[Editor: The editorial below (in italics) was posted in MCRC Briefs.  We, too, have received info that McCain is at it again.  We know some of these PC candidates that are on McCain's "Purge the Crazies" list.  They are the backbone in their respective districts and in the party in general.  Every one of them gives tremendous volunteer time to make the party better, to adhere to the party platform, to get out the vote for republican candidates, volunteer at events and spend countless hours working as volunteers for the party.  We also know some of the people who are on McCain's slates: they are the ones who never do anything but cause trouble, sit on their hands when help is needed, never support get out the vote efforts and have made careers out of complaining, criticizing, purging and whining!  McCain, of course, spends an equal amount of time trying to purge the party of these core PCs.  He does it on taxpayer time but uses democrat money. He is an embarrassment to the republican brand and is one of the chief Uniparty operatives.  We will post some of the examples that we have gotten so you can see just what McCain's democrat friend has paid for and sent from Las Vegas on behalf of the old coot!  ]

More PC Purging Shenanigans Surfacing: Briefs has reported incidents, for several years, of hard-working precinct committeemen being left off of flyers/mailers sent out to voters with a preferred PC list to vote for.  It’s known as “cleansing” or “purging” the grassroots conservatives out of leadership positions.  It lays the ground work for carrying the paper PCs proxy to the county and state conventions where they can then control the election of new party officers.  Never mind, they are driving worker bees out. This year LD17’s Angi Stamm, Jason Diefenbacher, Darrell Covert and Sandi Bartlett of “Bartlett’s Bunker” are among the targeted PCs. Stamm’s decided to expose what was happening in LD17 by preparing the flyer that Briefs posted 8-27-16-briefs

Yesterday Briefs was advised that three LD23 precincts were also targeted. See targeted precinct reported so far:

      LD17: Fiesta, Foxcrossing, Muskett precincts.

      LD23: Cocopah, McCormick Ranch and Golden Eagle precincts.

      LD24: Wilshire Precinct, See 8-17-16 Briefs

      LD25: Westwood Precinct,

      LD26: Precinct not named at the moment.

LD18 PC Peggy [...]: “I've been reading your coverage of the PC slates and the attempt to rid the party of conservatives. Recently I was sent a video by Joe Neglia about his research into some PC petition signatures in LD26. As it turned out, it was a McCain operative behind it and some of the signatures weren't valid and the potential PC dropped out when exposed. Have you seen Joe's video? Precinct Committeeman Petition Challenged It may relate to what is going on in the other precincts. Remember when McCain said he would rid the Party of the Crazies.”

Joe Neglia: “This is a recording of the speech I gave at the LD26 District Meeting on August 9, 2016. Precinct Committeeman Petition Challenged I made the video the next day, on August 10. I filed the lawsuit back in June. Incidentally, there is more to the story. The invalid signatures on Blaze Baggs nominating petition were actually collected by a circulator who also notarized Baggs nominating petition.”


Here is what McCain and Lisa James, Kim Owens and others are sending out against conservative PCs:

Cocopah-purgeGuy Phillips              McCormick -ADD Schwartz           Golden Eagle-purge Rutkowski

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I sure hope we can get McLame voted out. I am going to vote for K Ward.


Thanks, Sam.  Sure wish you could talk some of this site's diehard Meluskey fans into seeing the light.  This would be a spectacular opportunity to end the reign.

Sorry Paul. A.  Kelli Ward is McCain in a dress and makeup; B. Ward, Meluskey & Van's 2% don't add up to but about 40% so Ward won't win.  And frankly, I can live with that because she will be in for 30 years repeating everything McCain did.  Did you ever ask yourself why Ward threw in with Ducey (McCain elected him) against Diane Douglas, twice?  Think about who is the conservative in that election.  It's Meluskey!  Focusing now on Flake.

I thought that Meluskey was out of the race. He didn't officially resign (kind of like Cruz did) he left the door open so he could get back in. Our votes goes to Kelli Ward, I like what she stands for & I find it very hard to compare her to anyone such as Juan McShame. Rather than get into this right now, why not discuss how we are going to get rid of Lamebrain Flake when he comes up for re-election? (I say this b/c Jaspersgoat has already given the figures that would possibly allow Juan McShame in for another term.)

