The nonprofit foundation that raises and manages the money for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Posse has changed its name and severed its ties with MCSO.

That, according to Marsha Hill, the president of the nonprofit now called the Alliance for Arizona Animal Protection. Hill said the new name, with updated board members, was filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission last week.

Hill said the move came because she and the other board members felt bullied by the sheriff's office to turn over most of the board's bank account with no accountability for how MCSO was going to spend the money.

"I get this formal letter stating that they would like to have this posse turn over $200,000, which would just about wipe us out," Hill said.

The request came from Deputy Chief Brian Lee in December of 2013. The letter states the donation would help offset costs that are currently being drawn from the current budget to operate the MASH I and MASH II programs. Those programs house and care for abused and neglected animals seized by MCSO's Animal Crimes Unit.

"They (board members) didn't know why on earth they would want to almost deplete us of almost our whole funds. And they realized that we couldn't just hand over, legally, to the sheriff's office, that much money," said Hill.

According to Hill, the board voted unanimously not to write that large of a check to the sheriff's office. She said the foundation paid veterinary, food bills and other expenses incurred by the MASH units when bills were turned over to them and they had clear records of where the money was going. But to turn over that massive amount of money with no accountability, Hill said she and her fellow board members believe would be irresponsible.

In February, Hill said she was notified by an MCSO sergeant that she was the subject of an "administrative inquiry" and that she was being put on suspension as commander of the posse. She was ordered not to have contact with anyone on the posse. Hill believed the sheriff's office was retaliating against her and trying to bully her.

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When I was attending the LD4 meeting in Estrella a month or so ago, I asked a guest speaker from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors about the MASH units because a comment was made that things seemed to be going along as usual under the new regime. I'm not a member of PETA, but I am a die-hard animal lover and I'm familiar with the lengths Sheriff Joe went to for the care of those creatures. Reading the above is painful. This Marsha Hill has been volunteering her services to dole out the money for the upkeep of these animals and, no doubt, has been doing an excellent job. Something is very fishy here. My concern is not only for the legality of this, but more for the lives of the animals.

We are getting some information that the MASH units are slowly winding down. It is hard to say how much interest there is, within the Sheriff's Office, in keeping them running.

You are correct Connie, there is something fishy here and it was within Joe's staff. The problem was that someone in the command staff had found out the money was in the bank for support of the animals and especially those who were in the worst shape and needed major vet care and special feeding to bring them back to health. We know and the timing was right, that they had robbed one of the other programs to pay the investigator they hired during the Obama birth certificate investigation in the state of Washington $250,000 from a funds they had to replace. The money sitting in that bank account for the animals was wanted by them for that purpose since it would not come from funds they would have to account for or replace.

Soros appointed Sheriff Penzone must be removed.  Soros gave $2 Million to defeat Sheriff Arpaio ........ and one of Soros' company's also ran the voting machines. So I'm wondering how many fraudulent votes did Penzone get?  Someone should look into that.

Sounds like the request came from Sheriff Joe's administration being in December of 2013.  Still as Connie states, many of us love animals and Joe's administration did right by them. It is discouraging to see this train of events leading to Ms. Hill being targeted seemingly unjust.  I thought this type of gag is usually done in criminal investigations....?

I still can't help wondering why it took four years...

Marsha Hill is an awesome lady, for those who don't know her.  And as you can see, she has a heart for the defenseless ..... animals included.  Perhaps this program should be run by a private organization.  (to keep Calzone's grubby hands off its money ....... or maybe we should investigate Calzone for holding onto illegals until it was too late to bring charges against them and then claiming that he HAD to let them go.)



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