Dear Mayor Gallego and City Council Members:

It has come to our attention that you are considering painting a Black Lives Matters mural on a downtown street.  The issue of slavery is one of their leading complaints and reasons for being, or so they say. We are firmly against such a move for the reasons listed below:

1.  This organization is formed to protect black lives.  Of course, that is appropriate.

We suggest some actual history come into play with this decision:

2.  Slavery has gone on for thousands of years, back to Biblical times.  It  didn't just happen in the past couple of centuries.

3.  Originally, European whites enslaved whites for centuries before the first African black was brought to Europe.  Whites do not scream for reparations from Europe because no one living today was involved.

4.  Africans enslaved other Africans and do so even today.

5.  Between 1500-1860s, an estimated 12million Africans were brought to the 'New World'

6.  Fortunately, less than 500K were brought to America, still a lot.

7.  But for two white men, William Wilberforce who abolished slavery in Europe and Abraham Lincoln who abolished it at great cost of black and white lives in America, the democrats would still be supporting slavery as they did so vehemently when it came to a vote in the Congress that led to the Civil War.

8.  The FIRST legal slave owner in America was a black tobacco farmer, Anthony Johnson

9.  The largest slave holder in 1860 was a black plantation owner named William Ellison;

10. In 1830 there were 3,775 free black people who owned 12,740 black slaves;

11.  Barack Obama, who has stoked the fires of racial hatred for the last twelve  years, is the direct paternal descendant of slave owners

I could go on but the point is, ALL LIVES MATTER.  If you must deface our streets, please paint that!


With thanks to  those who did some of this research.

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I suggest you overlooked the most important fact of all. With the exception of those owning the stock  in the banks that comprise our central bank (the FED) ALL AMERICANS HAVE BEEN ENSLAVED! We are buried under a mountain of unpayable debt; all because we ignored God's guidance to avoid usury. We are again “entangled” with the “yoke of bondage.” For more on this topic see

Walter,  I suggest you would bitch if you were hung with a new rope!  (What we say in Arkansas when people can't find a good thing to say about anything, it's not literal).  I wish to thank the AFA for sending a letter and I think it's a pretty damn good letter.   Guessing it could have gone on for pages when you think about how stupid this whole thing is.

Jasper - I stand by what I said. With the exception of a few bankers ALL AMERICANS HAVE BEEN ENSLAVED! People not only need to know this but to act to restore law and order and the principles and procedures cited in our nation's founding documents. While this need might not be of interest to you it might be to others. I find it unfortunate you appear to lack the capacity to care.  

Walter: You are speaking about a completely different "slavery."  All Americans have not been in physical chains or forced to live in shanties with no plumbing and working for bare subsistance with no rights at all.  

We understand the banking issue but that is not the issue we are writing about.  We have serious doubts BLM or even the Phx Council is concerned about the central banking system at the moment.

The council might not be interested but they and every citizen should be. It is that policy that is providing America's enemies a lot of the money behind the civil unrest. I suggest it would behoove everyone to study the information at We who are concerned about America's future face a huge challenge we shouldn't ignore.

You're right Walter but it's not the topic on this page.  You put that same message every time you post and you are right but I think we all get it now.

Pat - consider it harping if you chose but I will continue to try to convince people of the need to work together in an effort to restore our Republic. It was purchased at great sacrifice and I don't wish to see it become but a page in history books due to lack of knowledge, courage, integrity, or just plain common sense by those of us who should unite.

Keep harping!

If  Walters message is ignored, it will be exactly as you described. Can anyone spell Valenzuela? I have a friend who escaped Venezuela. She has claimed that some of her relatives are "forced to live in shanties with no plumbing and working for bare subsistence with no rights at all."


Don't need to read it.  I have know this for years. Please keep posting it. It bares repeating for those who are new to the crime of debt bondage.  Debt bondage is illegal in this country but the governments, state and federal are signing us up for it every year. I am running for the US Senate in NH to do something about it.

I'm tired of complaining. I am doing something about it.

Kroger's sent out a letter so we could understand the black issues and complaints (they called it Allyship) so I told them for every book they suggested, I would suggest one for their victims to read.  I was happy to receive this post and have forwarded it to Kroger's, mentioning my case number.

I sent a letter to Mayor Gallego.  It was poignant.  More people need to send her letters.



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