This is the first time I have started a new post so I hope I do it the right way.

I think it's important before our meeting on Saturday January 26 to have as many facts about the candidates as possible.  One of my friends sent this to me and I got on my twitter account to check it out.  It's legit.

Seaton is the guy at AZGOP who has done extensive opposition research on McCain's opponents.  This guy is not given to lying when facts are so much more interesting.  This is what he tweeted:

My question- why did she hide her transfer of funds to herself using a sham company if she thought this was OK?  Didn't donors want their money to go toward ads and other means of campaigning?  Using it for travel is also OK and a legit campaign expense.  Paying her mortgage from campaign funds, not so much.

Yeah, I know I'm going to piss off some people on this site who are not interested in facts so much as in their own ideology but this is just the way it is. We need to know this kind of thing about a candidate.  Yeah, there are plenty of people who know what's really going on with Ward. She did attack her former volunteers for working for the Republican, McSally, in the general. Why I wonder? Wouldn't we all prefer a republican to a democrat, especially Sinema, in that seat?

So what about it, AFA. Will you blast this out so all state committeemen can know the facts?

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Readers: if this is a brain-buster for you, and it should be, you should check it out for yourself.  This is the kind of thing that should be important to most voters.

Back years ago, when I was making videos with Shane Krauser, she was one of the guests speakers at his tea party meeting. I felt phony from her. That's all I got to say.

Your question raises the issue of campaign financing, and how the money can be handled.  IF you feel that the way Kelli Ward handled the money was wrong, did you file an FEC complaint?  If not, why not?  I must assume (because you have not reference doing so) that you did not file said complaint, so you should not be questioning the issue now.  The only reason for you to bring it up now, would be to ding a candidate in the hope of swinging votes some other way.  You had your opportunity then, bringing it up now is little short of intentionally attempting to manipulate votes against Dr. Ward.  Shame on you.

Let's look at some other financial manipulations:  In his first meeting as chairman, Chairman Lines stood before the exec committee and stated that, to his surprise, the party was $250,000 in debt - and that he was previously unaware of this debt.  Don't ignore the fact that HE was the treasurer when this debt occurred under Chairman Graham.  Ask yourself, how could the treasurer, any treasurer, not be aware of a quarter million dollar debt?  (Those of us who were in this meeting will attest to the amount AND that he was claiming to be surprised).  But wait, there is more!

Then the minutes of the meeting came out, stating that the amount was $220,000!  How could this be?  But wait, there is more!

A short few weeks later, we got a notice from Chairman Lines that he had managed to retire the $230,000 debt!  What?  What was the actual amount of the debt?  How did he retire it so quickly?

Is this some sort of guessing game, or was there some sort of intentional manipulation going on?

Who knows, for when Chairman Lines was confronted by me, I NEVER received any answers to what the amount of the debt actually was, nor how he raised the money so quickly.  For sure, it was NOT $20 donations from the rank and file.  So, who coughed up the money?  I repeatedly asked, never to get an answer.  I asked several different times and ways.  What I did find, was that the new treasurer had ALSO been locked out of the previous records and transactions.  This lock-out occurred IN SPITE OF our bylaws demanding that the out going treasurer (Lines) surrender their records directly and promptly to the incoming treasurer.

Back to campaign financing:  There was no problem with Dr. Ward's financing, or you would be shouting it from the rooftops., so we get that you are just throwing rocks.  Stop it!

To those that would even remotely consider voting for Lines again, wise up.   For me, i will be supporting Dr. Kelli Ward.  Period.  I have experienced enough under the table monkey business from the elites in our party.  I believe that Kelli will attempt to turn the party back over to the people and the principles that most of us want the party to be. standing for.

Russell, you don't have to criticize Lines to me.  I know what he is and AFA has reported on this and that is where i first learned of him.  Of course, everyone dismisses their good advice which gave us Graham and Lines in the first place.  It will happen again but the truth is that Ducey and Lines have already pulled the trigger.

