Audit: election mishaps due to faulty equipment, no backup plan

[If the problems were "due to faulty equipment, why was this equipment not tested well before the election.  Isn't that part of the job of handling elections, to make sure elections can be properly held?  And now, we face the same thing?  No confidence in the Primary and none in the General if these problems have not been resolved.  Pointing fingers and placing blame does nothing to get the job done.

So, our questions are thes: if it is all the fault of the voting machines, does Fontes now have a claim to go to all mail-in ballots, like he said to start with is what his intention is?  More voter fraud?  If he has an adequate contingency plan, as he claims while dismissing the auditor's report, where was it?]

Malfunctioning voting equipment and the lack of a back-up plan led to 62 polling locations opening late for the Aug. 28 primary election, the Maricopa County auditors concluded.

The Maricopa County Internal Audit Department conducted a review of the election-day mishaps and found they were tied to the county’s electronic voter check-in and ballot printing system, which was first used in the November 2017 municipal elections and the special election for Congressional District 8 in February.

The review found that the county’s electronic voter check-in system, SiteBooks, which was used at all 463 polling locations and 40 vote centers, didn’t work at the polling locations that opened late.

The Recorder’s Office denied many of the auditor’s findings, which were made public Sept. 21.

According to the report, which included the Recorder’s Office’s response to the auditors’ recommendations, the Recorder’s Office said it had already addressed many of the issues the auditors brought up.

The Recorder’s Office challenged the auditors’ claim that the office didn’t have a contingency plan in place in case equipment malfunctioned.

The office said that had it not been for 40 voting centers, places where voters from any precinct can drop their ballots, the office would not have handled the record turnout.

“The plan worked,” the office wrote in response. [Yes, it did.  It worked just like Fontes planned.]

The Recorder’s Office also said that the auditors’ assertion that there were no procedures in place to address long lines at polling locations was “false.” The office said additional staff and equipment was deployed to two locations in the county with long lines, and the office said that the SiteBooks check-in system allowed the lines to move quickly.

The Recorder’s Office also said that a contractor’s failure to provide enough technicians to properly set up the voting equipment “should not be considered as a particular fault of the Elections Department, but that of the contractor who did not perform on the guarantee.”  [We say, Fontes selected the contractor. It was his job to properly vet that constractor.  This has never happened before but suddenly, it's the contractor's fault?  Or the fault of Fontes for not selecting a proven contractor, experienced in this type of work?]

The Recorder’s Office had previously stated that an information technology contractor hired to set up and test the voting equipment did not deploy enough technicians to properly set up the machinery, which led to many of the problems on election day. The county review did not examine the Recorder’s Office use of an outside contractor to set up voter check-in systems at the polling locations. Maricopa County Auditor Michael McGee said auditors are still reviewing information related to those services.

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The incompetency of government is staggering

The voting issues be they faulty equipment or fraud by nasty elected this needs to be truly investigated by the atty general's ofc and heads need to roll out the door.



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