[Editor:  Just a note from the past.  When Ms. Douglas ran for SPI the first time, she told our head Admin that she could not change Common Core.  Killing Common Core was her entire campaign. When our Admin asked her why she was running on a promise she already said she couldn't keep, she said, "I changed my mind."  One does not change the facts by changing their minds about the facts.  This is the reason AFA never supported the Douglas campaign.  Thank you to Gilbert Watch for sending this article so we could post it for your information.]

When does “repeal and replace” not mean “repeal and replace”?  When Supt. Of Public Instruction Diane Douglas says it. 

Incumbent Douglas has been cranking out media releases, including taking a recent victory lap on the anniversary of the State Board of Education’s adoption of “Common Core Rebrand #2.”  Her false “Common Core has been repealed and replaced” narrative has recently appeared in Frosty Taylor’s 12/20/2017 Briefs.  It also appeared in the 12/19/2017 issue of the Yellow Sheet.   

For the record, the Common Core Standards haven’t been repealed or replaced.  At most, they’ve been “tweaked.” 

Don’t be fooled by Douglas’s red herring argument when she states:

“More than 200 teachers who donated thousands of hours in working groups, as well as countless dedicated parents, 10,000 public comments, several nationally recognized technical experts, prominent anti-Common Core authorities and the Arizona Department of Education’s (ADE’s) K-12 Standards team all helped shape the new Arizona standards in practice. There is currently a feature on ADE’s website that outlines the Top 5 ways Arizona’s new standards differ from Common Core.” 

The truth is, she ignored virtually every teacher, member of the public, nationally recognized technical expert, and prominent anti-Common Core authority that offered specific recommendations that would repeal and replace the Common Core Standards.   

Instead, hundreds of recommendations from Achieve, Inc., appear throughout the “redline” versions of the ELA (English and Language Arts) and Math standards, and were incorporated in the “final, approved 2nd draft.”  For those not acquainted with Achieve, back in 2009, Achieve partnered with the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers on the Common Core Initiative, and a number of Achieve staff and consultants served on the writing and review teams.”   (See ELA Redline StandardsMath K-5 Redline StandardsMath 6-8 and High School Redline Standards, ELA 2nd Draft Standards, and Math 2nd Draft StandardsSee below for 2 examples of “changes” to the Common Core Standards.

Incumbent Douglas’s deceptive narrative isn’t anything new.  She’s been doing this for over a year.   

Continue reading on Gilbert Watch

[NOTE: Diane Douglas is running for re-election as Superintendent of Public Instruction.]

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More "Don't watch what I do, LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY I DO"!

Diane Douglas must go!

Yes, she has been proven to be a hypocrite. Time for parents to Home school.

Or "Unschool".  That works well, too.

This is Pat Smith's wife, Florence.  As a teacher for kindergarten through 8th grade students struggling in math and reading, it has been disappointing to me how much misinformation has been spread about the Common Core Standards in the conservative community.  As a conservative, I had always felt we were the truth-tellers.   

I feel Diane Douglas took advantage of the eagerness in the conservative community to believe anything that was bad about Common Core even if what she said was provably false.  She talked about data being collected about students for the federal government.  When I asked where that was happening, she was unable to name a single place.  She talked about how bad the standards were.  When I asked her to name one standard she would change, she said she wouldn't play that game.  Her talk told about how readings for literature were taken out of context.  When I quoted the portion of the CCSS that says that literature is best read within the context of the whole text, she ignored that and continued her talking point that readings for literature were taken out of context.  She talked about how Common Core used lattice math.  Lattice math is used in one textbook and is never mentioned or recommended in Common Core math standards.  She continually stated Common Core was a government mandate; however, there are states that never adopted the standards and others that left after joining.  

