OMG! Eric Cantor Admits GOP Promise To Repeal Obamacare Was ALL A LIE

[Editor: No reason to doubt the truth of this.  We need only pay attention to what is happening in the Congress - the Senate barely passed a vote to vote to debate the Obamacare issue.  They made a lateral move and some of the conservative pundits think the earth moved.]

Before he was defeated by unknown economist Dave Brat, then Minority Whip Eric Cantor led the charge to repeal Obamacare. Day in and day out, the GOP Rep. railed against the disastrous healthcare plan, using the hot button issue as ammo to drum up political support and boost fundraising efforts. 

In a stunning admission, Cantor now admits the GOP was never serious about repealing the healthcare bill. It was all a charade. 

The Washingtonian reports:

Cantor helped create that perception. Earlier that summer—after many failed attempts over the years to shred the law piecemeal—Cantor promised colleagues that the House would vote on a “full repeal.” But even after it did, the measure was dead on arrival in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Cantor—in Congress 13 years and, fairly or unfairly, once thought to be above electoral reproach—paid the price. His 2014 avenger, now-congressman David Brat, bludgeoned him for being soft on Obamacare, among other things. But the failure to make a dent in the law landed a bigger blow on the party. After seven years of pledging they could dismantle Obamacare, if only they had control of Congress and the White House, Republicans—at last in charge of both—have faced deep divisions over a replacement.

Asked if he feels partly responsible for their current predicament, Cantor is unequivocal. “Oh,” he says, “100 percent.”

He goes further: “To give the impression that if Republicans were in control of the House and Senate, that we could do that when Obama was still in office . . . .” His voice trails off and he shakes his head. “I never believed it.”

He says he wasn’t the only one aware of the charade: “We sort of all got what was going on, that there was this disconnect in terms of communication, because no one wanted to take the time out in the general public to even think about ‘Wait a minute—that can’t happen.’ ” But, he adds, “if you’ve got that anger working for you, you’re gonna let it be.”

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Every one of them that played this game of "chicken" while in congress should be tossed out.  There is absolutely for these kinds of games being played within our government!  None whatsoever!!!!

As far as I am concerned, this nonsense is EXACTLY what is wrong with congresss.  President Trump is right, it's not a swamp, but a cesspool.

Like we didn't know this.....  time to drain the swamp!!

Of course we know this. What I find surprising is that the guy fessed up.  You sure don't see that every day.  Either he was drinking at the time or he has an agenda for spilling the beans.

Today we all KNOW the GOP never wanted to get rid of Obamacare and its restraints placed upon the Free-Market capitalism, for they've been bought off by lobbyists, Soros funding, and the ignorance of the public to give a rat's ass. Yesterday's vote to repeal it proves it. Everybody wants a freebie at the expense of bloating our National Debt for self-interest gain, and our grandchildren be damned with HUGE debt that can never be paid off! The latest GOP call to repeal Obamacare failed ... and now it's PERMENANT awaiting small "changes". The single payer system is coming on fast, with no restraints on costs nor spending, for the USA is becoming more like the in England & Europe where government controls a death spiral toward an authoritarian ... centralized ... Marxist collective. They get their unlimited healthcare as we lose ours. Thank you Mr. McCain you viper.

There is only smoke and mirrors for Demoncrats will never do anything but object to any Republican plans for a "skinny repeal" for its all the same lies. For the GOP to "want" them to side with common sense ... MAKES NO SENSE ... to make a "deal or no deal" proposal, they won't adhere to it, they can't adhere to it so long as the strength of BOTH party's is in the hands of those thieves to our grandchildren by the drug of a never-ending spending. Tweaking Obamacare will never get rid of the desire for freebies again, and again. Haven't we learned that yet by them telling us of a 5 or 10 yr. program .. or those debt reduction claims?? Never happens.

Drain the swamp





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