Some of you wonder why the AZGOP is in such a mess and has been since the reign of Tom Morrissey.  When Morrissey was the Chairman, he took more incoming than Trump now takes,  relatively speaking!  The principle reason is - he did not cave to the establishment!

It's true that showing up is the most important part of the game!

None of you wonder about the role proxies play in the way leadership in the party is elected.  So let me emphasize what really goes on for those who are not precinct committeemen.  Try to remember: we are talking about Republicans, not dems, but one might wonder.

In each district, State Committeemen are "elected" to vote on behalf of all other precinct committeemen who supposedly represent, in a minor way, the voters in their precinct.  Every even year when it comes time to elect new State Committemen, many and maybe most, perhaps all, district chairmen have their favorites but they also have a hit list.  If you have worked your heart out for the party but your name is on a district chairman's hit list, you will not become a State Committemen unless you buy votes... which rarely if ever happens.   Only one-third of the PCs can become State Committeemen.  It's a sought after volunteer position.

We here at AFA harp on the idea that elections should be honest and fair but we can assure you that inside the Republican party, that is an odd idea.  Being a State Committeemen is a prize to many PCs.  They are supposed to be the cream of the crop and this year, in the fall, from this group will be elected the voting Delegates who go to the Republican Convention in Charlotte, NC from August 24-27.  One does not have to be a SC to attend but they are only spectators.   Notable Republicans are nearly always chosen to go as a Delegates.  Only a Delegate or an alternate Delegate have a vote on who will become the Presidential Nominee.  However, in 2016, due to the shenanigans played by the GOP Chairman that year, Governor Brewer was not elected to go... the former Governor in the state!  Bear in mind, there were multiple problems in that election where voters noted after they voted from their phones, they vote did not register.  Some who were elected refused to vote for Trump!  When they found out they would have to  - Arizona is a winner take all state - they resigned.  It was all petty politics because the Chairman of the State Party was just as duplicitious about elections as the district chairs.... and Fontes himself!

Taking this one step further, in some districts, precinct committeemen are recruited to be a name on the ballot but who has no intention of participating or even caring about the tradition that goes with the job.  Precinct Committeemen are, after all, elected officials.  They place their name on the Primary ballot every even year and the voters in their precinct elect them.  They are recruited so someone can engage in ballot harvesting. 

At the Mandatory meeting held for Maricopa County PCs - you may have read all about it here on AFA - over one-half of the elected precinct committee did not do their duty to show up at the Mandatory Meeting to vote, protest, meet candidates, hear McSally speak and all that goes with the day.    Of twenty districts, three sent in more proxies than attendees.   Two more had essentially equal proxies as live PCs and nine more had more than one-half of their PCs there on paper, by proxy.  One district, the largest, LD23 in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, 101 proxies were carried to the meeting out of 252 PCs, 40% not in attendance.

A proxy can't make a decision how to vote on last minute issues, can't sign an important petition, can't protest, can't speak at the mic.  Sometimes these are important issues to the party... like the three resolutions that people worked hard to get on the agenda.  A proxy can and does determine the outcome of the elections of board members.  

Here is the total: 1555 total PCs "in attendance." Nine-hundred-seventeen there to vote in person and for the 638 proxies they carried.   According to the Recorder's office, there are approximately 2900 Rep PCs in Maricopa county. That means 1319 - 45% -  didn't even care to provide a proxy, making us wonder why they are PCs.

Expect the same situation at the State Meeting.

What would happen if 40% of the voters sent someone else to the polls to vote for them?  Would that change the outcome?

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It sure seems to me the gop establishment is worse than when McCain was here. McDucey learned well how to be a jerk and we pay the price.  He clearly is pulling the strings on both county and state activities.  He's a secure little man with a napoleon complex

The question is, what can we do about the use of Proxies at our meetings. The Rules Committee simply does not do their job and enforce State laws. A.R.S 16.102 clearly bans the use of Proxies in elections in Arizona. Further, A.R.S 38.291.7 clearly states that if an elected official, which includes a PC, does not perform their duties for three consecutive months they voluntarily vacate their office. Thus a PC that fails to attend three meetings voluntarily vacates his or her election as a PC and thus cannot vote in person or by proxy.

You said a mouthful there, Archie.  Like our state and federal elections we can't get traction because they keep the key to the vault where we are locked up.  its shameful how few people want to participate in their gov.They are the first to bitch about gov.

As a newly appointed PC, I don't need to study A.R.S.'s to witness the abuse of the proxy system at the recent County Republican fiasco. Every single PC who made the time to cancel previous engagements, who got up early in the morning  and showed up to that meeting deserved to have their voices and votes considered regardless of whether they were a true Republican or a RINO. PC's who don't care enough or don't take their positions seriously enough should never be allowed a voice simply by lazily entrusting their vote to another individual. It's simply not fair when a measure that I disagree or agree with is canceled out by someone who isn't even present! President Trump repeatedly voiced in his campaign  that "the system is rigged". The local Republican Party proxy system certainly falls within the category of "rigged" systems because the outcome is always predictable. The proxy system as being abused today on both the State and County levels needs to be done away with!





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