A few months back I decided to make a list of all the falsehoods that were circulating about Common Core Standards.  I came up with over 50 of them.  Here are a few of them:  1)  Common Core is "fuzzy" math.  Common Core math was developed on the same principals as Singapore math.  In 2016 Singapore scored the highest of all countries in math and science.  2)  There are no phonics standards.  (I have typed a list of phonics standards and it is more than 1 page when typed.)  3)  It strips local control.  (Local people select the curriculum for all standards.)  4)  Common Core is called Marxist and Socialist.  (If you use the word search function of the Common Core Standards app, Marxist, Socialist, Islam, Muslim, etc. are never mentioned; however, "Bible" is mentioned 6 times and the word "biblical" once.) 5)  Algebra is not taught until high school.  (Algebraic concepts are taught in kindergarten already.  A full year of algebra can be done in 8th or 9th grade depending on whether the school is using the traditional math standards or the integrated math standards.  There are some experts that believe that struggling students would best be served to have algebra in 9th grade.)  6)  Some people have said that Shakespeare is not taught, but Common Core specifically mandates that classics and Shakespeare are to be taught to every high school student.  

This is a very short list of misinformation which was spread in the last Superintendent of Public Instruction election.  I would hope that the candidates this time will have more factually based information.  

Florence: Please remember that you fought this fight in favor of common core the last time we did a series on this. Please do not fight it again.  You may go back to your previous posts and grab the url and post a SHORT comment to send people to where you have already said all of this on this site.  You can go to Pat's page and find the lead-in to all of those posts.

AFA is strongly against Common Core.  Our members are strongly against Common Core. Just this morning I spoke with a middle school teacher in Omaha who lived in AZ before and she said they teach the same garbage there as they do in Arizona.  She said what we have heard so often from teachers: kids are not understanding common core math because it is non-sensical and they are frustrated and losing interest in school.  That is exactly what we have heard from teachers in AZ and charter school owners.  Conservatives across America are against Common Core.  I will leave this post up but please do not use up our space with further misinformation.  Our policy and the policy of our ning system is that repeated posts are subject to suspension of our site from the network. Thank you.

To Arizona Freedom Alliance from Florence:  I am only continuing my Common Core fight because I STRONGLY believe that Common Core has many strengths and will benefit students.  I am deeply distressed that conservatives have bought into so many falsehoods.  I know many teachers who feel the Singapore/Common Core math teaches students to understand the concepts much better than they understood those concepts when they were in school.  I also have noticed that you have never attacked my facts.  You have just written them off as opinions.  I would gladly publically debate anyone on the facts.    

That said, I will change my comments into another vein.  

Part of my boss' position involves connections with the Education Department.  She is a Republican, but has become increasingly distressed by how poorly the Education Department is being run.  I feel we need to select a Republican candidate this time who can be a good administrator for the Education Department.  If Diane Douglas is our Republican candidate again, it is my feeling that we will have a Democrat elected as Superintendent of Public Instruction.  

Common Core is a United Nations / New World Order One World Governmentprogram. 

Now that we know whose side you're on, we know we need to remove you before you turn our children from American citizens into World citizens. 

To Larry from Florence,

I am a patriotic American and have no interest in turning my students into World citizens.  Can you cite even one Common Core standard that would back your opinions?  

I'm stunned that someone in your position would pretend NOT to be aware of the general consensus against Common Core.  That CC is a U.N. program to indoctrinate the youth of the world whose ultimate goal is the elimination of nations' borders.  And all to prepare for a One World Government. 

Please tell me that you're aware of the attempts to take over America's educational system.  Nevertheless, we will be freed from the clutches of the New World Order Elite sooner of later.

But here's some info just in case you really were unaware:






Good job, Larry.  You just scratched the surface. I was on this site when this discussion was full blown before the last election in 2014 and there is a lot of good info there.  I think anyone can simply search "common core" on the search box at the top of the page and find a lot of good information.  Like you, I cannot believe anyone who is both educated and a patriot would not know how bad CC is and why is has been instituted across America.  Blinders? Indoctrination? SHMH as to why Florence thinks we should do her research for her. I do my own.  Open your mind and give it a try, Florence.  BTW you are named for a beautiful city in Italy!

To Larry from Florence,

I have read much information from FreedomWorks and Alex Newman and have talked to Alex Newman when he was on two radio shows.  I feel both have given out much misinformation.  My questions was "Can you cite even one Common Core standard that would back your opinions?"



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