To My Fellow-Constitutional Republicans:

I've been prayerfully researching, cogitating, and analyzing our current situation after reading the latest Replies to my Post-Mandatory Meeting Discussions in the Watching the GOP & AZ Legislation Groups. In contemplating these arguments, I came to realize that this entire question of proxy voting being allowed by statute demands further exposure and strategy! And, in so-doing, I will cut-to-the-chase now, and offer my Conclusion ahead of the Discussion.


It is crucial that we take a crash course in implementing Robert’s Rules of Order more effectively!!!

With our First Battle Won, we’ve got the dynamic momentum moving to Win the War!

Our legislature will dictate against OUR private club’s Right to follow the wisdom of Robert’s Rules of Order prohibiting proxy voting in OUR deliberative assembly?

The GOPe-controlled state legislature throws US a bone? Take-it, or, leave-it? We’ll give you a two-proxy-vote-per-member limit, or, retain the status quo for at least 10 years? That’s not compromise! It’s intimidation demanding capitulation!

The AZ Constitution does NOT give state government authority, nor power, to dictate “Political Parties Organization and Government” by enacted statutes—It’s called usurpation! [A.R.S. §§16-821-828]

We want to END proxy abuse in Arizona’s Political Parties?

The AZ Constitution DOES provide We, the People, the means to enact constitutional amendments. It is time for US to take our Initiative Tool in-hand and meet the challenge to educate the electorate, to effect meaningful change that would STOP the Proxy Vote/Ballot Harvesting Game in political parties, in-its-tracks!

Arizonans are READY to ACT!

Start an Initiative Drive!

Let’s jump out of the Box and use the Initiative! We have Truth on our side!!! “If God is for us, who can stand against us?” [How about other Initiative Drives? . . . Ballot Harvesting? . . . Reaffirm the constitutional nature of our office of supt of public instruction, state board of education and board of regents! . . . Common Core is alive and Social Engineering Arizona's Children! How about taking-back their Right to full, creative lives; by Initiative of We, the People?]


We’ve been held captive by RINOs, AKA: GOPe, as they play tyrants in a game of King of the Mountain; taking and holding the Mountain that is, We, the Republican Party of Arizona.

We began our offensive last year on several fronts; I probably don’t know about all of you, but, at least, Russell Sias on bylaws, Archie Dicksion, Russell Pearce and others on resolutions, Archie on legislation, and the most visible of all: Marianne Ferrari’s Special Meeting Call that failed because we were betrayed.

The proxy amendment being defeated after being pulled from the consent calendar, we are being held captive by the GOPe-controlled state government. Archie began by seeking legislators to sponsor eliminating proxy voting in political parties, but, they chose to play the shell game by distributing proxies among more members. And, we’re warned that we either take-it or leave-it, and don’t expect “us” to even consider the question again for 10 years!

Wait! Who works for whom??? We, the People, send our party members to the Ivory Towers, at which, too many of them become Elites and look upon US as the Unwashed Deplorables. Well, either WE are slaves to the Rule of Men, as dictated by the Elites, or THEY are subject to the Rule of Law, as enacted to PROTECT the Rights of All—especially of the Minority from the tyranny of the Majority!—Which are we? Enslaved by Elites, or, Self-Governed under God, by the “Just” Rule of Law? . . .

Political parties being private clubs and not governmental bodies, there is no mention of them in either of our Constitutions. Where do you suppose the legislature and the executive ever acquired the authority to enact laws dictating the Organization and Government of Political Parties?

Our current legal position is “quasi-traditio.” We have acquiesced to elected officials exercising—in our stead—OUR Right to Self-Govern! We have to take-back our unalienable Right from the government we have allowed to usurp that power and authority! As long as we continue to acquiesce without sustained opposition, they will never relinquish control, and we will never gain anything but crumbs.

Herein lies the kernel of the real problem we face—Today, we are begging for bones called two-proxy-limits—as we hope to carry the Flag to Restore Constitutional Government in America!

Russell Sias’ Reply on Saturday, Feb. 2nd, in “My Perspective: . . .” urging me to accept two-proxy-limit voting as a compromise, reminded me that one of the biggest challenges in life is deciding if it is ever wise to change one's glasses to see capitulation as compromise when the bully still gets to carry the only stick in the game. And, if it is ever wise to embrace pragmatism, using those new glasses to see a little-less-wrong as better than standing-on principle with courage of conviction, calling-for what's Right.

Russell’s further analogy to eating the Proxy Elephant in the room one bite at a time is attention-getting! . . . I wonder; is it ever wise to eat an elephant one bite at a time over time, as the bulk of him decays and contaminates everyone in the room?

Personally, I love elephants [always have!] and would prefer not to eat one at all—if I can avoid it—How about if we eat the RINO in the room one big bite at a time? Better yet, I don’t really want to eat a RINO, either—What if we opened the door and moved outside the Box to use the creativity God created in us—to imagine more new strategies to wrangle those RINOs?

As I analyze the game film playing in my mind, I’m actually beginning to learn Robert's Rules better than ever, and, setting my creative-bent free, I see several other possible avenues—in addition to the Initiative!—we can follow to keep the dynamic spinning in the right direction!

My Battle Axiom: A battle cannot be won when fought on the enemy's terms! If I stay in the Box, my punches will never tear-down the walls; I have to ACT effectively!

I have to open the lid and JUMP OUT of the Box!

The momentum is with us!  The membership made our parliamentary procedures metamorphose into a MAJOR VICTORY, because WE All jumped into the water and rode the rushing stream to defeat their plan to complete their stranglehold on our Party!

With HB2012 before the committee again this Thursday, what we should do NOW, is figuratively, virtually, electronically, & telephonically, breach the Ivory Tower! NOW is the time to let our elected Representatives know that WE, the People, sent them to do what's right for the Great State of Arizona! And it is high time they feared US more than the GOPe too many of them serve instead of We, the People of Our Nation under God!

We, the People, are Troops ready for Battle!

We just need Fearless Leaders to  ACT—to draw the Battle Plans and Lead US!—This post is Itasca Small ACTING: Fearless in the LORD!

We, the People, ACTED, with God’s Blessings, When WE stopped the HB2184 Ward Amendment in 2015, because we let Our Representatives know we would not stand for Kelli Ward's Amendment (in behalf of GOPe Leadership and the Governor) eviscerating our office of state superintendent! [Losing the office in its Constitutional Nature for the time-being in 2016, because SPI Diane Douglas caved that year, doesn't minimize the huge victories we scored when we defeated it twice in one week!] We also Providentially stopped "Common Core for pre-K" bills in 2015 & 2016!

If we really want to Take-Back Our Party, we will have to jump out of that Box to do it!

Some of you have jumped-out already! Don't climb back-in, now that we can see the dynamic spinning in the right direction!

Break the Invisible Chains of the Tyrants!

Fight the battles on OUR TERMS!!!

Jump out of the Box with Initiative Petitions in our hands!!!

Take other considered ACTIONS!

As WE Take-Back Our Party—For Ourselves and Our Posterity!

For Our Liberty under God!


Without Liberty, FREEDOM cannot exist!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!

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