Occupying Administration Silently, Sneakily “Revising” Census Count, Blue States Suddenly Surge

After the census results last week came out, showing a massive shift from Blue to Red states, the occupying administration is secretly “revising” the numbers. Suddenly blue states like New York are gaining and red states are losing in the count (much like on election night) and a total of 2.5 million people have been added to blue, while half a million have been subtracted from red.

Creators explained:

There is something very fishy about the new 2020 Census Bureau data determining which states picked up seats and which states lost seats.

Most all of the revisions to the original estimates have moved in one direction: Population gains were added to blue states, and population losses were subtracted from red states. The December revisions in population estimates under the Biden Census Bureau added some 2.5 million blue-state residents and subtracted more than 500,000 red-state residents. These population estimates determine how many electoral votes each state receives for presidential elections and the number of congressional seats in each state.


Is this a mere coincidence?

These population estimates determine how many electoral votes each state receives for presidential elections and the number of congressional seats in each state.

Remember, the House of Representatives is razor-thin today, with the Democrats sporting just a six-seat majority with five seats currently vacant. So, a switch in a handful of seats in 2022 elections could flip the House and take the gavel away from current Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. A shift of 3 million in population is the equivalent of four seats moving from Republican to Democrat.

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The left stole the 2020 election.  So the fix is on--and, of course, they're going to "steal" the census.

We are reaping decades of the results targeted by liberals and ourselves who out of ignorance had faith in public education to which 80% of America's children are consigned without choice. Now we have a voting majority of "know-nothings" about what made/makes America unique in world history.

The American voter has created this mess with their ignorance at the polling place every two years.  Elections have consequences.  You reap what you sew.

 Go DEMOCRATS !!!!!!

 Operation RED,,  "Remove Every Democrat" in 2022

We don't have to wait. Lets do it now. We can use 14-3 and take out all that have voted to damage the Constitution during this session.

Sure smells to high heaven. 

I have always believed that the great migration from blue states to red was by design. Makes sense now to  believe that modifications to the lefts  grand plan is necessary after the 2o2o census to fudge the  numbers to benefit  the CDP (Communist Democrat Party).

They leave those blue states because of sky high taxes, etc., but then vote for the same kind of idiots who favor the same in their new states--talk about stupidity.  Reliably once-red states are now purple.

The fact is you folks were voting for McCain/Flake/Kyle/McDucey/Nopolitano and many more within the Republican framework for office long before many of US fled those already stolen states in Blue. How long ago was Robert Graham head of the Republican Party here? I came here and got involved and was appalled to find so many RiNO's in the party, at the PC level with proxy votes, doing their damnedest to keep McCain and those RiNO's in office locally and at the federal level. Hate to break it to you but many of those are still in power, look at the Board of Supervisors and their corruption in the recent election. I made a formal complaint to the AG Mr. Bronovitch in 2018 election about the voting machines by way of their online portal and nothing happened. What is he doing now? Running for higher office and very likely to succeed. He has done basically nothing till recently because he is now trying to put his name in front of everyone so he can get elected to a different office. Had he investigated the Election System in 2018 perhaps we might not be in the mess we are in now with the "Dominion" debacle. By the way isn't Dominion another way of saying "Domination"? Just asking. They didn't hide it. My understanding is that it was in the sales literature/brochure that it could be used to control the outcome. WE have a problem with the likes of Rusty Bowels and Kevin Payne and a dozen others within the Republican Party as our state Reps and Senators that would fit the moniker of RiNO voting often on the wrong side and our local LD's still put them on the "Golden Ticket" and keeping anyone else off the ballot in the Primary by any means necessary. The Republican Party refused to even allow the challenger for the Senate Election to put his signs or campaign material in the office as a challenger to McSally during the Primary election. They even asked the challenger to drop out and not primary McSally/McCain. Really? Is this the best we can do? This has been going on for 30 years in Arizona long before any major influx from Blue States you have been ruled by these RiNO's turning it ever to the left one election at a time. Blurring the lines alienating many of the more truly conservatives and electing more and more RiNO/McCain like Reps and Senators from more and more LD's and Congressional Districts.

I am sending an e-mail to Gosars office, mostly out of curiosity. This obscene corruption is Biblical in its proportions. We need to make sure our Reps. are aware of this & find out WHAT they are going to do. Seems the comrades never run out of ways to abuse OUR agencies for their goals. Sickening.

At least two on our AFA team were not ever counted.  One went online to do it but refused to answer questions of a personal nature that has nothing to do with how many people are in a given state and no one came to their door or sent a form through the mail.  Now, how many others are that like this that did not get counted at all?





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