A power dispute between Arizona schools chief Diane Douglas and the Arizona State Board of Education will continue in court.

Douglas, the superintendent of Public Instruction, has appealed a Maricopa County Superior Court ruling that the schools chief does not have the power to hire and fire Arizona State Board of Education staff.

“The court got it wrong,” said Douglas’ attorney Steven Tully, after requesting a special action by the Arizona Court of Appeals Friday afternoon. “The superintendent has the right to hire and fire staff.”

Mary O’Grady, attorney for the board, called Douglas’ move “disappointing, but not surprising.”

“It would be nice to have this chapter closed,” she said.

“Oh no,” said education board President Greg Miller, when told about the appeal.

“No, the court did not get it wrong. It substantiated the view of the board that the board sets policy, hires staff and the superintendent carries out the policy set by the board.”


Douglas sued the board in May after trying unsuccessfully to fire two board staff members. She said in the suit that Arizona law gives her power over the board, which she views as an extension of the Arizona Department of Education.

Department of Education records show that since March, Tully has billed $28,000 for his services. That does not count the amount being spent on the appeal.

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Isn't this exactly what is wrong with our schools ? The right hand knows not what the left POLITICOS are doing !

If you grew up well educated, and have had an opportunity to watch Jay Leno go "Jaywalking" you will see what is wrong

when you can't fire a teacher that is dumber than those they are to teach !

Check it out !


 I have to agree with Rebecca - 

I wonder if Douglas was perhaps a bit more comely if she would the judged less - it's worth thinking about - 

I have read as much as can be read I guess about this and am old enough to know when a snow job is floating -

As far as I am concerned Douglas is dead right.

In spite of the alleged "precedent of 1985" the card trick was the use of the word implied... implied the right to "fire" - implied. 

However the precision of the subsequent rules of the duties of the board is remarkable - leaving little room any implying in anybodies mind.

That to me suggests (implies)  the authors felt they defined the issue of employees well enough in the Superintendent's duties to need no further expand them at the Board level - clearly they thought the Superintendent would be taking care of any employee issues - because they said so !!

This notion is further supported in the Superintendent's hierarchy chart where we find the two said employees directly answering to Chief of Staff Bradley who answers to: none other than Diane Douglas.

Meantime there's a whole web page remake over at the Board web site, that before this all started only listed board members. Now conspicuously has added : "Staff". Astounding who knew !!

Now is there an scope of work or outline of duties or some such that not mention what these "staff" are being paid and how they are being paid?

And of greater concern (to the public) to whom these "staff' report to BEFORE they report to the assembled Board, and is there public accesses to these "reports" before they become reports?

I think the head of the Department of Education and his "pals" are doing things to chickens behind closed doors that would be found be odious if it were made public. If you get my drift.

Diane should not have to be "more comely" to get judges to follow the letter of the law.  You can thank corrupt judges for always siding with the progressive viewpoint and Ducey, as vocal as he was in the beginning when he arbitrarily reinstated the two staffers Douglas fired - probably for good cause - is strangely absent now.  Someone needs to get a big broom and sweep out all the trash.

Good morning Pat

Indeed - Ms. Douglas need not be more "comely"!

And I concur that someone should indeed empty the "trash" at Ed. And I think that someone should be you and me and anyone else that might care to join us - who feel the same way.   

Thank you for the link Rebecca - I am at best a mediocre "computerist".

I am firmly convinced that what is being done to Diane Douglas is a travesty.

I suggest that a pooling of resources and energy to  compile strong letter of support be hand delivered to Diane - since I truly believe that she may not otherwise get any positive input. 

I believe the board is an advisory vehicle and should be treated as such - advisory!

Diane is the executive officer of Az. education !

The trick is how do we impact the "machine" to undo the cabal that they have become? 

Thank you Rebecca  - the strength of the "left" is in their networking - which prompted me start here - got as much I could from "out there" which at this point means: I've got a lot of stuff from out there :o)

I am now trying format a white board much like you see on any crime show ... connecting the dots ... the board -  the super -  the county -  the district ... he said she said etc. Trying to get some idea of the nature of the beast and it's protocol.

