there are some talented men on that list. I don't know that being an expert on RR is enough. You also have to navigate muddy waters and a lot of cronyism."

First, Thank You for the kind words, Pat J. 

Regarding the "muddy waters" and the "cronyism," ISN'T THAT THE WHOLE !@#$%^& POINT??  Playing those games is a two-way street: to play, you must give as well as take.  You cannot play those swamp games and, at the same time, stand up for our principles.  We want to DRAIN THE SWAMP, not swim in it.

The above article and the links makes the point very well.  It goes off topic a little, however, when it expresses support for another candidate who also appears to have serious baggage and no apparent experience fighting the establishment, just schmoozing with them.

So if you want someone who is "seasoned" at playing swamp games, why not vote for the best?  You know who that is.  (Hint: it ain't me!)

Cheers, everyone, and see you all on Saturday!  May the best man win.  -- Joe



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