Appearing for a limited time on Frosty's Republican Briefs the morning of Monday, June 13th, 2022, a post addressing the essence and importance of Citizenship disappeared later the same day. 

The author requested Briefs editor and publisher, Frosty, to either republish it, going in the Briefs archives for Monday, 6/13/22, or to repost it for the Tuesday, 6/14/22 edition of Briefs. The status of the post eventually reappearing on Briefs remains up in the air. 

As the author believes the information provided in the post is too important to be "disappeared" (censored?) and given how time is of the essence, he is submitting the post to AFA for the purpose of serving the greater public interest.

As a courtesy to Briefs and the author expressing his appreciation to Frosty—albeit muted by the  disappearance of the post—provided below is the original post as published on Briefs before it disappeared, followed by a link to the author's expanded statement:

Read more HERE.

UPDATE: Good to see the post is back up at Frosty's Republican Briefs website in "Readers Speak Out" HERE.

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