Paul, I'm one of the "diehard Meluskey Fans" and I'm telling you right now, I did my homework on both those candidates.  I spent an entire day going through Ward's sponsored bills, co-sponsored bills and what happened to them. They were mostly never even heard because they were so insipid.  Vanity bills to make her feel good.  I watched her FB page and saw the god-awful things she and her surrogates did & said about her opponent - not about his ability or his background or that stuff but about him personally.  It was nauseating.  I could never vote for a person with such a serious lack of character. On top of that, I knew that AFA was probably right when they put out that poll with McCain at 50% 2 wks before the early voting. She was around 20%, surprised she was that high. She shot herself in the foot and us too when she got in the race. Just thinking it was the diehard Ward fans who never looked at her record or her fec reports who were to blame for giving mccain 6. I read that post about her refusing to get out for a Congressman to run against McCain.  Yup, that sounds like her.

i guess I just wanted to be rid of John McCain more than you did. And right now I'm finding it very difficult to respect anybody running around pretending not to see a difference between McCain and Ward. Reminds me of the Rinos who can't see any difference between Trump and Clinton. Same mechanism at work.

It seems to me anyone who really wanted to be rid of McCain would have vetted the candidates and selected the best one.  No pretense involved!  You did not do that but I did so I think you are wrong because there is very little difference between the two - remember, I'm the one who vetted them - except Ward was really more like Kyl. Smoother, more charming, more palatable - like so many politicians.  But you see, your analogy re: Trump vs Clinton is also false since there is provable difference between them, too, if only people would look.  Right, same mechanism: vet the candidates THEN make an informed choice.  The RINOS you reference are not bothering to vet Trump either.  Same as the Ward fans didn't vet her or Meluskey.  Knowing the facts about a candidate is critical to voting but one would not know that based on election outcomes.  I had to learn about vetting candidates and how to do it but that is what I did.

The best thing that can happen is for Meluskey to run against Flake. He now has much better name recognition and is more politically savvy. We are lucky McCain won because this will certainly be his last term. There will be time to find a true conservative to run by then.

Sen. McCain is a very terrible man.  But I saw what Dr. Ward did to Mr. Meluskey on facebook, which was so terrible personally. I have a friend who is friends with the Meluskey family.  They are a beautiful loving family and he is a true Christian and never got down in the gutter with Dr. Ward. This man and his family did not warrant such awful treatment at the hands of Dr. Ward. I do not like her voting record.  She's young enough to be another terrible senator for years to come. No, I, too, will vote for Mr. Meluskey as not just the conservative in the race but the only honorable candidate. I will sleep well tonight knowing I did not vote poorly again.

I agree that Alex Meluskey is an HONORABLE man.  Just did a quick scan but did not see HONORABLE describing any other candidate.  Hopefully, Alex will run in 2018.  AZ voters should be ready to welcome him with money and votes. 

Shirley: of course there are other honorable candidates.  We used that word to describe Frank Schmuck in our e-blast this morning.  The problem is there are not enough of them!  We will be interviewing Meluskey in the coming months to see if he has further interest in elective office.  We can also use HONORABLE about Aaron Flannery who just may have won the republican nomination for the next Maricopa Recorder.  Holding our breath on that one.

Just came across this on National Review I thought was interesting and to the point:

"Ward proved to be a lackluster candidate, unable to attract the money and support from outside groups that might have helped her over the finish line."

"In February 2015, Club for Growth president David McIntosh told reporters the group would “watch closely” to see how the McCain primary developed, and who challenged him, and then consider getting involved. McCain is no favorite of many conservatives — it was he who coined the term “wacko birds” to describe Ted Cruz and his allies in Congress. What’s more, the two congressmen publicly mulling challenging McCain — Salmon and Representative David Schweikert — were both Club for Growth favorites. That was the worst-case scenario for McCain, confidantes and advisers say — either or Salmon or Schweikert getting in, and, specifically, the fact that they would likely bring in outside groups like the Club for Growth, whose super PAC could devote hundreds of thousands of dollars on top of whatever the campaign itself spent. “McCain can always outraise these guys, but it’s when the super PACs focus” that it becomes more challenging, says one McCain adviser."

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/439543/john-mccain-primary-vi...  Looks like AFA was out in front of this all along.



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