Drain the swamp

All I see is innuendo in the tweets. Where are the facts? McCain was the worst. Glad he’s dead. He’s why we had to endure Flake, why Sinema is in now and why Obamacare is still the law of the land. He was a shitty pilot, a shittier Naval Officer and why the AZGOP is a shambles.  Anyone who supported him is assumed to be a liar and cheat in my book... or just plain stupid. Until we can get the proxy vote issue fixed we’ll be suffering his evil legacy for years to come. Watch who supports changes to proxy votes and who does not. That will tell you everything you need to know.

Agree on all counts, JR. I could not make myself turn on the tV for the week he was celebrated as a "hero"

Some thoughts:

Is the party part a "representative" form of government?  If so how do we read the following ARS codes?

"ARS  20-863. Representative form of government

A society has a representative form of government if:

1. It has a supreme governing body constituted in one of the following ways:

(a) The supreme governing body is an assembly that is composed of delegates who are elected directly by the members or at intermediate assemblies or conventions of members or their representatives, together with other delegates that may be prescribed by the society's laws. A society may provide for the election of delegates by mail. The elected delegates shall constitute a majority in number and shall have not less than two-thirds of the votes and not less than the number of votes that is required to amend the society's laws. The assembly shall be elected and shall meet at least once every four years. The assembly shall elect a board of directors to conduct the business of the society between meetings of the assembly. Vacancies on the board of directors that occur between elections may be filled in the manner prescribed by the society's laws.

(b) The supreme governing body is a board that is composed of persons who are elected directly by the members or their representatives in intermediate assemblies, together with any other person that may be prescribed by the society's laws. A society may provide for the election of board members by mail. Board members shall serve not more than one four year term. Vacancies that occur on the board between elections may be filled in the manner prescribed by the society's laws. Time served by a new board member while filling a vacancy for the first time shall not count toward the one term limitation. The persons elected to the board shall constitute a majority in number and shall have not less than the number of votes required to amend the society's laws. A person who fills the unexpired term of an elected board member is considered to be an elected member. The board shall meet at least quarterly to conduct the business of the society.

2. The officers of the society are elected either by the supreme governing body or the board of directors.

3. Only benefit members are eligible for election to the supreme governing body and the board of directors.

4. Each voting member has one vote, and no vote may be cast by proxy."


"ARS 16-102. Power of attorney; prohibited use

A power of attorney or other form of proxy is not valid for use by a person in any procedure or transaction concerning elections, including voter registration, petition circulation or signature, voter registration cancellation, early ballot requests or voting another person's ballot."

Yeah, just as I suspected.  Kill the messenger.  1. I didn't know about this earlier. I never would expect something like this from a citizen candidate.  Next, any one of you could go to the and put in Ward's name and find that company on her report. But I guess you want me to do that for you.  Admittedly, you would have to do a bit more digging like at the ACC to find that company.  I haven't gotten a lawyer to explain the campaign finance laws but as I said originally, if it's OK to do that from either a legal or moral perspective, why did she hide it in a shell company?  That is the disturbing question.

Russell, I will not stop revealing hidden info and you are out of line.  I plan to vote for Shamley for the very reason I cannot find any bad stuff on him.  He's highly accomplished way back years and I have not found any baggage on him.  Maybe you can discount that but the basic problem is that we always elect the wrong person.  This is NOT between Lines and Ward.  Lines is a creep and incompetent and I expect he's already lined up the fix.  There is a third choice if you would simply open your eyes and look

Well, I swan as my mama used to say.  My group of current and ex-PCs have been wondering how the unemployed Wards have been living big.  $13K a month.  Nice.  Here's my curious question: when Frosty on Briefs (which I read every day) puts out this kind of info on anyone, do you people email her and chide her?  She posts everything she gets it looks like and I don't see anyone calling her out.  So why do you do that here?  Isn't it nice that we can come here and not pay a dime to post our opinions and tell people THEY have to STOP.  Goodbye freedom of speech.  Hello censors.

Frosty posts comments from others. Rarely does she comment herself.

The point, I think, is that WE don't have access to post our own and if we did, would people call her out for her views?  Hope not.





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