I'm sure many are in this boat.  I was, like most assuming that Medical Marijuana was a short cut toward legalization.  Watching Judge Judy question a person why he had Medical Marijuana card and his answer was 'Asthma'.  I laughed, as I have asthma and I don't get along well around smoke.  As I started down this road, I wasn't impressed, until a decade ago when a friend told me about an MS patient that used Marijuana for her symptoms.  After seeing someone, with no muscle control and almost unintelligible speech, I was amazed at how well she spoke after one or two puffs.  While she was talking I could see her muscles relaxing.  This was a total transformation in less than a few minutes.

Although, it being difficult to believe that such a simple fix existed, I couldn't understand why our pharmaceutical companies have ignored it.  I didn't understand the complex legal difficulties with the pharmaceutical industries when it came to creating drugs.  I was aware of the process, as my wife was involved in an AIDS healing medication process, as a new drug. 

I was, and I think, understandably stunned to find that Schedule I drug lists, mean that no research can be done on them as they are considered of no medical use whatsoever.  Let me qualify. It's very difficult to get the proper permits and hospital ethics OKed to set up an evaluation, then quite another to get drugs that are not allowed for anyone to posses, even researchers. I'm sure many of us has seen the technological change from th 70's, boon in 4 function calculators, digital clocks and other 'high tech' items.  Where most of us are ignorant is of the biomedical field transition of the last 4 decades (yes 40 years).  Computers are in everything from your car to your phone, and the difference they make in biotech is immense. They also make for our great surge in gene study and the ability to do forensics and catch murderers.

I believe that legislation went to far in denying research in any area.  We must trust these people, since that is what they do.  My search turned up research done by UCLA over a 20 year period, over 1500 person evaluation of Marijuana use (1985 to 2005).  If you don't like UCLA, then I suggest you check about half of the medications you take as they were probably tested through UCLA, they are very good and don't pull any punches. One doctor stated that he expected to see close results to tobacco, since both have many of the same tars and other items in them that tobacco does, but they were surprised.  It seems they saw an increase in lung function, using the many tests they have except in the heaviest of users and the possibility of suppression of lung cancer.  They qualified this with the fact that cancer is generally created when tissue is repeatably irritated, such as smoking cigarettes.  Marijuana has an analgesic affect that causes the lungs not to become irritated and the typical holding of a puff in longer added more exercise and greater lung volume all adding up to better functioning lungs.  Completely opposite of the NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) of which they have update this year to be the same as always and the same as tobacco.  But you have to realize that the NIDA is not out to support any drug, as their umbrella is drug abuse, not use.

This would actually support the use of Marijuana for asthmatics.  I would question the Department of Health and Welfare holding a patent on cannabinoids for medical use. Remember, these are the people that the left hand is telling you there is no medical use and the other hand has applied for and received a patented for medical use (around 2002.)  The UK pharmaceutical company GW is currently doing Phase III tests on people here in Phoenix for cancer pain. The FDA has approval for 'Fast Track designation to GW's investigational cannabidiol (CBD) product, Epidiolex®, in the treatment of Dravet syndrome, a rare and catastrophic treatment-resistant form of childhood epilepsy'.  Keep in mind that the strain of Marijuana for high CBD's, also has low THC and cannot get you intoxicated (high.) Epilepsy is also the target of a research group in NY and is using one of GW's products in their research.

The question of if it's Medicinal or not, as far as I'm concerned is answered, it is.  If the US Government would not have blocked some of the best pharmaceutical companies from doing research on these drugs, we would probably be leading this instead of following it.  Medical Marijuana, would never have become the topic it is today and we would have actual, valid data to refer.  Schedule I needs a vital rewrite to remove some of these walls blocking proper development of drugs.  Add to the fact that there is still no deaths reported from Marijuana we need to look at our laws and correct them.

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I don't disagree that marijuana has real medical benefits.  It can't be any worse than the chemicals we get prescribed only to see later that it's killing people.  But for now, it's not a topic on the top of my list of things to fight for.  Let's save the Republic and then worry about this.  It's a legitimate issue.  I guess for those with illness or injuries, this would be topic #1.

I support it 100% but I agree about saving our Republic first. I'm focused on the current surge in illegals entering our country and our own government dumping them in our state. If we can't get that turned around all the marijuana in the world isn't going to make me feel better. 





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