"Proud to be a Democrat."
Source: Huffington Post

"I'm a candidate that has a track record of being an advocate for women's reproductive justice, which is why Planned Parenthood Federation of America has decided to endorse our campaign."
Source: Democratic Senate Debate (7/27/10)

"And because of my track record of working on behalf of labor as a member of the Tucson City Council, I was endorsed by the AFL-CIO and their 180,000 members."
Source: Democratic Senate Debate (7/27/10

Do you think a person changes their political DNA so rapidly? Now he claims to be a Republican but his history is as a democrat.

Vote Eddie Cook Maricopa County Assessor.  We don't need democrats controling county assessments.

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Information is DANGEROUS to those who want to enslave you ... to them. No Way with this guy ... not my choice. Think about this just today; ... State and local governments scrambling to raise money during the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic are looking to increased property taxes -- as well as wealth taxes and more -- to fill budget holes. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/local-governments-weigh-major-tax-...

Even a RINO should be capable of seeing through this guy. R really no a D through and through.

That was my feeling about Glassman the first time I heard he was running. His whole Democratic background showed up and he says he's now a Republican! Something's rotten in "Denmark" as my mother would say.

Well, look who is supporting "conservative" Rodney Glassman.  Is there a quid pro quo on these donations?  Unions?  For REPUBLICANS?

Glassman is a fraud, just what I believe. Do take note of all who endorsed him and those who appeared in an ad.

Uh, oh!  Look who endorsed Rodney Glassman.  Endorsements are all democrats, including Glassman:


Didn't Paul Gosar, Jan Brewer and Lorraine Pellegrino, former AZfRW President,  endorse Glassman? I have supported Paul Gosar in past elections but his endorsement of Glassman I can't give him a pass this go around. 





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