A day or two after Nov3, newly elected Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richer, posted on his FB account that he didn't think there was any election fraud.  You can imagine the stir that made... not because of his opinion but that he had that opinion without sufficiently information as to whether there was or wasn't.  Certainly, sufficient evidence had already been brought forward to be at least suspicious.  As an attorney, he should have waited to see where the evidence led and whether opposition was presented or if more evidence of fraud came forward.

We suspect he is still smarting over the slap-down he got on his FB page and we are told, although have not checked, that he removed that comment.

Now he has put out this letter as a result of local and national news that ballots were being shredded!

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This gentleman needs to meet Mike Lindell. Mike put out a video, Absolute Proof, that  Mr. Richer needs to see. On the video, Mike shows 2 hours of proof that there was massive fraud in the last election. 



Sam in addition to Lindell's video the gent should have watched the AZ hearings in full.

It was a great special, Sam.  Lindell hit it out of the park.

He tried to snowball us at our Tea Party.  Didn't work ...... we slammed him.  The whole world knows that there was fraud and this guy who's in the center of it thinks he can claim ignorance.  Yeah, he's ignorant as a loon.  Maybe he's into it up to his eyeballs.  Or maybe they told him they'd include him on the take when all's said and done. 

The love of money is the root of all evil.

Methinks he protests too much.  As Larry said, he's making excuses instead using facts well known. Or maybe he thinks if he tells the same story often enough it becomes fact. It didn't take long for him to fall from grace.

Larry, did he get defensive when he was at your tea party?  And was he called to explain his opinion against the testimoney of so many at that hearing.  AZ gov has become a cesspool.

Well it looks like another 'RECALL'  is needed on Richer!!





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