No one should be surprised by the many reports of conservatives, duly elected as replacement state committeemen, apparently being ignored by the state leadership, thus, effectively blocked from taking their rightful positions on the State Committee. I’ve heard there were some reports of this kind of thing back when John Kyl was senator. But, under McCain, it certainly looks like we have a systematic pattern of purging conservatives from any position that would allow them to influence party decisions or actions.

There is a name for this: Disenfranchisement.  In the AZGOP, we’re now seeing an increasingly curious uniformity in the political identification of those in positions of power: We’ve reached the point, now, where the controlling power seems clearly to rest with Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINOs). How much more obvious does this situation have to become, before someone utters the heretofore unutterable speculation--“Our party is no longer in the hands of people with republican convictions, but of people who are NOT REPUBLICANS?”

And what is the next obvious conclusion that a patriotic Republican should come to? I think it would be that, clearly, something is systemically wrong, when the people for whom this party was established--i.e., people who believe in republican principles, i.e., Republicans--are being systematically prevented from rising to positions in the leadership, and also being purged from such positions that they have long held.

It’s time for principled state committeemen and PCs to get to the bottom of
three very serious questions:

1) Has our AZGOP been hijacked by RINOs who are now purging all conservatives from every possible position of authority or influence?

2) Is this a deliberate effort to destroy the party from within? (Sure looks like it with Independents getting well over 50% of new registrations, and Republicans now barely ahead of Dems, according to a recent report on new registrations by Secretary of State Reagan.

3) An effort by whom? (The term "globalist" comes to mind.)  

“Is Mitch McConnell to Kentucky what John McCain is to Arizona?” 

To put a point on this, I will quote a recent conversation I had with a former tea-partier in Kentucky. I phoned him to ask this question: “Is Mitch McConnell to Kentucky what John McCain is to Arizona?” His answer: “Well, by way of answering, let me just say that you are now speaking to the last, and ONLY, conservative State Committeeman in the state of Kentucky.”



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Independent registrations are up because the Dems have swung far-left and are seen as wack-jobs trying to out-virtue signal each other, while Repubs are seen as fractious, in-fighting retards who can't agree to work on anything together. 

I understand that it is mostly Republicans changing their party.  Since the Dems seem to be gaining and the Republicans are loosing people, seems a logical conclusion that the fleeing 'rats' are Republicans.

Of those that I've spoken to that have gone to the Independent party, did so as they feel the Republican party has turned away from it's roots. 

Many are under the illusion that changing parties would be noticed as a 'bad' thing for Republican analysts.  They don't really seem to care, with no comments on why it is or how to fix it.

And because people increasingly realize that the two parties are really operating as one.  Therei is a name for it which I believe was coined by my favorite online commentator: Sundance at

He calls the two parties working together so closely the UNIPARTY.  I also call it a gang-up job. We are being swarmed, and, till recently, we were not fighting back, becuase we did not yet understand the nature of whatwe were fighting. Now, I think we, and a large swath of the public understand it pretty darn well, thank God! 

Drain the swamp


Monsters walk among us and we are complicit in their illegitimacy.





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