[Editor:  We are posting this because we understand that everyone screams about Constitutional freedoms.  But they also scream when their own ox is being gored.  We cannot have it both ways.]

There used to be and, occasionally you'll see, a sign in the window of businesses that says, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."  No one marched, or called the sign "vile," and the media ignored it.  A business, where the owners pay the bills, pay the rent, pay the taxes, has the right to decide if they want to provide their products or services to anyone.  It was THEIR business.  But now it seems that such actions are cause for the media to go ballistic, op-ed writers to get all outraged, and marchers in the streets, because of Arizona SB1062.  Whatever happened to freedom, let alone common sense?
There's nothing in SB1062 that targets anyone.  It protects physicians who, because of their beliefs, won't perform an abortion.  It protects Priests who won't perform a homosexual marriage.  Not that long ago a bakery in the mid-west refused to create a cake for a homosexual couple because of their faith.  The couple took them to court, and the government ordered that baker to make that cake.  That case is now under appeal and will be overturned.  Where in the Constitution does the government have the right to make such a ruling?  It doesn't exist.
So, for all the outrage we read about, see, and hear, it's just phony.  This bill protects people and businesses who refuse to provide a service or sell a product because of their belief system, and we should applaud it. 

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The leftards are using SB1062 to arouse the rabble and cause useless havoc on the net.    It seems to be quite easy to do since they all just react rather than research.  The outrage over "gay discrimination" is manufactured.  When you interrupt the diatribes with facts they just gloss right over common sense responses to go off the rails again. 

It behooves us to make the effort to counter the silliness as much as possible. 

The goal of the left is to be able to continue nuisance lawsuits to get their judges to legislate from the bench and violate our Constitutional guarantees.  We can't let them get away with it.

Per your comment about judges legislating, I've been studying up on the Common Law process and this is how to get rid of leftist judges who never read the Constitution or consider it just another piece of worthless trash.  Common Law Grand Jury.  I learned about it right here on this site.

Government, government everywhere and not a freedom to be found.

I have run a business for 40 years give or take.  The government has increasingly entered my front door every day until my partner, unwanted, is every level of government due to regulations.  I took the financial and emotional risks to start my business, not government.  But government wants to tell me how to run it and even takes a share of the profits for their own untethered use then throws me in the trash bin of bankruptcy when I can no longer keep the doors open.

SB1062 simply says, Government, stay away.  We have seen many instances already where government forced a business to bake a cake or perform a service against their moral teachings.  What business is it of government to do that?  The sooner we get back to we the people, the better.  We should not even need a law like 1062 but government itself has forced it on us.  The left is more concerned about what others will think of us than what businesses need to grow and thrive.  Begone, excess government, and don't force us to pass bills to keep you away.

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