I even dropped a 150 bucks on Capitol Times just to have access to their "archives". It is not a skill set of mine however, so it's a tedious schlog.

I am also looking to any CC groups anything that will help define the "conflict".

The media have been ruthless every picture of her is un-complimentary as if suggesting she of all people has no right to question "the board" and every blog suggests that parents really aren't the best custodians of their children's education.  \ Whaaaa !!? / 

I am finding little if any "comment" support for her on line - and that puzzles me - we took down a well financed candidate - only to lose now ?

Thanks again Rebecca - any thoughts any advice anything would be appreciated !! 

Any advise - content - background - from anybody would be appreciated. 

(from Pat's wife, Florence) 

I have some questions and comments on your post. 


1)  Who is this "they" that you say decided students "needed diversity - not Christian based education" in 1947?  It could not be related to Common Core, since the governors did not ask for CC until within the last 10 years. 


2)  What is your beef against Bloom's Taxonomy?  I remember from education classes it talks about higher levels of thinking:  rather than have students "list" something, to think at a higher level they may have to "evaluate" - rather than "recalling" something, to think at a higher level they may have to "compare and contrast"  I am not big into using Bloom's Taxonomy, but I have never thought of it as a communist tool. 


3)  Your Avalon.law reference said "The page cannot be found." and you did not specify what you are referring to at the catalog.hathitrust site. 


4)  There may be many anti-Common Core groups, but they have all chosen to pass around the same falsehoods.  If you go to websites like http://www.thecommoncore.com/myths-vs-facts/ or www.corestandards.org/about-the-standards/myths-vs-facts/ they pretty thoroughly point out all the errors that are floating around websites. 


5)  I would take issue with blanketly stating "The kids are not being educated, but brainwashed."  There may be some children, but many of us are conservative teachers who are not brainwashing students.   


6)  There may have been textbooks that are "anti-American, pro-Leftism, anti-family," but why does that mean people should now protest Common Core Standards which have no standards which are "anti-American, pro-Leftism, anti-family?"  I have donated to Educational Research Analysts for years.  They evaluate textbooks and call attention to biases and misinformation.  Shouldn't some of these anti-Common Core people put their efforts into textbook reform, since they cannot point to any standards that they would change.  (In the Senate hearing the author of the anti-Common Core bill, Representative Finchem, was asked if he had read the Common Core Standards.  He had not.  He was asked if any of the standards needed to be changed.  He could not point to any faulty standards.  Yet he led the charge to do away with the Common Core Standards.  Does that make sense??)


6)  Where was this "communist education" you are referring to in the 1950s.  I went to school in the 1950s and don't remember any communistic training. 

What in Bloom's Taxonomy is against Christianity?   I have read the Bloom's Taxonomy charts, but is there some text you can quote that is communistic? 

(from Florence Smith)

You state, "His books are anti-American and fit right in with CC."  Can you quote ONE Common Core standard that is anti-American.  If you cannot, then I think you should stop repeating what I see as a falsehood.  (There are free apps of the Common Core Standards available.  You can word search for all terms you think are in the Common Core Standards.)  


There are American documents that are mandatory reading in Common Core.  They are The Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.   

I am pleased Diane is finally putting up a fight for "we the people".


Get on board Jim !! Let's let her know !!

(Pat's wife Florence)  As a conservative educator I would like to know what you think she has done so far other than spend money on legal fees and on putting tight security measures on the Education Building which cost more education dollars. 

In the November election I wrote another Republican name in on the ballot because the information she spread about Common Core was full of falsehoods.  To my knowledge, she has never presented what she is going to do for our state's children's education. 

There are rumors that she wants a tunnel built to the parking to avoid the homeless or the press or ??.  Rumors also say she also wants her offices moved to a higher floor to be less accessible to the public.  I would like to see education talked about and how we can better our children's education. What has been done for education??





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