There is good reason to believe a President Trump will move against keeping the UN in the US and/or will defund them.  There are over 200 countries as part of the UN.  The US pays 22% of the total costs!  Plus, their diplomats can violate most laws like parking tickets, police stops, etc with not consequences - unlike the rest of us!  The became the United Nations after the League of Nations was considered useless.  The United Nations is equally useless.  The move against Israel was the last straw for right thinking people and even some Democrats have railed against Obama. But Obama doesn't need the Jewish vote any more so he doesn't care!

PLEASE sign and share the petition below to get the US out of the UN.   After you sign you will be asked for a donation.  DO NOT GIVE A DONATION.   All we are asking for is that you sign and share.  Any donations you give will go to IPetitions not the cause so please once you sign and give your optional comments submit and ignore the donation request.  If you share this petition, also please share this recommendation not to donate!

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The John Birch Society has been working to Get US Out! of the UN and the UN out of the US for over 50 years.  If you need documentation and more reasons why we need to Get US Out! go to and  Without the US membership the UN will collapse.  We need to be pro-active in pushing this issue and now is a great time to do it.

Belong to JBS on line for several years simply because they are the vanguards of our Constitution and against all things Communist/Progressive/Marxist etc. You get the idea. Everyone interested in AFA should find out about JBS and join. and We should all sign the petition and contact our Congressmen.

What is/are the "good reason(s)" for Trump to take action against the UN?

Read them yourself by going to the websites cited by Thomas Paine.

No need for a petition. There is already a tentative proposal to have our new President put his name on it and turn it into condos...

If that happened, the rents/leases should somehow be returned to the American people.  We've paid for it many times over.  A chunk for wounded vets?  Families of same?  A group to begin looking seriously at what has happened to the Constitution and what steps might be taken to repair it?   A study group re altering and perhaps shortening the number of times one can have a Congressional or Senatorial seat?  Or combination of the two?  Getting rid of lifetime pols?  Worth a look, I think. <g>

There is zero doubt, that our new President will operate with the pedal to the metal once in office. All patriots should support his vision, spoken over and over in his numerous rallies and strategy speeches. This means, that if there is no teturn on any investment to MAGA, that investment should be abandoned or altered. Trump is a CEO, unlike the bulk of politicians and thinks strategically and practically. We should be 100% convinced that he will be a good shepherd of our heard-earned tax dollars sent to D.C. every year.

John: As you know actions speak louder than words. Trump's vision is to Make America Great Again. To do so America must control its own destiny. This demands getting out of the U.N., bringing monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution, and repudiating the ungodly, unconstitutionally created, and un payable debt we theoretically owe the FED. I have yet to hear Trump or any of his spokespersons say he will do these things so a little nudging might help. I pray he is what he has purported to be and for his safety.

John T, there are good reasons to have a petition. It is not to necessarily to persuade anyone to some action,  it is to support those who take the action.  I signed it and so did my spouse. Because we want to support Trump on this. He's going to get blowback from every democrat and half the republicans.  This is further proof that Trump is acting for the will of we the people. If they get a mil signatures and the republican thwart the will of the people, it's more fodder for those who come up for re-election in 2 years.

Sounds good, I will support too...

John, That was a quick change of mind. You said there was no need for this petition & now you are supporting it???

It will all work out alright. As much as the petition is a noble effort, I have zero doubt that our new President will address...



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