Open Letter to: Matthew Kenney, AZ GOP Executive Director, from Gabby Saucedo Mercer, AZ GOP Secretary

An Open Letter 

From: Gabby Saucedo Mercer, Secretary of AZGOP

TO:  Matthew Kenney, Executive Director of AZGOP:

I am disappointed to find that you seriously misquoted me when speaking at the Executive Committee meeting about our conversation, which was on Friday, June 9th, not the Tuesday before the meeting. You stated at the exec meeting that I never mentioned wanting the records. I remember quite well what I said to you, and you got it completely wrong. I told you how frustrated I am, not having access to the records all the secretaries before me have always had. I informed you that a few groups of State Committeemen have come to me to ask if they can count on me to send out a Call Letter to the body, if they bring one to me. They are actually concerned that I will be unable to do my job! That Friday, I told you how I answered that question, which was “Absolutely! That’s my job!” I then asked you this question, “But how can I do my job, when I don’t even have the lists of the State Committeemen and pcs mailing addresses and emails?”


All you would say was “You’d have to speak to the counsel about that.” Speak to the counsel!!? What has he got to do with my tasks, according to the bylaws? But your only answer was “Speak to the counsel.” I must ask you if that reply was meant as a message to me that the AZGOP has no intention of allowing me to mail out an official call to a special meeting. That would go totally against what the bylaws require! And it would go against my own professional standards as well!

My reply to you was that I would not speak to any attorney. There is no reason for me to do so, on this subject, because the bylaws are clear in describing my duties, when the state committeemen bring a Call Letter to me. It is my duty to mail it to the membership. I am now seriously concerned about what will happen if a Call letter really is brought to me. Does the chairman intend to interfere with me doing my job of mailing an official call letter? I would like an answer to this question: is the AZGOP leadership going to refuse to give me the mailing addresses and postage, so I can fulfill my duty to mail the Call Letter, if I am asked to mail one? According to the bylaws, If the state committeemen deliver a Call Letter to the secretary, that letter becomes the official business of the party. If the AZGOP refuses to mail that letter, I believe that will be an intentional breach of the bylaws! 

Matthew, I must insist that you retract the misquoted statement you made at the Flagstaff executive meeting, regarding what I said to you on Friday June 9th.  I am personally tired of the way you and Lines and other establishment Republicans are calling for unity but keep attacking Republicans that dare to speak up or challenge the lack of transparency and the smoke and mirrors.  If you do not know what I am referring to, check The Sonoran Alliance. I am sick and tired of the cowards who write for such blog/publication using pseudo names. I can tell that those fake named writers have ties to the AZ GOP establishment because NOBODY knew about my meeting at AZ GOP on February 21st or what transpired at such meeting, so how did Sonoran Alliance know all the details they then wrote about it? Kory Longhofer asked me in front of three witnesses who came with me, to wait two days so he could talk to Lines and then be able to give me an answer regarding the handing over of the records to me. I guess that must have been just to delay it, because I have never heard back from Kory.


Another comment that you made to me in that same June 9th conversation is really bothering me. It was in answer to a comment of mine. It was right after I reminded you that Lines promised many conservatives that he would not hire you, but not long after, he turned around and did it, anyway! I wanted you to understand how much it concerned me that our chairman would say one thing and do another.

But, Matthew, you corrected me! You said that Lines had nothing to do with the decision to hire you as executive director. You said “It was not his decision. It was the donors” who insisted that Lines hire you. I have to tell you, Matthew, that I was amazed by that remark! I thought to myself, “Did I just get a glimpse of who really is running our AZGOP? Did Matthew just tell me that it’s the big-money donors who control what the AZGOP does, and who tell the chairman what to do?” 

Then I wondered, “Who are these donors who have so much power over the AZGOP?” Whoever they are, and I would like to find out, I do not believe they are on the side of the Republican Party, or the Republican voters of Arizona! Another question needs asking, “Is it possible these donors have an agenda all their own that we know nothing about and are using our party to execute it?” I am seriously concerned. Is this part of the reason why the AZGOP will not give me the permanent records, and why they did the same to our treasurer, for so long? How many more questions does this ask and answer? A lot, I bet.


Gabriela S. Mercer

Secretary, AZ GOP

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Russell this from Publius Huldah person is another purists pointing out the a convention of states will or can produce a totally new constitution.  Can not happen.  She makes a good argument but misses key elements of the process.  One for example is any state can rescind the resolution for to hold an Article V Convention of State convention at any time.  In Phoenix the COC rules convention will take place September 12 -15 2017.

Ahem, there is a difference between Convention of States and a Constitutional Convention, commonly referred to as Art. V Convention or Con Con.  Why does no one read up on this and see the difference?  Not saying I'm in favor of Art V Convention but I sure like facts.

