This is the first time I have started a new post so I hope I do it the right way.

I think it's important before our meeting on Saturday January 26 to have as many facts about the candidates as possible.  One of my friends sent this to me and I got on my twitter account to check it out.  It's legit.

Seaton is the guy at AZGOP who has done extensive opposition research on McCain's opponents.  This guy is not given to lying when facts are so much more interesting.  This is what he tweeted:

My question- why did she hide her transfer of funds to herself using a sham company if she thought this was OK?  Didn't donors want their money to go toward ads and other means of campaigning?  Using it for travel is also OK and a legit campaign expense.  Paying her mortgage from campaign funds, not so much.

Yeah, I know I'm going to piss off some people on this site who are not interested in facts so much as in their own ideology but this is just the way it is. We need to know this kind of thing about a candidate.  Yeah, there are plenty of people who know what's really going on with Ward. She did attack her former volunteers for working for the Republican, McSally, in the general. Why I wonder? Wouldn't we all prefer a republican to a democrat, especially Sinema, in that seat?

So what about it, AFA. Will you blast this out so all state committeemen can know the facts?

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Oh, dear.  It is so distressing to see what I'm sure are very nice people disagree so rudely.  I do wish we could just discuss our opinions with grace.  Might I make an observation?  To Jfreden, there is no one on this site that would advocate or vote for Mr. Lines, of that I am certain.  Patience.  It will work itself out.  If properly conducted, the election will surely have more than one round.  That invalidates any idea of vote splitting.  I do so wish I could attend just to watch the procedure.  Good luck, every one of you nice people.

Well, thank you, Jan.  You seem to be the only one here who knows how the voting is supposed to go.

The rudeness comes from Republicans acting like liberals.  We make statements why we support a candidate and are pretty much demagogued about our position. This comes from those who have been on this blog ever since I subscribed.   

Nan, we have consistently removed any post that "demagogued" anyone.  From to treat or manipulate (a political issue) in the manner of a demagogue; obscure or distort with emotionalism, prejudice,etc.   Having a difference of opinion and expressing that vociferously is not the same as demagoguery.  We do not allow name calling, insults or rude language although, we do find some get right up to the line and the team has to weigh in to decide if the line is crossed.  We try not to censor anyone's comments.  It's a fine line.  If we have missed anything that violates our policy, please private message us using the Contact Us tab.  We make information available for those to use for their own purposes.

We know this election on Saturday is a very important decision and it has become very emotional for some people.  We did note that those on the side of Ward and those on the side of Shamley have approached the line and we have deleted three that crossed it.  We have a zero policy for crossing the line but in this case, we are dealing with those who don't usually get out of line so we forgive them their transgression and keep them on the site.  On Saturday late afternoon, a new emotion will emerge.  We won't tolerate any finger pointing based on who voted for whom.  

Excuse my use of the offending word please. I regret I used it.

Thank you, Nan.  We  know you are never rude or even close to out line ordinarily.  All is well.


The entire tweet is out of character for Dr. Ward.





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