[Editor: A little history:  There are two groups  concerned with building the Desert Discovery Center in the Sonoran Mountain Preserve in Scottsdale McDowell Mountains.  The citizens voted themselves taxes lost to $1,000,000,000 (that's Billion) to purchase land to be preserved forever.  But the big developers see an opportunity to force these same taxpayers to pay them to build a Disney World type facility on 30 acres.  These are the very same people who fund the re-election campaigns of Lane, Virginia Korte and Suzanne Klapp.  They funded Linda Milhaven two years ago.  Councilman Guy Phillips refuses their money because he knows he works for the citizens, not the big developers.

So there is one group working with the developers, Lane, Korte and Klapp to ruin the Preserve and another group dedicated to preserving the Preserve.  It's this second group that is being threatened.]


Last Monday Jim Lane’s big bad lawyer gave us a Cease and Desist letter, demanding we “immediately cease publication of your malicious and defamatory” posts claiming that Lane doesn’t support a public vote on whether to build the DDC in the city’s preserve.**

Here is a link to Lane’s “defamation” claim against NoDDC. Read it, and see the silliness, just like the attorneys we consulted did.

Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic saw the silliness, and did a great story outlining this issue.

Lane has a long history of ducking and sidestepping the citizens’ right to decide whether they want development in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. The first 9 times that we have asked him personally or have witnessed others ask him personally Lane NEVER stated that he recognizes the existing rights to vote provided by our City Charter. 

As Laurie suggested:

Lane and his lawyer clearly know an AZ court decision (Yetman v. English) says it is virtually impossible to defame a public official. Our interpretation is absolutely valid political discussion. Lane knows the legal standard of “defamatory and malicious” is not met. Jim Lane is clearly trying to muzzle and intimidate citizens’ opposition.

On Oct 1 at The Temple Bar at Bell & Thompson Peak road, at about 7:15p. Jason from our team asked Lane “Do you agree that Article 8, Sec 11 of the City charter requires the approval of voters for the DDC project“. Lane said “No I do not“. Multiple witnesses were there and all agreed that these statements occurred.

Continue reading on NO DDC

**Lane did indeed vote Yes on putting this to public vote.  Lane voted Yes only because the votes needed to defeat the idea had already been cast by Korte, Klapp, Milhaven & Smith.  They don't want this to go to a public vote because the public has already said they do not want this monstrosity!  Lane voted earlier this year to spend $800,000 to do site studies and designs for the DDC.  If he wanted voters to decide, he would not have voted to throw away $800,000 tax dollars on a boondoggle.  Just connect the dots!  We recommend that Scottsdale voters vote ONLY for Councilman Guy Phillips and go ahead and vote for Bob Littlefield, who is a fiscal conservative despite his other positions that won't affect Scottsdale governnent.

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These council and mayor are as corrupt as Obama & Hillary. Hope everyone votes for Phillips and Litttlefield.  Phillips always helps out the regular voters no matter their issue. No over council member does that.  Littlefield may not be as smooth as Lane but he's not taking big money from the establishment and special interests.  Lane is polished liar, Littlefield is coarse conservative.  Best choices if we don't want to be taxed again and agains.



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