[Editor: We said on day one that something was not right about the info being put out on this tragic event.  We took heat for saying that, were called "tin foil hat" people.  Notice, this entire story has quickly faded out of the news stream.  The biggest shooting tragedy in American history faded out of sight in a matter of days after differing stories were released on what happened.  "The only eye witness," Jesus Campos, the so-called security at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, disappeared one week after this happened. He "went on vacation to Mexico in a rented car, a trip he had already planned." Folks, "the only eyewitness" to the worst "shooting tragedy in American History" would have been sequestered somewhere for his own safety and certainly not allowed to "go on vacation."  It is because of the way this has been mis-handled that we post this video.  It is not just because of what this woman reveals that is important.  It is THAT this woman has this story to reveal and that no one but no one who was certified to have been there has come out with any information confirming or denying what happened that we post this.]

Youtuber “OroraMonroe” just blew up the official story on the Las Vegas shooting!  Notice how they’ve taken the Las Vegas shooting totally out of the news cycle now?   That’s what they do when their lies aren’t working!  She sums it up best by saying, “They are lying about EVERYTHING!” in this video she goes over what really happened versus the fairy tale they’ve told us. 

She was in Planet Hollywood when automatic gunfire rang out just outside on the strip.  The shots were so loud everybody in the casino heard it and began running for safety.  People on the street poured into the casino also for shelter.  She and many others ran into a service corridor to get away from the gunfire.  They waited there until armed security guards met them and escorted them to safety back inside the casino.  Armed guards were now everywhere and ready for battle!  They were taken into a big conference and held until 5 in the morning because there were literally shooters being reported by police everywhere on the strip!  She listened to the guards radios as they reported incidents all over the strip and far after the patsy “lone gunman” was killed at Mandalay Bay.   There were shooters at the front desk in one of the hotels, she heard this on the radio!  There was a shooter escaping down an escalator in one of the hotels.  She couldn’t believe what she saw the next morning when she turned on the news in her hotel room and they only talked about one shooter!  Fake News! [unadultred propaganda!  Not Fake News]

See video [LINK]  

Click [LINK] below to go to hear the airport tower controllers chatter during the shooting:


This is a video taken of a helicopter flying over the concert crowd during the shooting showing the crowd reaction:  https://youtu.be/3xjTSidM8TU

[You can find dozens of videos on youtube on this incident. The fact that there are so many videos and interviews that are contradictory proves one thing: something is not right and is being distorted or hidden from the public.]

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bummer, the link does not work

Yes, it's the same link as above except for location.  Ours is from Before It's News. It does work now.  Thanks, Marc.

Looking down the side of that page, there appear to be a rather large number of similar stories and claims, disputing the single shooter explanation we've been offered.  In this day and age, how can the officials believe they can con so many people?  And what's with the media?  Have so many different media outlets been conned?  Silenced?  How can that be with so many witnesses?

In this day and age, how can the officials believe they can con so many people? 

They have been doing it for at least 100 years. We are just now figuring out that the stories about FED, wars etc. are wrong.

Marc, I think the technology has gone FAR beyond that.  Hillary believed she could simply dispose of technology and she wouldn't be found out.  She exhibits stupidity beyond belief, as do many others.  Just one example.  And she believed she could fake news about Trump, all of which could be either verified...or shown to be false.

What I'm seeing is the deliberate ignoring of what is so obviously true and some pols (both sides of the aisle) attempting to bluster their way through the public's beliefs, despite great evidence to the contrary.  And I'm more than a bit appalled at the behaviour of the legal system, judges and similar officials deliberately making decisions based on ignoring the Constitution.  Will we EVER get our Constitution back?  Will we ever get our education system back?  At least 60 years ago there WERE actual school classes on civics and studies of the Constitution available and taught.  All gone now.  Deliberately.


This situation has fascinated me since AFA called it out as "something is not right" and I have reviewed some of the many videos.  I'm posting this about 30min long because the info is from an ex-CIA guy who gives good info as to what he thinks really happened and it's a theory I have not seen anywhere else as to "who did it"  Let me know what you think.

Believable except the Zionist part. where do people get that from? 

You haven't heard? There is a zionist mafia out of Israel in the US and other countries. It's NOT Israel itself. You know about the American mafia and other criminal organizations?  This is a very credible interview but there are dozens of others, many are credible but not all.

I agree this is a very interesting video on LV. This guy has a background that gives him insight the rest of us don't have and he's right to call out "news" organizations for lying to the public. This changes the storied history of our country, will end up in history books and will teach lies to future generations. These things must be revealed.



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