Since Medical Marijuana and recreational Marijuana are making the news, along with two states that have made recreational Marijuana legal for adults, I thought we should open some kind of dialog about it. I'm hoping that many will give their thoughts, opposition and support.

Since many of us have been indoctrinated by the US Government, let’s start there. Most of the information we receive is from NIDA (National Institute Drug Abuse) and it is their charter to deal with drug abuse, not benefit. Reading the latest "Facts about Marijuana", updated January 2014, we find the NIDA, states that it causes many lung related problems, inflammation, cough, phlegm, chest illness, COPD and a heightened risk of lung infections. It also states that Marijuana smokers, who do not smoke tobacco have more health problems and miss more days of work, because of respiratory illnesses. The NIDA’s position can be found in its entirety at

This is in conflict with a study done by UCLA which ran from 1985 for 20 years and had over 5100 people in the study. They were expecting some of the above problems, including cancer. They were surprised when they found a lower cancer rate, no irritation in the lungs and those that smoke Marijuana had a less lung related health problems than those that smoked tobacco. In fact their study stated that many had lungs that were more capable after smoking Marijuana than before and did no damage relating to COPD. As an asthmatic, I was also surprised. They believe that it's because of THC and other cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory and immune suppressing properties. An article on the study is available at:

NIDA is aware of the study, but does not address it. Why do they not address this situation of complete conflict? They also offer no alternative study or reasons for their position or statements. This makes it hard to accept for anyone trying to form an opinion, as NIDA does not provide an acceptable argument. There are some links in the healthland article that is interesting to read and I suggest that you read them. Such as

U.S. Rules That Marijuana Has No Medical Use. What Does Science Say?

I feel that other investigations of Marijuana and its effects, preclude anything supported by the US Government. One should stay with studies from other countries and news feeds which don’t have a preconceived agenda. It is interesting that Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Neurosurgeon, Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN wrote an article "Whey I would say NO to pot" in 2009 but then completely reversed his opinion in a documentary called "Weed". This documentary is available via YouTube. You can also read his statements on "why I changed my mind on Weed" at

In conclusion, I will state that I was trained by the DEA as a police officer when I was going through the academy for the city of Glendale, Arizona. I found, even then, that the government’s statements were questionable at best and downright baseless in others. I suspect that we will see much on the subject in the coming months and years, with attempts to legalize it as a recreational drug and correct some existing problems with the Medical use of Marijuana.

Please give an opinion, along with what you position is based.

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Anyone hear Michael Medved today?  The topic was whether to legalize cannabis in CA.  His guest was a professor at UCLA, said to be an expert on the subject.  Name sounded like Kleiman.  The discussion was about legalizing it in CA like it is in WA where Medved lives.  He said there are people who stay stoned all day and the people who seem to have the most problem with that is the people who stay stoned all day.  Kleiman said legalizing it will certainly increase usage and probably addiction based on his experience and research.  Even Gov Jerry Brown, CA (Gov Moonbeam) said he wasn't sure he wants it legalized in CA because of the problem with ? (can't remember what he said about that) but that he's going to watch what happens in CO and WA.  That show may be heard if you have the tune-in app on your smart phone or ipad and can pick it up on another station later in the day.  It was very interesting.  I would have more info but I was driving and couldn't take notes.

News Alert:  It was just reported on ABC 15 that in Colorado where there is marijuana on demand, arrests for marijuana DUI's have tripled and that people high on this drives 17 times a month on average.  The police have had to form a task force to deal with this.  More expense for the taxpayers.  Didn't say anything about accidents or fatalities that I heard.

I saw that and it is exactly why I want much stricter laws here for DUI. In my opinion, only an idiot gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while they are under the influence of any mind altering substance. We have enough idiots on the roads without having drunk or stoned ones endangering our lives. 

I have been trying to keep up with what is going on in these states about this topic. Couple of my pet peeves is DUI and parking in handicapped spaces. The Marijuana law here is bad for it's association with DUI.  I wonder if anyone knows what Colorado law is in respect to this.  I can usually tell if someone is up on specific drugs, Marijuana has the bloodshot eyes is the typical give away to start looking.  Although I'm not up on people that consume it over smoke it, maybe American Pride can tell us.  I also never stopped a Marijuana user for any kind of speed violation, always a mechanical.

Our problem here is that the judges don't give what most of think are the 'severe' enough penalties, and rarely do they extend to any real amount of jail time. 

When I was a kid, we were never taught about what any of the drugs could do, really and alcohol was never really spoken about.  My dad had a bar and used to entertain friends there, but we never even wanted to taste it for some reason.  I think now we need to open up to kids, like the Europeans do and when they're old enough they know to take a cab is they get loaded.

I will see if I can drum up stats to see what's going on in these two states...






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