Thanks to all who sent in photos of the two Rallies at the Capitol on May 15.  A picture really is worth 1000 words!!

Photos Courtesy of The Bird's Nest:

Photos below from random sources:

Grassroots folks always dress in matching t-shirts and bring signs for everyone!!






















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I'm sorry that I missed Bill Whittle. He's one of my favorite commentators.  Far superior than Governor Brewer!!

Interesting how some left the area that they had occupied. They just left their signs (most of them made for them) where they were sitting. Wasn't it the Democrats that came to listen to our Liar-In-Chief who left all their flags & such on the ground after they left. Then the Republicans came in & cleaned up their mess.  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, they used those flags to show their patriotism to our country. And I have to think back to when Jan Brewer ran for election.  I could have sworn that she was a Republican. Oh well, another RINO has or will soon be hitting the dust.





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