There are just about as many against the Art V as for it. I find the confusion is that people don't know the difference between a Constitutional Convention and a Convention of States.  And I also find those vehemently against don't want to know.  So misinformation is like fake news, it travels fast.

Sent by Chairman of La Paz County, Russell Sias:

Open letter to Chairman Lines:

On the 28th of June, I sent you a letter with several questions. I also gave you a week to respond. You have not, and today is day ten.

You could have simply said that I misunderstood Ms. Petsas when she told me that my suggestion of a bylaws change should be in the standing rules instead of in bylaws. (I didn’t) But, you have not. You could have claimed that I misunderstood when she attempted to deceive me. (I didn’t) But, you didn’t say that either. You have had ample opportunity to tell Ms. Petsas that it is absolutely inappropriate to keep contact information from being passed around within the bylaws committee, but you have not done that either.

You could have claimed, in answer to my eleven questions about the $250.000 that “surprised” you, that it was not improperly spent, but you haven’t done this either. Sir, you have no justification to be “surprised” by this apparently missing money, for you were the treasurer, with a mandated responsibility, by our own bylaws no less, to watch over the party’s money. The question remains, how on earth could you be “surprised” by this indebtedness? You were the treasurer! No answer to this question, either!

Today is day 10 – and counting. We, the grassroots of the party are not going away. We have every right to know why you insist in keeping us in the dark. It’s time to come clean and explain what is going on within our party and with our money.

Russell Sias, County Chair, La Paz County, & bylaws committee member

Lest i forget how to spell my last name, it is Sias, not Sais.  Just saying.....

Hello Russell Sias,

Sir - we just had a meeting of the LD14 down in Benson AZ.  I must say the PCs are riled up and next Monday afternoon the Cochise County Republican Committee (CCRC) will meet.  The CCRC chair gave me June 17, 2019 Executive Committee meeting binder.  She (CCRC chair) has asked me to spear head the charge from here.  I am looking forward to reading it and reporting to the CCRC PCs - Monday.

The abuse of proxies at AZGOP would be described by the attendees of the LD14 meeting as despicable.

You should not have to ask for the contact information for the By-laws committee.  Lets' face the fact that we are all elected officers and the email or other contact information is or should be public knowledge.  I should be able to go to the AZGOP web site and look up everyone on the By-laws committee.  That is our PCs right.

Who appointed or elected the By-laws chair?  I will bet $100 it wasn't the committee.  make a motion that the by-laws committee will operate under Roberts Rules of Order.  That is not in the AZGOP by-laws is it?  Or maybe I missed it.  Then make a motion for the chair to step aside so that the committee may elect their own chair.  See anything wrong with that? I do not.  The chair will and declare you out of order.  But immediately you state "Appeal the Decision of the Chair!"  Google it the chair has to step aside, turn the meeting over to another and the decision decided by the committee of the whole.

Bruce M Piepho, as far as I know, it was Chairman Lines who appointed Ms. Petsas, along with Coleman as her co-chair.  Not taking your bet!

And, yes, the members should be, with no doubt whatsoever, public information to ALL PCs.  Period.

I consider the issue of proxies to be one of the ways the party is being manipulated by the cabal.  They need to go.  There are two things that could save the party.  One is to end the silliness of proxies, and the other is to get a set of bylaws that are bottom up, instead of top down.  Not going to happen with the current thugs in control.

I do agree with Jim Ehl, it will take more than whining to regain control of the party!  We HAVE TO step up and stop with the excuses of being to busy, or somebody else should do it, whatever...WE have to do it.

Well Russell - I congratulate you on stepping up.  At our LD14 meeting there was a unanimous agreement that proxies have been abused at state meeting.  A person carrying a proxy is SUPPOSED to vote reflecting the proxy giver's wishes.  How can anyone do that with a hundred or more proxies or for that matter 25 proxies or even 10.  LD14 has a limit of TWO proxy for any individual and work very well.

With all due respect I must question why people continue to play the Republican parties game. It's been said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Any objective review of history shows that both major political parties are responsible for the passage and perpetuation of the ungodly and unconstitutional Federal actions that have exceeded the clear bounds of it jurisdiction under the Constitution.

Is it time to search for an alternative party?

Nothing wrong with the Republican party.  Simply need to recall AZGO Chair Lines, defeat Flake, recall McCain, replace McSally, hold a convention of states to put congress into term limits, require congress (all senators and representatives plus staffs) to be in Obamacare, ask the questions about federal manipulated health care:

1) Where it that authorized in the constitution?

2) What needed fixing in the health care industry before Obamacare?  Cross state borders competition, state managed preexisting conditions, able body to work people receiving Medicaid, drug industry advertising, Medicare personal savings accounts, alternative medicine legitimized, and tax deductions for health insurance premiums paid by tax payer --- guess what -- none of the above being discussed.

3) Why does congress have their won health care insurance?

After further carefully consideration- maybe it is time to start an alternative party.



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