There was a post on FaceBook by Jack Harper that I took issue with.  He wants blind loyalty to the republican party and says we should support all republican candidates in the general election cycle.  Before you take a position, please read all below and reserve judgement for when you  have read it.  I am running for state senate out of frustration and on occasion, disgust.  Our party is not longer ours and controlled by the elite's and establishment few.  I believe we need a movement to take it back.

Jack said:

"I can tolerate a Democrat who doesn't like the President. I unfriend or unfollow any Republican that is working against the Party leading up to the election. I do not need their negativity or self-righteousness."

Here is my reply:

"I appreciate your wanting to stand together in "solidarity" and move forward on a united front. Unfortunately, all I hear from you or too many others in our "party" leadership is unison and "loyalty" to the party. That we most support any republican over a democrat. I did not sign the Unity Letter for the following reasons.

While I want nothing more than to be able to do this, first we have to recognize a few FACTS.

1. What does our party stand for that they actually follow and continually put out as our message? What is our message? I asked a room of over 40 republicans in a meeting, just last Tuesday, tell me what the party message is? What are we as a party running on? Not one hand or idea. I walked and talked to over 1200 people in my district, by myself, there was no one wanting to volunteer to assist an outsider. The frequent question I was asked was “What is the party message and what do they stand for?” This is a failure of the party.

2. We are supposed to be a party of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, per our 2016 party platform. Then why does no elected official know or understand the constitution? How do we get over 20 state house representatives sponsor and vote for the National Popular Vote? Several state senators also supported it. So, you’re saying I am to get behind them and be united just because they are republican by title only? This is not what a Republican form of Government is and is a violation of the constitution.

3. It was the republican party that gave us the Patriot Act, another violation of the constitution and our liberties. It was the republican party that continued to fund this atrocity year after year.

4. It was the republican party that continued to tell us "elect us, give us the house and senate and we can "defund" Obama Care. They got both the house and senate and failed us again. Their excuse? We need the White house. Well guess what, same old lies and promises and no action. Obama Care is unconstitutional under Article 1 Section 8 and the 16th amendment, and violates Arizona’s Constitution under Title 27, Section 1 and 2. Where was our state party and representatives on this?

5. It is the republican party that is eating their own in Washington and separating us into moderates and "radical right wing" instead of standing up and saying we are the party of the constitution and bill of rights, there is no "right wing". Trump is an outsider and this threatens the “established republicans”. We are expected to get behind this idea as well?

6. It is the republican party that continues to pass "continuing resolutions” for a couple months and then coming back and doing it again, not passing a real budget till the next year. Oh, and now the republicans expanded our national deficit yet again! We are supposed to be united with this?

7. It is the republican party that as part of their "Budget" passed NDAA that is over 80% of over $700 billion of nonspecific spending giving the pentagon freedom to spend this money on anything they want because it is classified as "Discretionary" money. This leaves us open to political application and in today's world, this is very dangers not to mention unconstitutional. Congress is to account for their spending and present a budget for review making it public record. How do we account for discretionary spending? It is to be specifically dedicated for items to be used on and this has no oversight.

8. It was the republican party, despite always professing being the party of limited government, that gave us another unconstitutional department to control the people called Homeland Security.

9. It was the republican party that took way another right, the right to travel, unless you have their unconstitutional national ID on your Driver’s license for another fee. Without it or a U.S. Pass Port, you can’t fly. This is a violation of the constitutional limitation on government, so where is our party on this? This is communist Russia, “where is you prapiska” or papers.

10. It is the republican party that is still talking about and agreeing to some form of “Gun Control”. Well this fit right in with their requirement for a prapiska and controlling our health care. Where is the state party voice on this?

11. It is the republican party that agreed to another violation of the constitution that gave Obama the illegal authority to make a treaty with Iran, giving them billions of dollars, by reducing the constitutional requirement of 2/3rds vote of approval by congress to a simple majority. Iran is our enemy and they just aided and abetted our enemy which is treason under Article III of the constitution. You want us to get behind this and be united with our party?

12. It is our state party that shuts down true conservative voices and labels blogs and posts that disagree as being “Unsanctioned”, therefore, not part of the party platform which by the way shifts like the wind. Our state party controls the party positions and appointments through a massive abuse of “proxy” voting, yet pushes through legislation to out law “ballot harvesting” to stop democrat abuses.

I could go on and on but you all get the point. Jack, if you call this “Self-Righteous and negative” then Please block me, unfriend me or whatever you want to do. Your position is something that Stalin used to preach to silence his opposition and motivate his communist movement. Something that is opposite our first amendment rights.

“Speak in a language that causes derision and hate towards those you disagree.”

This is not what we should be doing. We have a right and a duty to speak up when something is wrong and bring us back to protecting the country, state and our people. Anything short of this, I will not get behind.

So, I ask you, which party are you? Support all republicans despite their lack of integrity, knowledge and understanding of the laws of our country, of support taking back our party and saving our country and state from the clear socialist take over happening before our eyes?

Its time take back our party and stop the BS.

Randy Miller
A proud outsider trying to take back our party for the people.

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Keep draining the swamp

pretty much agree with Randy.  I don't need to read his reply as I already know a good portion of it.

Jack has his heart right and a good loyalty but to blindly follow a party that is close to being alongside the dems, that is dangerous.  we keep adding to the Swamp that President Trump is wanting to Drain and we all are wanting to help him drain. It's practically impossible to Drain the Swamp if we continue to blindly follow candidates just because they have an 'R' behind/beside their name.  I am a loyalist to those people who are also loyal to their cause and people.  The Republican Party has not and is not Loyal to their people or their party.  They have gone against so many good bills, gone against and tried to stop President Trump in his endeavors to Make America Great again.  That is not loyalty to the people - lots of people registered with the R are not true Republicans per the original platform.  they are RINOS.  Why should one vote Republican just because a candidate has an 'R' beside it.  This is why we still continue to have the same ole same ole every election because instead of draining the swamp we keep adding to it or maintaining it.
That is not loyalty.  That is pure insanity as well as stupidity.
If there is a candidate one knows for a fact is a RINO the just don't vote for them or vote for an independent or possibly a libertarian who has more of your values than anyone else.  I know many Independets that were actual real Republicans - that would be safe to vote for an Independent.  Or just don't vote for that office.  leave it blank.  Vote for those who will be loyal to you the constituent and is a true Constitutionalist - then you can walk away from the voting booth with a clear clean conscious.
We have many who are behind a movement to create a new party that will be more for supporting and applying our Constitution and holding our Freedoms and Liberties true.  That's how fed up so many of us are with 'the party'.

Vote well on Tuesday if you haven't already done so.

Kudos Mr. Miller for your article. 

 Mr. Lines, and Gov Ducey do not follow their own message of unity . They are the ones who declared  during this contested Republican primary to declare incumbent David Stringer AZ House LD 1 a racist and asked him to not to run.  They are all in for Jodi Rooney who will be their girl to tow the Republican Establishment line. 

Lines and the rest of them arranged for Rep. Martha McSally, candidate for AZ Senate to hold her press conference in Prescott but have not shown any support for candidate Dr. Kelli Ward . The Women's Republican Clubs have unofficially endorsed McSally.  The ballots listing the Senate candidates have McSally  first, Ward second and Arpaio last.    

How does Lines allow Ducey to use the Republican Constant Contact for his campaign for re election ? 

The Arizona Republican party is the swamp





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