A group of State Committeemen has contacted me, and asked me to announce that they are now gathering signatures to hold a special meeting to remove Chairman Jonathan Lines from office.  I have seen the official call. In my judgment, these are serious people and this is a credible initiative. The date of the special meeting has been set. The official call has been printed. It’s evident to me that this group of State Committeemen is paying close attention to following the Bylaws requirements for a special meeting. All that’s needed to make the call complete is for 20% or more of the State Committeemen to sign the call. It is my understanding that members of this group began to contact leaders and State Committeemen around the state, for signature gathering, this week.

The date of the special meeting will be made public soon after the call and signatures are delivered to me. According to the bylaws, Chairman Lines will have ten days to inspect and challenge any signatures. Then it will be my duty, as secretary, to mail the official call to all State Committeemen. I accept my responsibilities as secretary, and I pledge to the State Committeemen that if a call with sufficient qualified signatures comes to me, I will mail the call.

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217 views and only 16 likes.  That surprises me.

I've been noticing with the same surprise that the numbers of likes are always very very few, compared to the number of views. I've been seeing that on all kinds of posts about all kinds of subjects, and I guess it's just that people don't have time to click that like button. Or maybe some don't believe in "liking" anything online. I used to be like that, myself.

Considering that Gabby's open letter to Matthew Kenney ended up with a total of 1300 views--far more than I have EVER seen on any AFA article--I don't think the likes really matter that much. 

I can't blame you, though, for thinking that it meant something. It's something you wouldn't normally look at, unless the subject was important, as this one is. 

Will the state GOP pay for the call and associated expenses ?   Are we going to need to raise some money to get this done ?   If so, better to start sooner rather than later, like as soon as minimum sigs are captured.  

I'm hoping the state will be forced to pay the expenses for an action such as this that is covered by the bylaws, but don't believe for a second that they would refuse to do so.   There is no real remedy for that, I think, so we should be prepared for the worst, and let Lines successor do the right thing to cover the expenses retroactively.

Sorry that I am not able to attend ---I am a Conservative in LD 28 and do not qualify!





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