Questions about campaign finances in California have haunted Robert Graham, head of the AZGOP, for years, and now questions are being raised in Arizona.  A candidate for Treasurer in the AZGOP's upcoming January 24th election, Ardith Hildebrant, has prepared a formal complaint for the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Chairman Robert Graham and the Arizona Republican Party (AZGOP).

According to Hildebrant, the complaint documents dozens of entries and transactions that question the compliance with federal and state campaign finance disclosure laws.  

Hildebrant, who's career expertise is in accounting, operational and internal auditing and legal research, said in a statement released Friday, "Serious violations of campaign finance laws have been raised throughout Robert Graham's administration.  That's the main reason I felt compelled to run for Treasurer."  Hildebrand said, "Now we have the evidence after weeks of investigation and review."

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From MCRC Briefs Jan 17 edition:

 Ardith Hildebrant Has Announced Her Candidacy For The AZGOP Treasurer and joined AZGOP Chairman Candidate Lori Urban’s slate for election at the Jan 24 Statutory meeting.  Hildebrant does accounting for U-Haul and A to Z Rentals, has done internal and operational auditing for U-Haul and Kar-Go, and assisted outside auditing firm with annual audits of U-Haul Inter’l and subsidiaries.  She is a director of for the U-Haul Federal Credit Union has developed accounting procedures, forms, and systems and is the treasurer of the Scottsdale Block Watch Advisory Council.  She also does back office responsibilities (back up) for several major store operations. She has raised fund for the Arizona Humane Society and is a volunteer with the Scottsdale Bible Church Encore Choir focusing on senior living, memory care and rehabilitation centers. “As a life-long Republican I can no longer stand by and watch our wonderful country lose its hard fought and won freedoms and liberties.  I am compelled to step up and do what I can to help us turn this country back to its precious conservative founding principles and Constitutional values. Therefore, with much enthusiasm I am putting my energy where my heart and mouth have always been.” 


·       LD13 PC Jonathan Lines Has Announced His Candidacy For The AZGOP Treasurerelection scheduled during the Jan 24 AZGOP Statutory meeting in Tempe. Lines, who is serving a third term as Chairman of the Yuma County Republican Central Committee -  representing the Yuma portion of Legislative Districts 4 and 13, said he “decided to run because I was told it (at 2 pm., the day of the inauguration) that there was a vacant position and nobody had filed” for it. He also said he felt more representation was needed from the west side of the state. Lines was raised in Yuma, where his family has been since the 1930's.  The family originally settled in Pima, Safford and Thatcher, Arizona in the 1880s and were involved in ranching and mining. He is the GM-VP for Lines and Lundgreen Roofing & Insulation and a partner in Tuscany Development – a 21 acre medical/professional plaza. And he serves as the Arizona Game and Fish Heritage Fund statewide Arizona representative.  He worked in the family business while attending AWC and NAU-Yuma since returning from a 2 year mission served in Argentina and Uruguay. He served 11 years on the National Advisory Board for Johns Manville –a Warren Buffet Company, works with the Boy Scouts, Yuma Rotary Board and Caballeros de Yuma.  Lines and his wife Rosalie of Provo, Utah, have 11 children, 8 boys and 3 girls.

Full disclosure:  Lynne Breyer, Team member of this site, is running for AZGOP Secretary on the Urban slate.  All members of the slate state they were aware that Hildebrant was looking at numerous campaign finance reports but were not informed about the filing being sent until after the fact.  Only this morning (Jan 17) did anyone on the slate receive a copy of the press release.  AFA did  not receive the press release from Hildebrant.  We do agree that anyone who runs for a position with legal consequences should do proper due diligence.

[Editor: here is the link to the FEC report Summary page which covers Feb 2013-Nov 24, 2014  FEC Summary

Here are screen shots of the summary in two pieces.  Note where the two overlap and pick up from there:  AZGOP_FEC_Summary_1.tiff       AZGOP_FEC_Summary_2.tiff  

Please see Comments from AFA of a summary of actual money raised from Feb 2013-Nov 24, 2014]

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Is there anyone who doesn't already know that this guy is out for - this guy?  He says and does what he thinks will get him praise and glory.  He can't keep his story straight because there is no truth to it.  One time he says he raised $4mil and the next time 2 days later he says he raised $6mil and who knows what he raised?  That is the problem with pathological liars.  Slick as Obama, if his mouth is moving, beware.  The truth eventually comes out.

New info posted on the original article.  See Editor at the end of the article with screen shots of the final nearly two year summary.  Note Total Contributions (money raised by AZGOP) is $1.747 mil.  There are additional contributions listed on the AZSOS website.  That shows total reported contributions both individual and PACs comes to $988, 374 and $62,500 in Levin Funds for a total for the term of Robert Graham's time in office of $2,797,874.  That is $1,502,126 less than Graham claims.  Morrissey raised more than Graham based on the campaign finance reports.



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